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All Fanlore administrative policies are listed on this page. These policies describe Fanlore's mission and philosophy, and will help you as you use and contribute to the wiki.

A brief description of the policies is provided below:

  • Citation: Describes guidelines for linking to content outside of the wiki; offers examples for citing and quoting content.
  • Copyright: Defines Fanlore's copyright license and describes the conditions under which copyrighted material may be used on the wiki.
  • Deceptive Practices: Describes the types of practices that are not allowed on the wiki, including the use of sockpuppets, vandalism, and the outing of fans. See also Managing Conflict.
  • Editorial Procedures: Describes guidelines for the categorizing of wiki pages, the role of Fanlore Policy & Admin, and editorial disputes.
  • Ethical Standards for Community & Content: Describes the ethical principles upon which Fanlore is built, including standards for accuracy, truthfulness, and inclusiveness.
  • Identity Protection: Describes Fanlore's policy on the outing of fans.
  • Image Policy: Answers questions about images on Fanlore.
  • Mission: Describes the mission of the Fanlore wiki. See also About Fanlore.
  • Plural Point of View (PPOV): Describes the principles that contributors should keep in mind when editing or creating new Fanlore articles.
  • Terms of Service: describes the conditions under which you may use and contribute to the Fanlore wiki.