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Please edit this page to add topics or specific pages to the list that you would like to see on the wiki. New editors (and anyone else) who want to add content to the wiki, but don't know where to start, can check this list and start on anything that tickles their fancy.

If you'd like to add to the discussion on this page, please sign your comments by typing ~~~~ at the end of what you type. This will add a date stamp and will also link to your User and Talk pages.

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A complete list of wanted pages (automatically generated based on number of internal links) can also be found at Wanted pages.

A list of the pages that are stubs needing fleshing out can be found at Stubs.

A list of the pages that are bigger than stubs but still need some adding to can be found at Expand Article.


This section contains tasks that don't require any particular fannish knowledge but are still necessary and any help would be appreciated!

  • Orphaned Pages: Orphaned Pages are pages that no one links to. Imagine how lonely they must be! But more importantly, it means that unless someone types in the exact title, they're unlikely to find the page. You can un-orphan a page by adding an internal link back to that page on a different page.
  • Uncategorized Pages and Uncategorized Files: All pages and files should belong to at least one category (or more, if there are more than one relevant categories). Subpages should have any relevant categories from their parent page.
  • Dead-end pages: Dead end pages don't have any links to other pages within them, meaning anyone who browses there is in grave danger of escaping Fanlore! Don't let this happen.
  • Categories: If the number of entries in a category = 1, check to see if there is a different version (spelling, etc.) of the same category that has a larger number of members, then edit the entry and fix it if it needs to be changed.
  • Sorting: Use defaultsort to change the sort of fandoms beginning with 'The' or 'A'. Please make sure that people and characters (but not fans) are set to sort "Lastname, Firstname" if they have a last name. For more information about defaultsort, refer to the Editing Cheatsheet.

Pages that need more international focus

Use this section to add any pages that are lacking in a worldwide range of perspectives. For instance, if you know that fans in one part of the world have a specific take on a trope or genre, or that a ship is popular or controversial among fans from a particular country, and this isn't documented on Fanlore, this is the place to come for help, advice and input!

If there are gaps on a page concerning regions with a lot of fan activity about that topic, post about it here! This is also a good place to add pages containing material that needs to be translated into English. We also have Template:TranslationRequest which you are welcome to add to the page or Talk page.

Contributions from international fans are welcome and encouraged! Your additions do not need to be in perfect English, and broad information about how the subject of a page is perceived in different parts of the world does not necessarily need to have a documented source.

  • The Untamed and Mo Dao Zu Shi - would be great to have much more info on Chinese fandom (as well as more info in general...)
  • Slash Controversies - this article is very heavily US-focused. There is definitely a lot of material that I'm sure could be drawn from other parts of the world around slash-as-controversy - and some non-western fandom examples would be great too. I remember the "this story contains SLASH! don't like, don't read!" disclaimers in anime fandom all too well... enchantedsleeper (talk) 21:40, 2 December 2021 (UTC)
  • Webnovels ! In particular, I know the big chinese websites allow you to comment on specific lines - leading to fans riffing off particular lines in the novel, such that the experience of reading the book is also shaped by the comments you see directly alongside the text. Plus there are a lot of popular webnovels that frequently become popular manhua/manhwa or animations - The King's Avatar and MXTX's works are the ones I know but there are a lot more...

Infrastructure-ish Page Wish

  • A general discussion page where concerns and suggestions can be discussed and questions about the site can be asked.
  • Should we have templates/standardizations not just for infoboxes, but for pages in general? Like for what kind of sections and subsections should be called
    • While there's no requirement to use any specific sections for a given page, we've started making some template pages for different page types (e.g. Character, Fan, Vid pages, etc.) that people can copy and paste and then fill in the sections. The list can be found here: Help:Starting a new page#First, a template --enchantedsleeper (talk) 22:29, 22 February 2022 (UTC)
    • Informally, for Fans I've been using a combination of the infoboxes and then a template for the rest of the page that I created (I do a lot of work on the X-Project wiki and templates are critical there for avoiding mess). See Tapestry (ficwriter) or Dr. Benway for an idea of how it looks. Rossi (talk) 20:37, 2 March 2023 (UTC)
  • Could we have a template like Wikipedia does, which links to a performer, film, series, etc. listing on the IMDb?
  • Can the mobile site get the side bar updated to include links to the new visitor portal, editing cheatsheet, and some of the other links that are on the desktop sidebar? Right now on mobile finding those pages is kinda hard since it requires searching the site for them without knowing they exist if you are a new visitor


This section contains a wish list for fannish topics that either do not have adequate coverage on Fanlore or are not yet represented here at all.



Hugo Award nominees and winners for Fanzines, Fan Arts, and Fan writers

Online Awards


  • I've been working at making pages for UK and AUS media conventions. The STAG and IDIC newsletters, as well as Hypertension, have a great deal of information, but we need more information from fans who are more in the know than I. --Mrs. Potato Head 17:00, 14 February 2012 (UTC)

Pages that need to be created:

Pages that need expansion:


  • Fannish Teddies (i.e. dressing teddy bears—similar to dolls—rather than in pictures).
  • Related to action figures:
    • Funko figurines! They can be customized so they're sort of a craft, but I think it's also interesting/important to include them, maybe as part of this new highly commercialized wave of fandom
    • Nendoroid figures are extremely popular, including in some English-language fandoms now (see, e.g., the MDZS and TGCF nendos)
  • fan fashions and TARDIS Cake Doctor Hoo cake based on Threadless-brand t-shirt
  • Tshirts, especially those sold online through sites like Redbubble, etsy, Teepublic

Con skits

Moving these from the main con skit page as it has too many examples to be navigated easily.


Pages that need to be created:

Pages that need expansion:



Zine Art

A page dedicated to the history, styles, whatever of Zine Art. We've got lots of images that we can use as examples!

Additional page(s) for Cover Art or Cover Design - perhaps also comparing zine covers to other types of fanworks that might use covers - filk albums, fanmixes, podfic, ...? (Check out the Merlin podbook covers)

I made a page Cover Design as a redirect for Cover Art. SecurityBreach (talk) 13:30, 2 February 2023 (UTC)


In #yuletide, we were discussing fan video game projects like the Chrono Trigger sequel and how they routinely get shut down by video game companies.

Also worth discussing: Game mods, and how game company reactions vary. (Some accept them; some love them; some do everything they can to squelch them.)

May need a video game equivalent to the Professional Author Fanfic Policies page; however, unlike authors, game companies rarely issue clear statements on their opinion on fan game activities. Also, legal copyright status of those is much blurrier.

There's a lot of room to talk about this in the Pokémon fandom, which has a long history of ROM hacks, fangames, and a (more recent history?) of having those fan games shut down by Nintendo.

Pages for popular MLP creepypasta games like Dreamy Rainbow?

Fangames wishlist:


There needs to be a page not for LARPing or RPGs, but for the practice online role-playing, where you take up the roles of various characters and do dynamic storytelling with other people, usually on some sort of forum. I haven't done this in many years, though, and I know it's still a thing, but not what's happening with it/where it is.

Or, maybe a disambiguation page where Larping, RPGs and roleplaying in forums are all separate pages?

is that not what Fandom RP basically is?
that page is a good start for rps! but i still think there's some labeling, organization, and terminology to work out between this page the Role-Playing Game page
Roleplay‎ now exists, so some of the Fandom RP content should be distinguished and copied there.

Looking at the Fandom RP page: that is what I believe we were thinking of with roleplay. I think we need to delete the straight up Roleplay page and have it so that typing roleplay sends the user to a disambiguation page where Fandom RP is one of the options

We seem to have a lot of overlap and duplication in the Fandom RPG pages - we've got Fandom RPG, Role-Playing Game and Roleplay all describing the same thing. I think maybe Role-Playing Game and Roleplay should become disambiguation pages with the various types of RP listed - TTRPG, LARP, Fandom RP, PBEM, round robins etc. Rossi (talk) 05:36, 16 April 2023 (UTC)


This section is for fandom wank or imbroglios that aren't adequately covered.

Need more coverage:

Pages that need to be created:

Shipwars that could use expansion (see also Category:Shipwars):

Minors in Fandom - A recent discussion as of 2017, brought by Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom discourse and expanding generally. Could overlap with Fan Age and Fandom. Example essays/posts:

Generally concerning behavior:


Fanfiction Writers and Feedback - Specifically comments, plus conjoining discussions of comparing fanfiction and fan art (?), and commenting etiquette. Perhaps focus on recent discussion as well as how platform (Tumblr & AO3 (2012-2017) vs LJ (2004-2012)) has affected this. Example essays/posts:

Distracteddaydreamer (talk) 17:36, 7 December 2023 (UTC)

MDZS Fandom Wank

There's some pretty notable MDZS fandom wank that may need pages, including:

  • Canon Dynamics Only (Sex position wank - I think this is prominent enough in Wangxian fandom to need its own page)
  • Not sure how to put this delicately, but in late 2021 there was a pretty large wank between jelenedra, quigonejinn, and pumpkinpaix that resulted in a "diaspora statement" from various Chinese diaspora fans here
  • The Danmei Diaspora Creators community? Started as a Discord server in response to the wank above
  • nirejseki 2022 wank
  • Bisexual Wei Wuxian wank; fan insistences that it is canon or a headcanon has been a topic of heated discussion on Twitter; could be a subsection on WWX's character page
  • Jiang Cheng wank; many Jiang Cheng fan accounts on Twitter hate Wei Wuxian, many WangXian fan accounts on Twitter hate Jiang Cheng, they were constantly at odds with each other particularly during 2021-2022, having arguments in whether WWX should have donated his golden core, if it made him a good or bad person for doing so, if Jiang Cheng should've been the protagonist or WWX's love interest, etc.
  • MDZS Wedding Zine 2024 wank (recent); sweetlolixo may need her own page as a fan
  • There is also general wank among some non-Chinese/English-speaking fans who refer to themselves as "MXTX Critical" and don't condone the "problematic elements" in her work, such as WangXian having a rape kink and the translated interview of her saying that her couples' sex position tend to be fixed and that they shouldn't be broken up or changed. Some fans believe this sort of attitude to be racist and ethnocentric (race and fandom, maybe?) These fans are a little more commonly found on Tumblr in my experience, though I'm sure they can also be found on Twitter.
    • Maybe the interview can have its own page or portion on MXTX's page, as it has been the subject of a lot of fannish debate.
  • Cop Lan Wangji



A Series of Unfortunate Events

Anime & Manga Fandom & Related Fandoms

If you notice anything missing from these lists that needs work, please add it!

There are many single, specific pages you can add:

If the page you want to add is not listed on a "List of" page, just add it to the appropriate category. Many of those pages are still woefully incomplete.

If you want a bigger challenge:

Attack on Titan

The fandom is enormous and the main page is well-covered, but there are almost no ship and character pages.

Boku no Hero Academia

Needs more examples of Fanworks / Fan events. Ship pages.


Characters: basically everyone not named Rukia or Orihime.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Pretty large fandom; needs expansion.


Needs expansion: canon overview, fandom overview/history, fan activities, character and ship pages, etc.


Could use pages for major pairings


Ship pages for Rei/Nagisa, and possibly Sousuke/Makoto. Maybe discuss the Rin/Haru and Makoto/Haru ship war on the fandom page? Also the sharkbaitshipping wank with YGO:Zexal fandom.

Future Earth, Future Sky is a notable Sousuke/Makoto fic which generated a lot of fan discussions and can probably use its own page.

Gundam franchise
Litchi Hikari Club
  • page was created in February 2018 but has minimal content and no links. Needs all the things!
Mei-chan no Shitsuji (aka Mei-Chan's Butler)
  • page was created in 2009 but only has links to fanfiction archives. Needs canon and fandom expansion.
  • page was created in 2022 but only has links to fanfiction archives. Needs canon and fandom expansion.

A more complete list can be found at FanloreProject:Naruto! However, the most needed pages are probably:

Rurouni Kenshin

Every major character needs a page, as does every ship that isn't Kenshin/Kaoru (and, for some reason, Saitou/Sano). Some links for ease of page creation:

Could also use coverage of significant RuroKen authors and fanfics - Nekotsuki, Terry-McElrath, Khrysalis, Scented Candles, Tanabata Jasmine, Snowblind, Ubiquitous, Kyuushutsu, Only With You...


Page needs to be created: ships, reputation among anime fandom, etc.

One Piece

Should we have a page about the debate over the treatment of women in One Piece? I'm actually not that into the OP fandom but I've heard the edges of this discussion, particularly in this interview with Oda from this summer where Oda claims that he doesn't really care if female readers have a problem with his perverted characters.


Page needs to be created and have spiels for every series thus far. It would be ideal because the ship of Nozomi/Coco from Yes PreCure 5 is referenced on the Bad Ships Project or whatever it was called. Fanart was done for it as part of the iniative to give problematic ships love. Also, its a long running series with shoutouts in other franchises (was parodied in one of the Alola episodes of Pokémon and is an important entry in the magical girl genre pre-dating Madoka.

The Promised Neverland

This series needs a page, at the very least. Also, there should probably be a page dedicated to the controversy surrounding the character Krone, who was a pretty racist depiction of a black woman.

Tokyo Ghoul

A major part of 90's/00's anime fandom should have a page or notation somewhere.


somewhat more niche but very interesting, animated in Japan but based on Argentinian comics, fanbase is small but not tiny

Babylon 5

Most characters of Babylon 5 still need articles:

Characters whose pages need expansion:

Blake's 7

Articles on characters and pairings that need expansion:

Pairing pages that need to be created:

Genres that need to be created:

Book Fandoms

Fandom pages that need to be created:

Fandom pages that need expansion:


Stubs and pages that need expansion:

YA fandoms


  • need ships, meta and more general detail


Pages that need expansion:

Pages that need to be created:


A general article on (Western) comics fandom would be useful. At the moment, it's a disambiguation which gets linked all over the place.

Something comprehensive about the clash between fanboy gatekeepers and the diversity push in the 2010s? See Carol Corps, Kamala Korps, Escher Girls, the CBR Community reboot, etc.

European comics: Valérian and Laureline, Thorgal, The Adventures of Tintin, The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec, Largo Winch, Asterix.

US comics: Lazarus, Invincible, Prophet, Jupiter's Legacy, I Kill Giants, Pretty Deadly, Flash Gordon, Astro City, Rising Stars, Darkminds, Lazarus Churchyard, Powers

Other comics: Major Grom (needs expansion), Indie Comics (needs expansion re fandom)

DC Comics

Pages that need expansion:


Earth-120703, Earth-96283, Earth-807128, Earth-9992, Earth-71612, Earth-71912, Earth-19919, Earth-61610, Earth-22312, Earth-21722, Earth-138, Earth-(No I.D#/Lou Ferrigno Hulk) And many, many more. Please add to this list if you discover more. Please delete after additions are made.

Crimson Peak

Main article, pages for characters and ships.

Devil May Cry

  • Character pages for Dante and Vergil need expansion.
  • Character pages for the other main characters need to be created.
  • Fandom and fanwork information.
  • More detail in the main article.


General wishlist:

  • More information for other fandoms already listed in Category:Disney
  • Characters & pairing pages from any of the movies listed below
  • Disney RPF - main article needs more information and examples, also pairing pages need to be created
  • Pixar page is pretty much empty right now.

Disney Animated Canon pages that need expansion:

Pixar pages that need expansion:

Misc. Disney movies pages that need expansion

Disney Channel movies or shows pages that need to be created:

Disney Channel movies or shows pages that need expansion:

Character pages that need expansion:

Ride pages that need expansion:

Doctor Who


  • main article more detail and pages needed for most major characters & pairings


Show page could use more sample/notable fanworks. Most character pages need more fandom, pretty please. Adding some placeholder bits of canon info and obvious stuff like Idol Reflections/Ship Manifesto essays if they exist just to have something, but no idea about other notable meta on the characters or notable fanworks. If anyone who's actually been fannish about the show can add more fandom info to balance pages out that'd be lovely.

Friday Night Funkin'

Scope and full list of wanted pages can be found at FanloreProject:Friday Night Funkin'

Game of Thrones

Characters that still need pages: Tywin Lannister, Petyr Baelish, Olenna Tyrell, Tormund Gaintsbane

Character pages that need expansion: Ramsay Snow

Greek Mythology

Expand pretty much all existing pages.


Harry Potter


More fandom information is needed - this was a fairly large fandom back in its heyday. So far there is only 2 pairing pages: Nathan/Peter and Peter/Claire, but they have barely anything to them. More pairings especially the popular ones are needed (Claire/Nathan, Peter/Nikki, Peter/Sylar, Claire/Sylar, Hiro/Charlie to name a few). There are currently no character pages, so that is needed as well.

There are some Heroes vid pages, but other fanworks are needed. Other archives, fanfiction, and websites need pages.

Highlander: The Raven

  • needs more fandom information, what are the pairings?, notable fanworks, etc.


See also ‘’FanloreProject:Homestuck’’

  • There are plenty of fanworks that deserve their own pages.
  • Something about the history of MSPA Forum Adventures would be great.
  • A couple of really prevalent Homestuck-specific genres and/or AU categories might benefit from mentions, such as (feel free to add):


  • main article, as well as Seddie and any other relevant ships


Pretty much all pairing and character pages but Arthur, Eames and Arthur/Eames need more content - Yusuf, Saito, Ariadne, Dom Cobb, Robert Fischer, Mal, Ariadne/Yusuf, Dom Cobb/Mal, Arthur/Dom Cobb and so on. Adding more fanworks and creators would be great too.


There a a bunch of stubs for bands, but very little info about the fandom or fans. Needs the perspective of someone active in the fandom (are there any Kpop fans on Fanlore?) This is a longshot, but more info about the Korean fandom would be awesome.

Lord of the Rings and other Tolkien



  • I'm not sure if anyone is actually reading this section/is also a theater fan on here. This list is mostly for my own use at this point.

My Little Pony


Mythology fandom could use its own page. Greek and Norse mythology have their own categories but they're pretty barebones; the same goes for Celtic Mythology.

Our Flag Means Death

Izzy Canyon as a term for Izzy Hands-enjoying fandom, sometimes but not always presented in opposition with shippers of Edward Teach/Stede Bonnet.

Pacific Rim

  • need pages for most of the main characters and pairings

Phantom of the Opera







  • The overall Podcast page exists, but the history section needs expansion
  • It would be useful to have a glossary page for Post-Mortem Episode
  • A separate page for Audio Drama would be helpful
Podcast Fandoms

Actual Play

Audio Drama/Narrative fiction


Fannish Podcasts

It would be useful to have an expansion on official fannish podcasts created by the PTB (example: The Good Place The Podcast) vs. fan-created property-specific podcasts vs. overall fannish podcasts.


  • The 'N Sync page is a stub; there are a lot of ways it could be developed--maybe an overview of the group members as characters, and their evolution in the fandom, or the impact of each cd and subsequent tour on the fandom and the fiction. Perhaps a list of the most influential media appearances.
  • Pages that need expansion: 5 Seconds of Summer, Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy
  • Pages that need to exist: A page for the Smiths and/or Morrissey. Currently there are 217 fanworks on AO3 tagged "The Smiths". Smiths/Morrissey fandom has at least a thirty-year history offline (bootleg albums, fanart, fan-organized tours, fanzines, cover bands, fan compilations) and about 20 years of history online (fanfiction, fanvids, fanart, fan communities and blogs). Ideally there would be a page specifically about the Smiths fandom community on tumblr in the mid-2010s. Items of note: Marrissey tinhatting, intersection of fandom and academia, copyright takedowns, vs. Morrissey, interactions with band members, metafandom).
  • Duplicity, the One Direction Wattpad fanfiction that blew up in 2021 after the reveal of Harry Styles actually being an American named Sebastian.
  • Waterparks needs a page. would recommend having one for Awsten + Travis' Slumber Party, too, since they primarily cover fannish things. fandom's got a weird drama history and a useful tumblr documenting it

Rick and Morty

Science Fiction and Fantasy Fandom

See also: FanloreProject:SF Fandom

Sherlock Holmes

Shin Megami Tensei (Series)

None of the individual games have pages, so lots of love is needed there; more information about fandom is needed as well.

Star Trek

Other than Star Trek and NASA, there's very little about the significant intersection of the fandom and the broad field of science. I think we need a Science and Star Trek page (or something along those lines).

Stranger Things

Team Fortress 2

TF2 only has a very basic main page, and only one other page. It really needs more fandom information, character information and ships (Medic/Heavy springs to mind). It could really use some love from someone familiar with the fandom!

Thai BL

Shows that need pages:

A page about couples, i.e. actor pairs who are marketed as a "couple" in Thai BL (particularly by GMMTV) would also be nice.


Some pages have been started for Super Sentai, Godzilla and High Speed Parahero Gandine, but need expanded and more fannish content. We also need pages for individual Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and Ultraman series.

If anyone has information on pre-2009 tokusatsu fandom and how fandoms for specific shows started, reactions at the time, it would be great to have these added to the pages for their respective shows.

True Crime Community

Serial Killer fandoms are pretty notorious and widely mocked, but fanlore has absolutely nothing about that controversy. It would be good to tie it in with controversy about RPF. Info about the fandom practices would be even better. There probably also interesting things to be said about the popularity Serial Killers as a trope and genre.


The fandom is so huge, yet the Fanlore page barely says anything but statistics gleaned by non-Twilight fans, and doesn't even mention any popular fanwriters, fanartists, or specific fanworks. Twilight RPF could also use expansion.


There are a lot of webcomics out there with huge and active fanbases, but very few pages in the Category:Webcomics.

Additionally, the webcomic page probably should cover more information.


Other Fandoms

Fandoms that have Crack Van fandom overviews but no Fanlore articles: Ace Lightning, Chrono Crusade, Battle of the Planet, Gorgeous Carat, Let Dai, Lie to Me, McFly, Raffles, The Amateur Cracksman, Rómeó és Júlia. Also: Musical Theater, Science Fiction TV RPF

Serious anime fans usually follow the histories of animation studios as well as manga artists. Should probably have pages for Bones, Studio Trigger, Sunrise, Mappa, Madhouse, A-1 Pictures, etc.

Pages that need expansion: School of Rock

Tabletop RPGs:

Misc: Underworld, Kaylor, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Video Games

Main article could use more information. The majority of video game pages also need the video game infobox.

General pages that need to be created:

General pages that need expansion:

Fandom pages that need to be created:

Fandom pages that need expansion:

Stubs also listed here.

Fandom pages with fanwork examples wanted:

To avoid duplication, pages also marked with Need Expansion are not also listed here.

Company pages that need to be created:

Company pages that need expansion:

Company pages with fanwork examples wanted:

Fangame/mod pages that need to be created:

Fangame pages that need expansion:

Event pages that need to be created:

Event pages that need expansion:

Community pages that need to be created:

Community pages that need expansion:

Assorted Microfandoms

including the Pompeii graffiti, We Are A Picturesque Small Town, FAQ: The "Snake Fight" Portion of Your Thesis Defense, Michael Bublé Being Stalked By A Velociraptor, and Zionist Galactic Federation


The Fanfiction Glossary

The Fanfiction Glossary does have a page now, if anyone wants to add to it, or you could check the wayback versions of the Fanfiction Glossary and add missing information to the Fanlore articles about the listed glossary terms.


Articles needed for:

Articles that need expansion:


I'm assuming links to Angels are re: their appearance in fic?


Cakeverse page now exists but needs more fannish examples as it gains popularity.





The main article needs expansion


Could do with a mention of it becoming America only from 2016 and the impact this had on international fans wishing to use the service. Also, when they stopped allowing user-uploaded tracks.


A platform becoming increasingly popular with younger fans. Needs expansions and more perspectives.


Aestheticism was one of the first widely-accessible sources of information on BL ("yaoi") in English. The article is a stub, but it has references that could be used to flesh it out. The owners are still around AFAIK; the site's just down. Someone could find them and ask them about the site's history and their future plans.


Needs expansion, especially regarding fandoms that are active on the site.

Used to have a really different interface and a really strong fannish community; I'm not sure where cosplayers go to share their works and resources these days, but had a robust forums community and user profiles with galleries! It was the place to be!

Freedom of Speech Archive

Anyone know anything about this site?

Is that the same as Freedom of Speech Fan Fiction Archive or different?


Similar to, had a really robust forum culture and sub-forums for roleplay, anime and manga, books and comics, and so on; so there were lots of fannish discussions that took place.

GeoCities Rescue Project

  • Many of the pages created for this project are still stubs or don't include updated links. [42]
  • GeoCities could use more fannish perspective.

Listing Sites/Articles

Many early websites have disappeared. Just as fandom shifted online from zines, so it has increasingly been shifting from personal websites to LJ/DW or Now, people are dropping personal sites to archive on AO3. There are many fan websites still needing documentation - even just listing them (with their URLs) for each fandom would help. Sorted by fandom for navigation.

Fanlore:Wish List/Listing Sites

A page about this very successful site that offers scanlated manga to read online, but that is often hosted without the scanlator's permission. It's actually one site among many owned by the for-profit U.S.?/China?-based company NOEZWork, Inc / that host fanworks like scanlations, fansubs, fanart, etc., often without fan permission, and make money off ad revenue. A sneakier, successful version of monetizing fans a la FanLib,, and the like. A couple of links:



This page could use some general updating, as well as more examples of fan discussions. (Sidenote- since the communities are explicitly LJ inspired, should we add this site and some of its comms to?)


Individual subreddit pages that need to be created:

Spirit Fanfiction

Biggest fanfiction archive in Portuguese language. (I created the page, I should have done it before, thanks for adding it to the page Alpha, hope everyone can soon change it from stub to full article Ellakbhesse (talk) 12:38, 28 March 2022 (UTC) )

The Sith Academy

This page needs details! The who, what, when, where, and how of The Sith Academy and its community of fans. Edited to add: I added some background. --MeeDee 05:16, 9 October 2011 (UTC)


Could someone please add something on this page about the rumors around partnership with Midjourney and the Predstrogen/Photomatt shitshow leading to migration to Cohost and Pillowfort? All stuff from February 2024.


Could use expansion.


Anyone ever active on Xanga?


Leon (film)

it's a phan shock fic.