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Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
The Academy Curriculum
Agonizer newsletter, letterzine Klingon-centric late 1980s-mid 1990s, 2000-?
All About Bill print United Friends of WS (fanclub) 1976
All About Star Trek Fan Clubs #1-6 may have been pro? 1977
The All New Star Trek Book of Trivia Fan created trivia Zine July 1975
Anachronistic Star Trek Puzzles print Bonnie Guyan 1978
APA Enterprise APA 1980s
Archives Log newsletter 1970s
Atavachron newsletter, clubzine United Federation of Canadian Star Trekkers 1986-1993
Bags End Gazette newsletter, also LOTR 1970s
Battle Bridge newsletter
Behind the Lines Klingon-centric The Klingon Strike Force ?-1994
Bellerophon newsletter Star Klique
BeNiF fandom directory 1982
Beta Lyrae articles and art 1974
B.A. News newsletter zine
Blue Pencil newsletter about zine publishing 1985-1986
The Captain's Log (Australian newsletter) Austrek 1976-present
Captain's Log (Star Trek: TOS zine edited by Sylvia S.) 1968-1969
Carolina Communicator newsletter
Centauran Numerican Expression
The Center Seat newsletter William Shatner Fan Fellowship 1980-
Changeling newsletter 1975
ComCon letterzine Allies for Star Trek 1980s
Comicordance parody of the Star Trek Concordance by Bjo Trimble 1975
Communications Console adzine 1987
The Communicator clubzine USS Interphase of Romulus, Michigan 1985
Corbormite Report Japanese newsletter Star Base Kyoto
The Crewman's Log #1-19 1967-
Crosswords & Otherwords puzzles and crosswords Velron Productions 1976
Darkshine fanzine Reconnaissance Press 1983
Da Scribe's Grapevine newsletter Nimoyan-Spock's Scribes 1970s
Fandom is for the Young non-fiction account of experiences of the early days of Star Trek fandom 1981
Federation Information Bureau newsletter
Federation Log clubzine Ohio Federation of Trekkers
Federation Trivia Book 1-2 1976-1977
Fizzbin: History & Rules 1976
Fleet #1-20 newsletter ?-1978
Fleet Channels newsletter mid-1990s
Florida Fandom nonfiction Rick Coy & Ruth Coy 1976-?
From the Files of Star Fleet Command articles & drawings
Galactic Times UK newsletter
General Quarters clubzine USS Alliance Star Trek Club of Los Angeles 1980s
Gorn Guidebook
Halkan Council #1- letterzine 1974-1977
Hailing Frequency clubzine U.S.S. Intrepid Fan Club
Highly Illogical clubzine, contained fiction as well 1986-?
Highly Illogical puzzle zine Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans 1976
Holonotes newsletter for TOS and TNG
HolQed Klingon Language Institute
Hue and Cry newsletter DeForest Kelley Yeomanry
Immortal Lines newsletter mid-1990s
Implosion letterzine Mandi Schulz 1977
The Incredible Star Trek Book 1974
Infotrek French newsletter mid-1990s
Intercom: 1705 newsletter, clubzine Starship U.S.S. Excalibur NCC-107 1980s
Interstat letterzine
I Survived the Con of Wrath con report 1983
Klindex Klingon index zine
Klingon (Star Trek club zine in Italian) Italian club zine
The Klingon Joke Book
Klingons for Dummies 2004
Klingon Strike Force Covert Operations Manual
Laugh or I'll Stun You joke book
Leonard Nimoy Star Trek Fan Club of Concerned Fans clubzine Michael Sobota 1970s
Linguacode (Star Trek: TOS newsletter) newsletter Atlanta Star Trek Society
Linguacode (Star Trek: TOS zine) articles and art Atlanta Star Trek Society
Logbook of the Galactic Engineers Concordance about sf and Star Trek technology
Main Phaser newsletter late 1980s
Mind-Meld (Star Trek: TOS newsletter) newsletter Society for Earthbound Vulcans
Mindscanner #1-77 Klingon-centric newsletter Klingon Assault Group ?-present
The Mindsifter puzzles and crosswords Unicorn Press
Neutral Zone edited by Sloan Diamond
NX-1701-A: The Enterprise That Never Was... spaceship blueprints Michael Alexander 1993
Officers of the Bridge convention zine 1976
One Trek Mind newsletter Boston Chapter of S.T.A.R. 1970s
On the Double letterzine
Qapla' Klingon newsletter Klingon Occupational Force 1986
Pentathlon reviewzine 1971
A Piece of the Action newsletter Star Trek Welcomittee 1970s
Power of Speech #1-3 letterzine, also multimedia 1985-1987
Prime Directive (Star Trek: TOS zine) club zine 1973-
Prime Directive (Australian Star Trek zine club zine Trek Australis 1993-1995
Priority One newsletter mid-1990s
The Propagator letterzine 1976, 1984
The Protocols booklet on etiquette for fanzine publishers, contributors & consumers The Star Trek Welcommittee 1980
Reflections on Star Trek print zine Chuck Raue around 1977
Research Anthology: Crossfire: The Tholian Slaughter Report, Genesis Report, Medusian Report fan reports of fictional events 1987
Right of Statement #1-4 letterzine 1978-1979
Romulan Dictionary
Romulan Language Guide
Sand Treks newsletter The Little Enterprise 1968
Sbotimes newsletter Star Base Osaka 1985-1986?
Scuttlebutt letterzine/reviewzine 1970s
Sensor Readings #1-2 1984, 1988
SocioTrek #1-5 letterzine 1987
The Sounds of Star Trek 74-page collection of all the music from TOS, transcribed by hand 1976
Spectrum #1-39 #1-#17 were a local club newsletters; #18- were aimed at broader fandom 1975-1979
Spock: The Archetype that Would Not Die Thendara House 1979
Spock Questions and Answers
Spock Underground bulletin/newsletter 1968-1970
Spock's Showcase newsletter with articles 1968-1969
Spotlight #1-52 newsletter Leonard Nimoy International Fan Club ?-1994
Star-Borne newsletter Star Trek Association for Revival 1972-1974
Stardate newsletter Terry Whittier 1976
Stardate #1-10 non-fiction anthology edited by Terry Whittier
Stardate 1701.7
Star Fleet Code Book 1978
Starfleet Cook Book 1981
Starfleet Supplemental Communiqué clubzine STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. 1981?
Stardate newsletter Sacramento Valley S.T.A.R. 1976-?
The Star Fleet Handbook Interstellar Associates 1976
Starfleet Marriage Manual
Stargram newsletter April Publications, Inc. 1976-?
Star Trek (Star Trek: TOS zine) SFCA 1974-1975
Star Trek Action Group UK newsletter 1970s
Star Trek An Analysis of a Phenomenon in Science Fiction 1978
Star Trek Animated ST:TAS newsletter Star Trek Animated Series Fan Club 1974
Star Trek Animated Series Index guide to ST:TAS 1976
Star Trek Concordance resource of people, places, air dates, lists of actors and episode synopses Mathorn House Enterprises 1969, 1973
Star Trek Credits: the Complete Series Credit Listing ScoTpress 1986
Star Trek Fandom Triumphs articles on the production of Star Trek: The Motion Picture NeWave 1979
The StrekFan's Glossary of Abbreviations and Language Kzinti Press 1976
The Star Trek Guide reference 1978
Star Trek Prospers #1-37 club zine with articles reviews, jokes and con reports 1970s
The Star Trek Songbook about the music on the series 1971
Star Trek Souvenir Book 1974
Star Trek Technical Journal echnical drawings Federation Technician's League 1979
Star Trektennial News newsletter Lincoln Enterprises 1970s
Star Trek Trivia Game Book 1976
Storyteller #1-2 clubzine with articles and reviews 1968
ST-Phile newsletter John and Bjo T. 1968
A Strekfan's Glossary of Abbreviations and Slanguage 1976
Sub Space Chatter (Star Trek: TOS newsletter published in Florida) newsletter, also some fiction 1968
Tan Ru articles and reviews 1977
Tholian Registry newsletter
Those Who Remain: A Comprehensive Listing of the Remaining Star Trek Fanzines index zine 2000
Thrall 1971-1974
A Time-Line History of the United Federation of Planets 1980s
Trekism newsletter
Trekism at Length reprints of Trekism 1979-1987
The Trekkie Book of Fun puzzle, trivia, and cartoons
Trekkin' Australian newsletter 1978-1979
Treklink newsletter, letterzine Joan Verba 1985
Trek Times newsletter 1-10 1976-1977
Trekzine Times letterzine Forever Productions
TrexIndex index zine
Tribble Owner's Guide and Manual 1976
Tridimensional Chess later titled Tri-D Chess
The Unistar Newsletter newsletter
Universal Translator #1-32 adzine 1980-1986
The Universes in Science Fiction #1-2 1976
U.S.S. Hood Orientation Manual #1-2 Australian art/information zines Orange Eye Press 1982-1985
Vulcan Language Guide 1977
Vulcan Reflections Essays on Spock & Vulcan, reprinted from Spockanalia TK Graphics 1975
Warp Factor also some fiction DC Graphics 1976
Who's Who in Star Trek show resource 1984, 1988
Who's Who in Star Trek Fandom fan bios early 1970s
The Worlds of the Federation
Writer's Guide to Klingonaase 1989
A Visit to Vulcan clubzine, Vulcan-centric articles USS Challenger 1992
Voyager (Star Trek: TOS newsletter)
Vulcanalia newsletter Vulcanian Enterprises 1967-1969
The Vulcan Way 1976
Xenophilia #1-2 about Science Fiction Biology, also non-trek 1980-1982

filk zines

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
The Colors of Love slash 1977
The Compleat Filker Morgan's Mystique 1983-1986
Enterprise Sing-Songs #1-2
Filk: The Final Frontier by Claire Meier 1985
I've Got Trek In My Heart #1-3 Unicorn Press
Rec-Room Rhymes #1-3 1978-
Sing a Song of Trekkin' by Roberta Rogow Caterpiller Music 1979
Star Trek Songs and Ballads by Teri Howard 1976


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Klingon Empire Appointment Calendar 1974, 1976
Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock 1972 Calendar 1972
The Photography and Poetry of Leonard Nimoy 1978 Calendar 1978
The Star Trek Historical Calendar DataZine Publications 1985-1990
Terrans for Leonard Nimoy Calendar 1981-1982
T'Nel 1988 Coloring Calendar 1988
Vulcan Wildlife Calendar 1978



Some of these are a mix of non-fiction articles and fanfic and fanart, rather than fanfic only.

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
2nd Age gen anthology
Abode of Strife #1-25 Gypsy Moth Productions
Academy Chronicles #1-18 The Star Trek Academy Club of Milwaukee 1973-?
Accumulated Leave adult, reprints from R&R 1-5 (1976-1977) Yeoman Press 1980
The Adult Kirk adult 1984
Airwaves: Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation Special reprinted from previous issues of Airwaves Bill Hupe 1993
All My Crewmen #1-3 ? 1976 - 1977
All Our Yesterdays 1990?
The All Trek Special Gen Collection all Trek series Neon Rainbow Press 2005
Almost Anything Goes Around Twice #1-2 multimedia
Alnitah #1-15 Orion Publications 1975 - 1983
Alnitah Omnibus reprints of Alnitah #1-4 Orion Publications 1980 - 1982
Alpha Continuum #1-4 1976 - 1980
Alpha Omega #1-6 gen anthology 1977
Alpha Touch
Altair 1976
Alternate Treks het
Alternate Universe 4 1974 - 1980
The Alternative Factor clubzine 1980
And Now a Word From Our Sponsor 1977 (Nov)
And Starry Skies 1981
Angel Trek gen Christmas zine
Antares #1-18 anthology Orion Press 1997 - 2009
Antares Rising
Antimatter #1-4 anthology
Antinomy Suzan Lovett anthology Kathy Resch
Antithesis #1-6 mirror universe Pat Spath 1970s (late)
Arakenyo Klingon-centric, ballad, artwork Poison Pen Press
Archives (fanzine) #1-6 reprint fanzine Yeoman Press 1978 - 1982
Assignment: Star Trek
Atavachron #1-2 anthology by Darlene Oreschnick 1978
Atavachron anthology by Kate Lach 1981
Atypical #1-3 ?-1985
Avatar #1-4
Babel #1-5
The Babelian Council #1-4
Back Trekking
Baillie Collected ScoTpress 1981
Baselines #1-5 anthology
Beam Me Up! Beam Me Down! adult Sarek/Amanda anthology 1993
Berengaria #1-10 1973 - 1978
The Best of... #1-4 themed anthology 1976-
Best of Warp German? 1989
Beta Niobe #1-3 anthology 1975
Between the Sheets adult
Beyond Antares (Australian zine) Astrex club zine
Beyond Antares (Californian zine) ?-1987
Beyond Antares R-Rated
Beyond Mutara ScoTpress 1983
Beyond Orion anthology 1977
Beyond the Farthest Star adult anthology 1985
The Big Bird's Dream poetry by DeForest Kelley
Black Magic
Blurb Zine
Candles in the Night also TNG
Captain's Log edited by Cindi C. 1976
Captain's Log anthology edited by Delaine H.
Captain's Log edited by Richard P. 1978-
Captain's Log UK anthology
The Captain's Woman #1-3 het anthology BaReMi Press 1980-
Captain Uhura aka Probe Special #2 1979
Chaotian Chronicles clubzine The Federation Crazy Corps 1977
Cheap Treks 1980-1982
Chekov In Love and Trouble
Cherish and the Chosen anthology
Classic LRH Balzer
Close Enough to Smell Them #1-4 ?-1992
Collected Trek gen anthology by Lucy Carroll SIOFBN Press 1992
A Collection of Poetry & Prose by Nichelle Nichols Creation Conventions 1987
Comes the Sun Klingon zine 1995
The Compleat Dirty Nellie het anthology by Roberta Rogow T'Kuhtian Press 1975
The Compleat Faulwell/Landing Party 6 #1-2 reprints the Faulwell/LP6 stories from early Warped Space, Menagerie, etc T'Khutian Press 1984
The Complete Kershu Fighter gen anthology Poison Pen Press 1988
Computer Playback UK zine
Conrad's Folly anthology, may be multimedia in addition to ST Starward Bound
Contact H/C Harmony Press 1975-1987
Contact III UK club zine
Contact Christmas #1-2 Harmony Press 1979
The Continuing Missions Unicorn Press
Cordrazine McCoy-centric
Cosmic Diversities roleplaying fanfic USS Aurora Vulcanus
Dagger of the Mind gen anthology 1980
Darkness and Shadow gen anthology Orion Press 1996
Deck Five Digest
Dedication/And The South Shall Fall Again two Sahaj stories 1980
Defiance Below Decks #1-4 1983-?
Delta Triad #1-7 Kirk/Uhura 1974 - 1984
Despatch Mark Lenard International Fan Club 1968-
Destiny's Children #1-3 Black Coffee Press ?-1987
A Difficult Concept cartoons Orion Press 1995
The Digital Times 1994
Dilithium Crystals #1-2 J. Edwards 1979 - 1982
Diplomacy & Empire #1-2 Klingon-centric
Diversity Combined fiction by Jacqueline Comben BSFR
Dreadnought Explorations Orion Press 1976
The Dream Goes On poetry by DeForest Kelley
Dream Worlds T'Kuhtian Press around 1980
Dr. McCoy's Medical Log #1-4 anthology of McCoy-centric fiction 1970s
Echerni: The Lightfleet Letters part of Alternate Universe 4 1980
Echoes of the Empire #1-5 Banana Press 1978-
Edge of Forever #1-3 published by Jordys Miller and Sandy Bookman Forever Productions 1990
E'ed Pebnista 1980
Eel-Bird Banders' Bulletin 1977
Ee-Miniar #1-4 1979-1981
Elysia #1-4 Elysian Publications 1986-1989
Emanon #1- UK clubzine Empathy Star Trek Club 1970s
Enchantress of the Stars gen anthology
Encounters UK zine 1987
Encounters #1-4 US zine 1990 - 1995
Energize! 1975
Enigma and Other Stories also TNG
Enter-comm #1-8 Canadian Contingent Press 1979-1987
Enterprise Incidents (UK zine) #1-12 ScoTpress 1975 - ?
Enterprise Incidents (US zine) 1976 - ?
Enterprise Log Entries #1-94 just "Log Entries" for #1-43 ScoTpress 1975-1995
Enterprise - Mission Review ScoTpress 1980s
Enterprise - Personal Log ScoTpress 1981-
Enterprise Reprise 1985
The Enterprise Review
Enterprise Stories ScoTpress 1977
Eridani Triad #1-3 1970-1972
Eternal Triangle #1-3 1981-1983
Excalibur #1-9 ?-1982
Excalibur Logs #1-3
Fanfare #1-3 some multimedia, mostly Trek 1977-1982
Fantasia#1-2 Blatant and Latent Press 1977-1978
Fantasies of the Heart
Fantasy #1-4 1983-1984
The Farthest Frontier #1-4 also other Trek series Criterion Press 1992-
Farthest Star 1978-1981
Federation Chronicle clubzine
Federation Classic Nova Press 1992
Federation Graffiti
Federation Outpost #1-2 gen anthology ScoTpress
Fermata Spock/Chapel anthology Ankar Press|1981
Fesarius also Star Wars 1976 - ?
The Final Acceptance
Final Frontier Canadian anthology
Final Frontier #1-3 clubzine by Geraldine Smith
Fire and Gold #1-2 1981-1988
The Fire Bringer 1970s
Five Year Mission and Beyond Woods*Works Press 1983
Fizzbin (Star Trek: TOS zine by Jackie D.)
Fizbin (Star Trek: TOS zine by Mary Ann S.)
Fizzbin (Star Trek: TOS correspondence club zine) #1-9 club zine
Flight Of The Phoenix clubzine 1976
Formazine #1-6 1980s
Fortune Teller
Frak multimedia
The Free Enterprise fictional newspaper 1968
Free Fall #1-2 Spartiwerks 1991-1992
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Federation cartoons Bill Hupe 1994
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Transporter Room jokes
Future Wings also Star Wars 1978
Galactic Discourse #1-5 Sleepy Sehlat Press/Satori Press 1977 - 1987
Galaxy Gazette 1974
Galileo 7 #1-2 1968
Galileo Shuttle Logs published in England
The Galileo Vision #1-2 ?-1993
The Gallian gen fiction and art 1982
Gateway #1-2 Kalomi Press 1981, 1985
Genesis (Star Trek anthology) 1983
Genesis (Star Trek: TOS clubzine)
Great Bird of the Galaxy
Grope series adult 1976-1980
Guardian multimedia, TOS first, later mostly SW 1978 - ?
Guardian Forever might be slash
Hailing Frequencies (Star Trek: TOS zine by Conn M. Quinn) #1-3 fiction and articles
Hailing Frequencies Open #1-26 ?-2008
Heart of Glory #1-2 Klingon zine Soong's Folly Press 1994
Heart Treks #1-6 gen and het anthology
Hellguard Social Register #1-4 focus on Spock and Saavik Rihannsu Press 1989-
Highly Illogical clubzine, contained non-fiction as well
The Holmesian Federation #1-7 xovers with Sherlock Holmes
Holodeck various Trek series United Fandom Publications 1994
Home to Roost reprints ScoTpress 1989
Horta #1-9
The Human Adventure Science Fiction Enterprises 1985
The Human Adventure Continues
Human Factor #1-7 Mattie Jones 1978-1981
Hyperion (Star Trek TOS fanzine 1979) 1979
Hyperion (Star Trek TOS fanzine 2004) #1-4 anthology Orion Press 2004 - 2008
IDIC #1-6 Sashashar Press 1970s
IDIC Log ScoTpress
Idylls #1-19 also TNG Orion Press 1984 - 1999
If Today Be Sweet
Illogical, These Humans!! 1980
Illusions gen anthology Checkmate Press 1987
I'm a Doctor, Not a... DeForest Kelley Association of Fans 1976-1978
Images and Dreams #1-4 1986-1989
Imperial Geographic Magazine #1-2 Klingon-centric
Impulse #1-7
In a Different Reality #1-21 Intergalactic Underground Press 1978-1984
Independent Entity #1-3 gen 1974-1976
Indian Summer and Other Stories 1982
Infinite Diversity gen anthology edited by Pat Harris Memory Alpha Press 1978-
Infinite Diversity gen anthology written by Linda C. Wood Tsaela Press 1986
In Memorium play 1979
Innisfree poetry collection 1979
Inomina #1-10 Chekov-centric anthology, edited by Carolyn Atikinson 1985-1994
In Relation to Saavik Starship Excalibur Publication
Insatiable Curiosity also other Nimoy characters 1983
Inside Star Trek
Inside a Broken Dream multimedia, one TOS story 1998
Integrity multimedia
Intergalactic Archivist #1-4 ?-1986
Intergalactic Corporation of Quadrotriticale Quirps #1-5 fiction and articles Karin Meyer ?-1978
The Intergalactic Etcetera humor/parody zine, some non-TOS 1970s
Interludes anthology Orion Press 1996
Interphase 1975 - 1977
Intersect 1979
Interstellar Mail Collected Epistolary Fic anthology 1981
Introduction to Star Trek Fanzines sampler zine, fanfic and articles Danielle Dabbs 1975
It Takes Time On Impulse digest-sized anthology 1983
Kaiidth #1-3 by Pat Seiler 1980s
Kal! 1992
Kalin Kollected Klingon centric 1993
Katra #1-4 from New Zealand 1985-1986
Katra: The Erotic Spirit #1-2 het anthology 1986-1987
Keep On Trekkin' club zine
Kevas and Trillium Canadian 1968
Khan Reports
King Grope 1978
Klin-Fire Klingon-centric 1992
Klingon Log Klingon-centric Star Trek Italian Club 1990s
Kobayashi Maru STUFPress 1983
The Koenig Kontinuim Journal Chekov-centric clubzine
KomerXXX adult het, Klingon-centric 1991
Kraith Collected shared universe Kraith ?-1977
Kroykah #1-2
Laff Trek 1987 - ?
Land's End #1-2 ?-1992
Let's See What's Out There #1-2
Library Tapes
Lifeline and Other Stories Kirk-centric anthology with stories by Kay Stagg
Lifestar #1-2 1984 - 1986
Likely Impossibilities #1-3 1985-1987
Lizard Collected
Logically Star Trek #1-4 fiction, puzzles, art and articles 1975-?
Log of the Starship Enterprise #1-5 zine by Sylvia Stanczyk
The Logs of the U.S.S. McKinley
LoneStar Trek #1-7 the first four contain some TNG 1989 - 1994
Lore also contains TNG 1989
Lubdub published in England
Mahko Root #1-2 het 1977-1978
Mainely Trek #1-3 Walking Carpet Press ?-1981
Masiform D #1-18 Poison Pen Press 1971-1998
Matter/Antimatter 1978
McCoy - Examined! McCoy-centric Bristol Starfleet Registry Publications 1985
McCoy's Illegible Log 1977 - ?
McCoy's Sickbay 1970 or 1971
Medical Journal #1-6 McCoy-centric ?-1994
Memory Alpha also non-fiction
Memory Recall #1-2 1981
Menage a Trois adult het anthology BaReMi Press 1981
Menagerie #1-17 edited by Paula Smith & Sharon Ferraro boojums Press 1973 - 1981
Menagerie edited by Linda Stanley
Menagerie #1-4 S.T.A.R./San Diego
Meridian Two 1986
Metamorphosis #1-2 1976
Mile High Communicator
Mile High Starship
Millennium (Star Trek fanzine) 1977
Millennium (fanzine) multimedia Falcon Press 2001 - 2007
Millennium Trek gen anthology by Gamin Davis
Minara Nova all contributions related to The Empath 1980
Mind Meld #1-7 Kirk-Spock-McCoy friendship focus 1984-1992
Mindsifter #1-2
Monkey of the Inkpot ?-1976
Montage gen anthology, maybe novel
More Deadly Than the Male 1976
More Forbidden Secrets of the Trans-Iowa Canal Company Computer Concepts Corp. 1987
More Future Visions anthology by Gamin Davis
More Missions, More Myths MKASHEF Enterprises 1985-1990
More Tales of Feldman Followup to Tales of Feldman 1983
More Trek Tales short stories by M. L. "Steve" Barnes Pandora Press 1977
Mostly Wrath cartoons and commentary 1983
Multiverse (fanzine) multimedia 1979 - ?
Mutara William Shatner Fellowship London Group
NCC-1701 play 1970
Nebula (Star Trek fanzine UK) 1991
Nebula (Star Trek fanzine US) club zine
The Nest Egg newsletter with fiction and articles, also Mission Impossible LNAF 1971-1972
Neutral Zone #1-2 anthology edited by Frank Malley 1977
Neutral Zone Outpost #1-3 1976
New Beginnings 1977
New England Nimoyan Association clubzine, mix of fiction and articles 1974-1975
New Enterprise Log UK zine 1980s
Nexus #1-6 gen 1978-
Nimbus: The Fanzine of Galactic Peace 1991
Nimoyan gen 1973
The Ninth Quadrant #1-9 1979-1988
Nourishment poetry and illustrations 1977
Nova Trek 1990
Nuages Spock and Chapel 1983 - 1985
Nu Ormenel Collected adventures and romance inside the Klingon Empire
Obsession Kirk-centric 1981-
Odyssey #1-8 McCoy-centric, had adult half-issues (i.e. #6.5) Odyssey Press 1977 - 1986
Off the Beaten Trek
The Off-World Connection Patsu Press 1986
Of Mixed Blood Bill Hupe 1995
Omne Praeceptum Frangit self-insertion in which club members meet Enterprise 1985
One Thousand and One Trek Tales #1-2 1977-1978
Only Trek gen anthology 1982
Operation: Masada novel Orion Press 1995
Operation: T'hy'la gen novel
Or satire 1973 or before
Orbit may be novel
Orbit 30 #1-5 UK zine 1979
Orion #22-36 was Stardate in #1-21 Orion Press 1985 - 1996
Orion Archives #1-8 reprints Orion Orion Press 1991-1998
Orion Archives: 2229-2265 The Beginnings #1-2 Orion Press 2001
Orion Archives: 2251-2264 Pike's Enterprise Orion Press 2001
Orion Archives: 2266-2270 The First Mission #1-5 Orion Press 2001, 2007
Orion Archives: 2270 No Cold Wind Orion Press 1990, 2001
Orion Archives: 2270-2272 The First Hiatus Orion Press 2001
Orion Archives: 2272-2275 The Second Mission #1-5 Orion Press 2001, 2008
Orion Archives 2273: The Dorian Solution novella by Holly S. Trueblood Orion Press 2001
Orion Archives 2274: Traxus novella by Amanda Cassity Orion Press 2001
Orion Archives 2275: The Daystrom Project novella reprint of a 1988 FanQ winner Orion Press 2001
Orion Archives: 2275-2283 The Second Hiatus #1-2 Orion Press 2001
Orion Archives: 2276 Liberation from Hell novella reprint, original from 1996 Orion Press 2001
Orion Archives: 2278 Encounters and Countermoves novella reprint, original from 1999 Orion Press 2001
Orion Archives: 2283-2284 Interludes #1-2 Orion Press 2001, 2008
Orion Archives: 2284-2323 Captain Sulu #1-2 Orion Press 2001, 2008
Orion Archives 2288: The Plumber's Helper gen novel Orion Press 2002
Orion Archives 2291: A Form of Redemption novel Orion Press 2001
Orion Archives: 2292-2323 U.S.S. Chosin Orion Press 2004, 2008 (re-release)
Orion Archives: 2293-2294 The Final Hiatus Orion Press 2008
Orion Archives: 2294-2323 Chekov's Enterprise #1-2 Orion Press 2001, 2009
Orion Archives: 2294-2400 The Adventures Continue Orion Press
Orion Archives: 2295 The Sixth Fleet #1- Orion Press 2007-
The Other Side of Paradise #1-7 also multifandom 1977-
The Other Sides of Me Empathy Press
Overload articles and fanfic
Paradise fanart, fanfiction, & filk Purple Dragon/Plak Tow Press 1978
Paranormal Tales explicit het & gen, also Original Fiction D’Tharrin Trading Outpost 2013
Parted from Me and Other Stories anthology by Jean Lorrah 1977
Pastak gen anthology, formerly Pastaklan Sharturus 1970s
Pastaklan Sharturus gen anthology
Pastaklan Vesla #1-6 1970-1980
Pegasus (fanzine) #1-6 also Star Wars 1976 - 1983
Personal Log Tigress Press 1980
Personal Voyages also TNG
Phaser 1975-1976
Phaser Blast clubzine with stories and articles 1974
Phaser Fire! 1977-1978
Phoenician Star Gallery #1-2 1976-1977
Pitchforks and Pointed Ears 1977
A Place to Return To two stories
Plak Tow (Star Trek: TOS zine edited by Shirley M.) #1-14 1968-1969
Plak Tow (Star Trek: TOS zine edited by Bonnie G.) #1-7 gen anthology 1979-1982
The Pledge Stonn/T'Pring anthology
The Poet Warrior and Other Klingon Legends Unicorn Press
Portal 1974
Portti Finnish zine Tampereen Science Fiction Seura 1982
The Possessed T.J. Publications
Private Enterprise #1-2 gen and het UK anthology 1981
Profiles 1990
Prophecy of the Universe gen anthology STMA Press 1981
Quadrant #1-2 parody 1971
Quartet 1975
Quastar clubzine United Federation of Phoenix 1982
Quartet Plus Two 1975, 1987
R & R (fanzine) adult Yeoman Press 1976 -
Regulus gen anthology Orion Press 1987
Repeat Missions reprints from earlier Log Entries issues ScoTpress
Reprint #1-2
Return To Tomorrow #1-3 ?-1977
Revenge of the Vulcan Kartune Book cartoons 1986
Riders to the Stars #1-5 T’Elfie/T’’Ciao Press
Rigel #1-6 gen anthology 1977-1979
Rim of Starlight 1978 - 1980
Rising Star
Romulan Wine #1-5 continuation of Vulcanalia 1971-
A Russian Inwentian/Security Check Chekov-centric
Rx McCoy McCoy-centric het 1981
Sahaj Collected connected to the NTM-universe 1977
Sahndara #1-2 ?-1985
Sahsheer 1979
Sarek Collection reprints stories by Jean Lorrah 1979
Sarpeidon #1-2
Saurian Brandy Digest #1-36 Sehlat Press 1977 - 1984
The Search for Promic fiction and manga, English and Japanese
Second Chance / A Cold By any Other Name two stories by Kay Stagg
Second Five-Year Mission #1-9 anthology by Karen Funk
Second Star to the Right stories by Cassandra M. Stewart
Security Check #1-10 Chekov-centric 1980-1988
The Sehlat's Roar #1-5 mix of articles and fiction 1976-1977
Serenidad het anthology Orion Press 1991
Seventy Ophiucus
Sherlock Bones Series 1975-1980
Shieldbearer collection by Gloria Fry ScoTpress 1993
Ship's Log
Ship to Shore #1-2 gen anthology 1970
Showcase #1-4 Holy Roller Press 1974-1977
Side-Trekked crossover zine Skylarking Digest Press 1994
Silver and Gold fiction and articles 1983
Skylarking Annual #1-4 Skylarking Digest Press
Snow Crystal 1985
Soft Among the Stars poetry
Sol III #1-2 1974
Sol Plus #1-8 ?-1981
Songs of a Stargazer poetry collection
Southern Star
Space-Time Continuum #1-9 clubzine, non-fiction, some fic 1973-
Spin Dizzie
Spirit anthology centered on Christian-oriented material Mpingo Press 1978
Spockanalia Garlic Press 1967
Spock Enslaved! 1974
Spock's Ever Logical Equation
Spock's Showcase Nimoyan-Spock's Scribes 1968-1969
Spockulations Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans 1973
Spunk 1987
STAG-Con fiction and poetry ScoTpress 1981
Starbase MTL #1-7 gen anthology, Canadian 1977-1979
Starbound Uhura-centric 1990
Star Canticle
Star Date edited by Loise McMaster
Stardate #1-21 edited by Randall Landers; became Orion with #22 Orion Press 1979 - 1984
Stardate Unknown 1976 - ?
Star Daze 1978
Starfleet Annals #1-3 contains both fiction and non-fiction, continued by Avatar
Starfleet Mysteries anthology, also DS9 Bill Hupe
Starfleet Chronicles
Star Gate #1-3 William Shatner Fellowship London Group 1985
The Star Gazer Australian poetry anthology
Star Poems poems by Dolly Weissberg
Star Prints anthology, also including
Starlines also multimedia 1986 - ?
The Starry Night poetry and cartoons 1985
Star Sailors #1-3 maybe also multimedia ?-1987
The Stars and Beyond Postal Instant Press 1982
Star Sector Two
Starseeker both fiction and non-fiction
Star Shadows #1-2 1979
Starship edited by Lee Staton 1977
Starsong anthology by April Valentine
Star Traveler #1-3 Chekov-centric
Star Trek Action-Adventure Empathy Star Trek Club 1980s
Star Trek Adventure reprints from Archives' Log 1975
Star Trek: An Epic in Photos, Poetry and Art
Star Trek IX parody zine
Star Trek Nuts & Bolts #1-23 clubzine with stories and articles
Star Trek Primer: A Child's Garden of Space satirical play 1975
The Star Trek Scene fiction and articles 1973
Star Trek Today #1-8 fiction and articles ?-1978
Star Voyages #1-4
Star-Wave #1-16 clubzine, mix of fanfic and articles
Starweaver #1-2 1980-1982
Stellar Gas Pon Farr Press 1979
Sternreisen German 1981
Storyteller #1-2 clubzine,articles, fiction and reviews Nimoyan-Spock's Scribes 1968-1969
Straight Trek Syn Ferguson 1982
Sublight Reading also Star Wars Chained to the Typewriter Press 1981
Sub-Space #1-5 clubzine -1976
Subspace Chatter #1-8 zine with fiction and articles published in California Interstellar Trading Post
Subspace Chatter #1-8 anthology published in Delaware Delaware Valley SF/ST Association 1982-1989
Subspace Communications
Supernova #1-9 het, also TNG -1994
T-Negative #1-25 Ruth Berman 1969-1979
Tales of Feldman 1981
Tales of Terra Nova multimedia
Tal-Shaya #1-5 anthology Postal Instant Press 1973-1978
Tantalus #1-8 even numbered issues are TOS, odd numbered TNG Orion Press 1990 - 1995
Tasmeen 1981 - ?
Telemetry Beyond Antares (fanclub)
Terran Times Australian, mixed fiction and non-fic 1980
Terra-Vulcan Yearbook #1-4 gen anthology 1972-1975
Tesseract #1-5 anthology ?-1977
Tetrumbriant #1-2 gen anthology 1975
There Are Three Odyssey Press 1985
These are the Voyages anthology 1983
These are the Voyages…of the Testship Evaluator 1992
This Simple Feeling Australian anthology 1983
Tholian Web #1-8 gen anthology 1971-1973
Thru the Worm Hole #1-3 ?-1979
Timeframe #1-4
The Timeless Sands 1986
The Time of Surak gen anthology Plak Tow / Dragonhold Press 1979
To Be or Not To Be 1701 AD Publications 1990
Tomorrow's Treks 1976
Total Entropy #1-2 anthology Orion Press 1982 - 1983
To the Farthest Reaches of Space #1-4 Unicorn Press
Towards a Star 1983
Transporter Malfunction #1-3
Trek (fanzine) 1974
Trek 80 Plus
Trek Connections Ankh Press
Trek Continuum #1-3 1980-1981
Trek Encore #1-3 anthology edited by Val Jaeger 1985
Trek Force also SW
Trekkada ?-1981
Trek Tales various Trek series Unicorn Press
Trek Tales from New Wales AU Bearly Spaced Enterprises
Triad anthology by Glen David Empathy 1982
The Trial of Promic fiction and manga, English and Japanese
Tribble Dribbles
Triblets #1-7
Tricorder #1-2 1975
Tricorder Readings #1-8 articles and fiction, by Lee Sobel
Tricorder Readings #1-3 articles and fiction, by Regina Marvinny
Tricorder Readings (Star Trek: TOS zine by the Nimoyan Federation) articles and fiction Nimoyan Federation 1970s
Trinary Star 1990
Triskelion #1-5 articles and fic 1968-1976
Tri-Way multimedia 1982, 1984
The Trouble with Kittens gen anthology from the UK
Troubles Revisited, The Rift, Should Be Seen to Be Done collection of three previously published stories by Kay Stagg ScoTpress
True Vulcan Confessions 1986
The Turbolift Review fanart zine
Turnabout #1-2 boojums Press
Two-Dimensional Thinking 1985
Tytsean Chronicles by Barbara Peters
The Ultimate Trekkie 1990
United Federation of Planets Journal
Universal Transmitter
The Universe Beyond
Universer Tsaela Press 1985
Valeria Log clubzine, fiction and newsletter
Valjiir Collected Intergalactic Underground Press 1984
Vault of Tomorrow #1-10 het ?-1986
The Venus Zone gen 1970s
Vice Versa #1-3 may be slash anthology 1979-1982
Visions also SW 1982
Visions of Futures Past 1991
Voice from the Stars poetry and art
Vorpal Sword #1-3 edited by Michelle Malkin
Voyage of the Lansing OCs 1992
The Voyages #1-3 McCoy-centric anthology 1971-
The Voyages The London Plus Group 1977
Voyages #1-2 1986-1987
The Vulcan Book containing The Writings of Surak 1981
Vulcanian Chronicle #1-3
Vulcania (Star Trek: TOS anthology)
Vulcan Irregulars #1-2 1976-1977
A Vulcan Odyssey anthology by Beth Hallam
Vulstar Equation gen anthology
Warped Speed: X-Rated explicit het
Warp Nine: A Star Trek Chronicle gen anthology 1969
Whalesong gen 1987
Whatsoever Star that Beckons gen anthology 1984
The Weight Collected gen anthology T'Kuhtian Press 1988
When Le'matyas Sleep #1-2 het 1988
When Two Worlds Collide anthology with stories by Janice Pitkethley ScoTpress 1983
Where No Man Has Gone Before 1979
The WKFS Journal Chekov-centric clubzine with art and fic
Woman, Warrior, Wife a gen anthology dedicated to Nichelle Nichols Sheila Willis
The Women's List #1-2 gen, het and femslash 1986
The Worlds of Bonnie Reitz anthology Orion Press 1992
WXYZine 1977
Yesteryear #1-2 reprints of stories by Simone Mason 1983
The Yeti's Footprint
You May Deny
YU'WI cha' Interrogator gen Klingon-centric anthology 1986
Zap! anthology 1979-
Zenith #1-4 ScoTpress
Zine (Star Trek: TOS zine) #1-2 1982-1983
Zine-ius poetry and stories
Zottly's Zine multimedia 1983


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
1942: From Starship to Lancaster gen novel by Jackie Regan and Joyce Devlin ScoTpress 1984
Acceptance - Vicki R. novel ScoTpress 1982
Addiction 1981
Adventures of James T. Dork parody novel
Afterglow sequel to Green Fire
Alexander may be slash
Alkarin Warlord - Fern M. and Carol W. NuOrmenel (Klingon) universe Mpingo Press 1978
All Loss Restored gen novel ScoTpress 1983
All the Time in the World novel (is Abode of Strife #22) 1993
And I Am Not Leonard Nimoy by Spock of Vulcan
And the Truth Shall be Read in Gold New Enterprise Publication 1982
The Android Game novel
Anexar novel
The Angry Sunset novel about McCoy's divorce, 40 pages
As New Wine novel ScoTpress 1979
The Asgard Incident Sarek/Amanda novel
Astray in the Wilderness gen novel
Attuclac - David G. novel ScoTpress 1987
Avellach gen novel by Caz
Azimuth to Zenith novel 1988
Bait Once, Bait Twice - L. Jaecks 1980
The Bargain novel Empathy 1984
The Beast - Teri White amnesia timetravel novel 1978
Because of the Cloak gen novel by Millie Fabricius T'Elfie/T'Ciao Press 1982
The Beginning and the End gen novel
Beginnings - Dianne M. crossover with Beauty & the Beast 1989
The Berengaria Dragon 1981
Betrayed gen novel Orion Press 1998
Between Two Worlds het Sarek/Amanda novel by C A Maliett
Beyond Diplomacy Klingon-centric gen novel Mkashef Enterprises
Beyond Mutara ScoTpress 1983
Beyond Shattered Illusions gen novel by Carol D 1980
Birds of a Feather
Black Star
Blindside het novel Orion Press 1995
Blood of Others novel ScoTpress 1988
The Bloodstone gen novel Pulsar Press 1983
Blood Ties het novel by Gamin Davis
Blow Back novel, sequel to Return to the Source ScoTpress
Bondbrothers - Gloria Fry AU, part of the The T'Varon Chronicles universe ScoTpress 1998
Book of Prophecy gen AU novel ScoTpress
BortaS ChoQ Sulu-centric novel Orion Press 2001
Boy Scout novella by Ann Zewen Orion Press 1997
Briar Rose novel
Broken Image Chekov centric gen novel 1981
The Bronze Cord gen novel by Leslye Lilker 1983
Brother's Keeper novel Bill Hupe 1990
By His Side 1986
The Cage 1977
Capriccio Italien gen novel ScoTpress
Captives h/c novel, perhaps slash? 1981
The Caring-Shell gen novel by Kerry Lindeman-Schaefer 1990
Castaways by M.L. Dodge 1977
The Castaways by Cheree Cargill Falcon Press
Cavaliera Romulana adult het, Romulan/OMC 1980s
The Cernossian Flame 1986
Chains of Love and Duty gen Klingon novel
Chapel's Confusion
Chekov's Enterprise novella Orion Press 1998
Childhood's End
Children of Haole novel, sequel to The Mindsweeper Orion Press 1996
Children of the Lost gen novel
Children of the Sun gen novel ScoTpress
The Child Within Us novel
Chosen Brother gen novel ScoTpress 1992
A Citizen of the Empire gen Klingon novel
City on the Edge of Nowhere crossover with Doctor Who 1988
A City Without Walls 59 pages, novella by Alinda A. ScoTpress 1991
The Climb - Trinette K. 1977
Closer Than a Brother by Meg Wright ScoTpress 1983
Companion: The Rest of the Story gen novel by Pamela Rose 1980
The Company of Humans novel by C. Allery
Conduct Unbecoming novel by Michelle Arvizu Orion Press 1997
The Conscience of the Governor by Glen David Empathy 1994
Conscience of the King gen novel
Continuum - Lois W. novel 1983
Crack in the Mirror mirror universe novel ScoTpress 1994
The Crestfallen Bomber Mudd-centric novel TUCOP Press
Crisis at Kahlel-Den 1985
A Crucible for Courage trilogy of novels Orion Press 1984
Crystal Clear gen novel by Doris Schulze and Irene Wohlfahrt 1988
Cuckoo Child gen novel by Linda M. Stott
D'Gara's Rib
Daemaz adult het Marge Cleghorn 1984
Day of the Hawk
The Daystrom Project gen novel by Rick Endres Orion Press 1987, reissued 2001
Deathdance novel Pulsar Press 1979
Death on Ægyptus novel
Delorous Haze Chekov-centric novel
Demeter Spock/Chapel, sequel to Kista 1987
Descent into Darkness by Joan Verba 1988
Destiny Decreed gen novel by Mark Jenkins
Diamonds and Rust het novel Kzinti Press 1977
The Dianasian Gift novel Orion Press 1992
A Difference Which Makes No Difference novel Orion Press 2002
A Different Face in Time gen novel by Patsy Curnow & Linda Chanack 1986
The Displaced 1978
Divided Loyalties Spock/Chapel also Kirk/Spock 2001
The Doctor and the Enterprise crossover with Doctor Who 1991
Don't! Tell It to the Captain Mardy Lamski 1983
The Dorian Solution novella Orion Press 1998
Dragon's Claw novel, sequel to Revenge of the Wind Rider Ankh Press 1987
Drink Deeply adult novella Orion Press 1997
Echoes from the Past
Eclipse gen novelby Cath Knowles Empathy 1986
Eclipse gen novel by Wendy Rathbone MKASHEF Enterprises 1983
Elegy for Amanda novel by Gamin Davis
Empty Spaces novel
Encounters and Countermoves novella Orion Press 1999
Enterprise Betrayed 1997
Enterprise Lost novel
Enterprise Regained novel 1984
Enterprises by Renda Marlaine Vick, maybe anthology 1984
Epilogue #1-2 two part novel 1977 - 1978
Evolution crossover with Blake's 7 1990
The Exhibit novel
Falcon's Lair novel
Fallen Angel novel ScoTpress 1990
Fall of Night novel ScoTpress 1984
Family of Stars - Grant Maloy Smith Enterprise-C novella featuring Ambassador Spock Orion Press 1995
Fear No Evil McCoy-centric novel by Sue K. Odyssey Press 1984
Federation Centennial novel by Jacqueline Lichtenberg 1970s
Feuersturm in German 1993
The Fifth Question novel Bristol Starfleet Registry 1987
The Fifth Year Fandom Publications 1983
Fifty Ways novel by Brenda Kelsey ScoTpress 1985
Finagle's Law
The Final Farewell Fandom Productions 1984
The Firelord
Flaked Out gen novel
The Flight of the Eagle 1985
The Force of Fate Masiform D Special Supplementary Issue 1982
Forever novel Orion Press 1994
Forever Apart 1975
Forewarned - Liz B. ScoTpress 1982
For Family and Empire Klingon novel
For Love of Julia het novel 1980
Freedom gen novel William Shatner Fellowship London Group 1986
Friendship and Duty by Doris Schulze 1985
A Friend Such As You
From Hell's Heart gen novel Phoenix Press 1983
Full Circle novel by Jackie Edwards and Sue Keenan De Forest Kelley International Appreciation Society 1984
Full Circle novel by Pat M ScoTpress 1981
Full Circle novel by Holly Trueblood Orion Press 1994
The Future Tense Affair xover with MUNCLE 1984
Gaea Elysian Publications
Gaesa sequel to Scryer Spartiwerks 1990
Games of Love and Duty - Susan Crites Klingon-centric Poison Pen Press 1982
The Garden Spot of Ceti Alpha V Bill Hupe
Gemini Lynx gen novel T'Khutian Press 1982
The Genesis Aftermath novella by Joan Verba, 56 pages Shikahr Press 1985
Genesis Factor novel by Jaynee E
Genesis X Empathy 1983
The Genetic Trap 1977
A Gift Beyond Price novel ScoTpress 1991
A Gift of Scotch 1979
Given Time novel Orion Press 1995
The Glory Project MKASHEF Enterprises 1989
Green Fire - Jacqueline C. BSFR 1989
Gsazara novel by Alinda A., sequel to One Among You ScoTpress 1988
A Handful of Snowflakes Spock/Chapel Pandora Press 1979
Hands of Fate gen novel
Healer of the Wraith novel Orion Press 1999
Heartwaves 1981
He Who is Close to Nature Sahaj story by Leslye Lilker 1977
Heritage novel Triangle Press 1984
Home is the Hunter
Home Is Where the Heart Is 53-page novel by Vicki Richards ScoTpress 1982
The Honorable Sacrifice McCoy-centric Catspaw Printers 1981
House of Flame
House of Mirrored Faces 1980
A Human Kind of Learning ScoTpress 1985
The Human Side Spock/Christine novel 1984
If Not for Heroes McCoy-centric novel
Immortal Are the Dangers a Gateway special edition 1982
In Harm's Way novel Orion Press 1994
In No Space a Home-World gen Klingon novel
In Perspective by Kay Stagg 1991
Insanity's Child - Randy Landers Chekov-centric novel Orion Press 2004
Interlude 104 page novel Orion Press 1985
In the Hands of Others novel by LHR Balzer
In the Line of Duty novel Orion Press 2000
Into Every Life
Into the Nexus novel Orion Press 1996
Invasion of the Klingon Empire gen novel 1983
The Inward Reach gen novel 1995
It Never Happened novel, may be gen or slash
Journey to the Centre of the Galaxy gen novel in three parts
Just This Once from Australia 1986
Kaleidoscope William Shatner Fellowship 1986
Kefrendar Uhura-centric novella Orion Press 1988
The Kidnapping
Kiku 1986
A Kindred Spirit novel ScoTpress 1991
Kings of Prophecy gen AU novel
Kirk Wishpress 1982
Kista - Jane Land Spock/Chapel novel 1986
Knight of Shadows - Karen O. Masiform D Special Supplementary Issue 1982
Know Thine Enemy gen novella, 47 pages ScoTpress 1984
Kobayashi Maru STFUPress 1983
Kolinahr II: Homecomings sequel to Kolinahr: The Parting (in Visions of Futures Past)
Lady of the Dawn Empathy 1983
Legacy het novel by Lynda R.
A Legend Begins gen novel by Barbara Alleyn
Legends from the Oracle
Legends of ShiKahr Spock-centric novel by Andrea Trappes Williams Oddbalz & Mayhem Press
Liberation from Hell novella by William Roberts Orion Press 1996
Light and Shadows novel Orion Press 2000
A Little Family Secret het novel byl by Randall Landers & Rick Endres Orion Press 2001
Living in Spite of Logic 1990
The Logical Thing to Do 1977
Lost on a Far Planet Omicorn Publications 1978
Lovely - A Little Problem novella by Brenda K. ScoTpress 1991
Luktau from the UK 1980
A Lure for a Starship 1979
The Mark of Cain novel by Pam Baddely ScoTpress 1984
Mask of Kurios gen novel in two parts
The Master Illusion gen Chekov-centric novel
A Matter of Confidence
Melydia het novel
Midnight Sun STMA Press 1982
The Mindsweeper gen novel Orion Press 1993
The Mirage - Michelle A. 85 page novel 1976
Mission Accomplished novel by Kay Stagg
Mission: Highly Unlikely novel by T.Kern
Mission to Mrinn novel by Syn Ferguson 1979
Mixed Metaphors crossover novel with multiple fandoms 1982
The Morbius Syndrome The New Enterprise 1988
The Morning of the Sixth Day novel by Rowena Warner 1982
My Soul to Sleep novel Pon Farr Press 1985
Necropolis novel 1984
Never and Always - Sue G. novella 1977
Never Say Die novel by Thierri Moore 1971
New Alliance novel by Virginia Lee Smith
The Night of the Eagle novel Odyssey Press 1985
The Night of the Twin Moons NTM-Universe Empire Books 1976
Night of the Wolfen
Night Visions by Susan K. James and Carol Frisbie 1979
Ni Var #1-3 series of novels, Spock/Chapel 1988-1992
No Alternative xover with B7 The Small Printers 1992
No Beach to Walk On set of three novels by Gamin Davis
No Cold Wind novel Orion Press 1990
Noel! novel by Jenny Elson
No Peaceful Roads Lead Home Klingon novel, sequel to Games of Love and Duty Poison Pen Press 1987
Of Crystal Persuasion McCoy-centric 1983
Of Darkness and Light 1980
Of Songs Unknown novel by Charlotte A.
Offstage Enterprise Empathy Press
Once Upon a Stardate gen novel
One Among You - Alinda A. 63 pages, novella ScoTpress  ?
One Blade, One Blood Klingon-centric gen novel, sequel to Beyond Diplomacy Mkashef Enterprises
One is One may be slash novel
One Way Mirror - Barbara W. Poison Pen Press 1980
Only Human novel Orion Press 1996
Orcadia sequel to 1942: From Starship to Lancaster ScoTpress
The Orion Incident - Pac D. ScoTpress 1987
Our Dearest Blood gen novel by Gamin Davis
The Parting of the Ways gen novel
Passages h/c novel by Susan K. James Pulsar Press 1978
Paths of Glory gen Klingon novel
Peace in Our Time? gen novel 1987
Penumbra ? might be anthology
The Perfect Object novel 1979
Pitchforks and Pointed Ears 1993
A Plague in Time novel by Clare B
The Porcelain of Twilight Spock/OFC novel by Claire Gabriel, sequel to Simple Gifts Alien Hand Productions 1993
Precessional 1980
The Price also Abode of Strife #14 1988
The Price and the Glory
The Price of Friendship
Prize of War and Passion gen Klingon novel
Problems of Doctor Penhaligon gen novel by Glen David
The Promised Land may be slash novel
The Proverb 1980
Quin'Lat Klingon novel
The Reality Barrier novel Marion McChesney 1983
The Reckoning gen novel 1986
The Rekindling gen novel 1978
Relic of Tomorrow gen novel Orion Press 1993
Remember the Hood novel Orion Press 1997
Rendezvous and Renegades two novels by Mary Case
The Renegades gen mirror universe novel 1982
Renewal het Spock/Chapel novel by Cheree Cargill Falcon Press 1999
The Restitution of Spock part of a trilogy
The Return of Charlie X gen novel
Return to the Source novel by Nicole Comtet, sequel is Blow Back ScoTpress
Reunion novel In Case of Emergency Press 1984
Revenge of the Wind Rider Ankh Press 1985
Ring of Deceit novel 1988
The Ring of Tolath gen novel
Romulan Exchange
Sacrifices novel Mkashef Enterprises 1989
The Scapegoat novel by D. Dubois
Scryer novel Spartiwerks 1990
Second Best by JM Lane 1998
Second Chance gen novel, sequel to [[Second to None Oddbalz & Mayhem Press
Second to None - LRH Balzer Oddbalz & Mayhem Press 1996
Secret Agent: Enterprise - Martin M. B. 89-page digest-sized novel
Shades of a Romulan novel BSFR
Shadows by Bill Hupe 1987
Shadows of the Mirror novel by Gloria Fray ScoTpress
Shadow Trek xover with Dark Shadows
Sha-Lin novella by D.Owens
Shi Kahr
The Silken Thread That Binds Us by R.Senior
Simple Gifts Spock/OFC novel by Claire Gabriel Alien Hand Productions 1991
Six Point Five gen McCoy-centric novel 1983
Slaveworld h/c slavefic novel by Gloria Fry 1994
Sodde's Gambit sequel to Fifty Ways ScoTpress 1994
Something Hidden - Sheila Clark first in the Explorer series ScoTpress 1976
Something Lost - Sheila Clark second in the Explorer series ScoTpress 1983
Something Missing third in the Explorer series ScoTpress 1986
Something to Remember het novel by Gamin Davis
Song of the Nargase Witch novel in two volumes 1977
Song of the Stars =Abode of Strife 13 Bill Hupe 1988
The Sourdani Journal gen timetravel novel 1983
Spinner of Nightmares by Pam Baddeley, sequel to Weaver of Dreams ScoTpress 1986
Squired Again 1990
Star Born novel by Gloria Fry ScoTpress
The Stars are Lonely gen novel by Jenny Elson
Stars or Dust novel by C.E. Roush 1985
Star Trek III: Return to Genesis gen novel by Harve Bennett
Starwyck, or The Triumph of Innocence het novel
Strangers Among Us crossover with Blake's 7 1987
Suspicious Allies gen novel by Gail Adams
Swap Chekov-centric het novel
The Sword of Love het novel 1986
Swords and Sulu by Janice K. Hrubes 1977
Synergy Factor may be slash novel
The Tale of the Gutbusters gen novel
Tender Expressions gen, Spock-centric novel by Wendy Montgomery ScoTpress 1985
That Strange Shrinking Feeling Omicorn Publications 1978
The Third Verdict Scotty-centric novel 1982
Threshold novel, Nu Ormenel series Poison Pen Press 1978
T'hy'la #1-2 gen novel, German 1993, 1995
Tickled Pink 1980
The 'Til Death Do Us Part Affair MUNCLE xover
Time and Time Again TOS/ TNG crossover novel Ruff & Ready Press 1990
Time after Time and Time Again TOS/ TNG crossover novel Ruff & Ready Press 1993
Time Is, Time Was, Time Yet to Be gen novel by Jane Stewart ScoTpress 1982
A Time of Death, A Time of Life gen novel
Times Change Lost in Space xover Ruff and Ready Press 1992
Timeshift gen novel BLack Coffee Press 1985
Time Warrior 2003
To Boldly Go novel by Lynn Stenzel
To Catch a Butterfly gen novel Raynesford Press 1988
To Every Man the Hand of Fate
Tomorrow is Another Day gen novel Star Trek Action Group 1978
To See Thee Smile 1979
To Share the Dawn novella, sequel to Never and Always by Sue Glasgow 1978
Too Near to Tomorrow novel by Ruth Ann Hepner
Too Many Avenues novel by K.Stagg
Touchstone het novel Ankh Press
Transition Spock/OFC novel, sequel to The Displaced 1982
The Tribe of Jen-Wae novel by Meg Wright ScoTpress 1981
The Tribulations of Spock part of a trilogy
Trojan Angel gen novel by Barbara Lenore Snowberger Elysian Publications 1986
Trophies by Laureen Peltier 1990
The True Accord of Well Tuned Sounds 77-page novel 1986
Twin Tales of Trek
The Two-Edged Sword het, sequel to The Sword of Love 1986
T'ylena may be slash novel
The Uhura Papers novel by Janet Walker
Uhura's Cure gen novel late 1980s
Unchained Memories by Nicole Comtet ScoTpress 1994
Unclaimed Star Trek Fans United
Until the End of Time by Nicole Comtet Orion Press 1999
Vaeya gen novel
Valhalla Candidate
Valley of Shadow McCoy-centric 1985
Variations on a Theme #1-8 series of novels ScoTpress 1977 - 1984
Victim of the Nova 1982
Viking's Progress
The Vindication of Spock part of a trilogy
Vulcanization novel by Jeanne Elizabeth McGrew, sequel to Pitchforks and Pointed Ears Ruff & Ready Press 1994
Vulcan Madness gen novel by Jane Stanley Criterion Press
Vulcan Sands, Terran Skies Spock/Christine Falcon Press
The Vulcan Too Affair MUNCLE crossover 1987
We Are Star Met het novel, sequel to The Human Side, Spock/Christine post 1984
We Who are Different 55page novel by M.E. Sullivan
Weaver of Dreams - Pam B. ScoTpress 1981
Web of Selagor 1979
What Is Lost... Is Sometimes Found - Cathi Brown het? 1982
What Price Has Duty Starward Bound 1988
The Wheel Turns ScoTpress 1977
The Wheel of Fate combines The Wheel Turns and its sequel Ultimatum ScoTpress 1980
When Heroes Die novel by by Joyce T Odyssey Press 1983
When the Lu'guii Cries 1986
When the Sun Shines novel by Karen Hayden 1983
When You Were Merlin and I Was King 1983
Where Do We Go from Here?
Where No Man Has Gone Before
Whisper of the Wind 90-page novel 1994
Will What Was Ever Be?
Wine of Calvoro novel ScoTpress 1978
With Hoops of Steel - Meg Wright ScoTpress 1981
The World of Difference by Leslie Coles 1983
Xet gen novel BSFR 1985

Comic and Cartoon zines

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Dragonhunt 24-page fancomic by Brian Franczak 1978
Elftrek #1-2 Elfquest/TOS parody 1986
Satire Trek Cartoon Comics cartoons
Son of Monolith by Michael Goodwin, sequel to Who Was That Monolith I Saw You With Intergalactic
Star Trip cartoons Orion Press 1985
Trekkie Toons cartoons Good Old Grandma's Comics 1976
Tribbles are people too! cartoon zine Starbase Kansas City 1980
Vulcan K'artoon B'ook
Who Was That Monolith I Saw You With comic strips by Michael Goodwin 1976

Gen/Het ezines

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Ampersand #1-2 gen friendship anthology 2006
Recreation Room #1-2 het anthology 2006


See List of Star Trek: The Original Series Slash Zines for a list of mainly K/S and a few other slash zines.

Zines still lacking data

For these zines there is no data to sort them, beyond it being ST:TOS zines:

Actor-centric zines

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Ahmad Leonard Nimoy zine
Aisha Milele, Fanikiwa Nichelle Nichols club zine
Amani Nichelle Nichols Fan Club newsletter
At the Helm George Takei newsletter 1970s
Bits 'N Pieces Leonard Nimoy club zine
Centre Stage #1-2 Leonard Nimoy zine Tsaela Press
Chatter Boxes newsletter Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans 1967-
Chekov's Station gen, Walter Koenig; photos, articles, letters and reviews 1975
CONTRAST UK Leonard Nimoy zine
DeForest Kelley Compendium reviews/summaries of DeForest Kelley's appearances, along with fan fiction 1991-1993
DeForest Kelley Yeomanry clubzine 1969
Don't You Just Love Leonard Nimoy? art portfolio
Furaha Nichelle Nichols Fan Club fanzine
Hartlines fanzine about the actress Mariette Hartley Mariette Hartley Fan Network 1970s
Insatiable Curiosity gen, Leonard Nimoy zine 1983
James Doohan International Club Newsletter gen, James Doohan newsletter 1968-1985
James Doohan International Fan Club Annual gen, James Doohan zine 1977
Karen & Leonard: A Love Story art and poetry by Karen Flanery
Kelley Klub Kurrier
Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans Yearbook Leonard Nimoy zine Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans 1977-1978
Leonard Nimoy Compendium gen, Leonard Nimoy zine Daisy Giraffe Publications 1982
Leonard Nimoy Notes Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans 1974-1979
Leonard Nimoy Power
LNAF Bulletin becomes Leonard Nimoy Notes Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans 1971-1974
A Matter of Coincidence Nimoy-cetric
McCoy Tapes newsletter of the DeForest Kelley Fan Club Decoy 1980-1995
Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek: TOS zine)
Nichelle Nichols Fan Club Yearbook Nichelle Nichols Fan Club 1974
Nimoy Notes Nimoy-newsletter 1980s
Nimoytacular newsletter
Nuts & Bolts Worksheet #1-8 Leonard Nimoy zine
Shatner Comet William Shatner newsletter
Southern Style #1-15 newsletter of the DeForest Kelley Association of Fans 1970s
Spotlight #1-52 Leonard Nimoy International Fan Club ?-1994
Stars of Star Trek zine with actor photos 1970s
Star Traveler Walter Koenig zine (though later issues are subtitled as Chekov-zine)
Terrans for Leonard Nimoy Nimoy newsletter 1975-1976
Transmissions from Star Fleet Leonard Nimoy Clubzine 1968
The William Shatner Connection #1-3 1991
William Shatner Letter Exchange letterzine
The Wishbook William Shatner Fan Fellowship Creative Enterprises 1982
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