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Name(s): Nintendo
Scope/Focus: all Nintendo fandoms
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Fandoms for individual Nintendo games exist, but many people are fans of multiple works or of Nintendo games in general.

Because their games are exclusive to their own consoles, and are never ported to any other systems, emulators on PC are usually required to play old games.


Nintendo has created many video game series and franchises throughout its history. Their first established series was Donkey Kong, established in 1981. They followed with the Mario series, starting with the arcade game Mario Bros. and the Super Mario Bros. games on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Some of Nintendo's most iconic characters include:






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Nintendo's "Hostility" To Fandom

Nintendo has become notorious for issuing takedowns and threatening legal action against game mods and fangames that use its trademarks. Even fully original games are routinely chased off the Internet if they are called "Pokemon Uranium" or "Mother 4".

Nintendo is also perceived as hostile towards those "playing the game wrong", such as refusing to support professional-level tournaments of Super Smash Brothers that do not use items, Final Smashes, stages with hazards, or other perceived-"casual" features of the game.

Nintendo fandom almost uniformly sees these policies as unreasonable and immoral, generally complaining that these are moves "targeted towards the most loyal fans" and are tantamount to "turning down free publicity".