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Name: 'Fire Emblem Awakening
Abbreviation(s): FE13
Creator: Intelligent Systems/Nintendo
Date(s): 2012
Medium: video games
Country of Origin: Japan, United States
External Links: Official Site, Official Japanese Site
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Fire Emblem Awakening is the 13th installment overall in the Fire Emblem series.

Story overview

The story of Awakening takes place 2000 years after the events of the original Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem Gaiden, focusing on a group of soldiers from the kingdom of Ylisse. The player controls a customizable Avatar character, (known widely by Fire Emblem fans as Robin, his/her default name) who suffers from amnesia. The Avatar is taken in by Chrom, the prince of Ylisse, and his personal army known as the "shepherds" of Ylisse. Over the course of the story, the Avatar aids Chrom's army in defending Ylisse from monsters dubbed the Risen, and attacks from the hostile nation of Plegia.[1]

Fan reception

Overall Awakening was positively received and ended up being a huge entry point for many new fans to the Fire Emblem series, as well as being attributed to the revitalisation of the franchise in general. However, it was not without its critics. Some longtime Fire Emblem fans felt Awakening changed too many aspects of the game to be considered a true Fire Emblem game.[2] Fans who hold these opinions are often referred to as the "Old Guard" or "Elitist".

"Old Guard" vs. "New Blood"

As Awakening was the first US-released game to feature an Avatar, marriage-and-children mechanic, and Casual Mode (the option to turn off permanent death)[3][4], longtime fans were offended and horrified. The DLC content giving older characters new officially translated names that didn't match fan translations as well as new outfits and designs only fanned the flames, particularly Eirika from The Sacred Stones as a battle bride in a frilly dress. The division within the fandom continued to grow and only increased with the release of Fire Emblem Fates, which continued to build on Awakening's mechanics.



Due to the nature of the support system, there are no set-in-stone canon pairings in this particular game. The "pick and choose" nature of the supports leads to vast Shipping Wars, with all sides often becoming defensive of their preferred pairing and wanting to see it as the "true canon." Some popluar ships include:

Like in the SNES's Geneaology of the Holy War, optimization for the perfect child units is very common, to the point of causing arguments on forums.

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