Wii Shop Bling

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Title: Wii Shop Bling
Creator: tunedlink
Date(s): October 18th, 2015
Medium: Mashup
Fandom: Nintendo, Drake
External Links: Youtube
Thumbnail art for tunedlink's reupload of the song, parodying the official 'Hotline Bling' single cover.
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Wii Shop Bling is a mashup between the songs "Hotline Bling" by Drake, "Cha Cha" by DRAM, and the background music for the Nintendo applications Wii Shop Channel, Nintendo DSi Shop, and Wii U Chat. The mashup was created by music producer and mashup artist tunedlink[note 1] and first posted to Youtube on October 18th, 2015 in a now-deleted upload.[1] Since its original release, the mashup has been mirrored and reuploaded to both Youtube and different websites, such as Soundcloud.

Wii Shop Bling has been well received online due to the unexpected synergy between the sources used, and has become a meme online. Notably, the Youtuber group Siivagunner (of which tunedlink is a part of) often associates Hotline Bling and Wii Shop Channel together in their uploads in response to the meme.


This just might be the best post in this sub


In response to the release of the commercial mixtape More Life by Drake, VICE contributor Issy Beech posted an article about Wii Shop Bling, stating that the mashup is "genuinely better than the original."

"Wii Shop Bling" was, and still is to this day, glorious and beautiful and genuinely better than the original. Don't even bother @ing me about that. It's just a fact. And I figured, since everyone's so intent on talking about More Life, because it's new and on Spotify (boring!!!!), it was time to bring it back to the forefront of popular culture. Let's get this bitch on the radio. Let's get Drake to retract "Hotline Bling" as we know it and replace it anywhere and everywhere with "Wii Shop Bling" including playing it live. I'm not fucking joking.

Issy Beach[3]

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  1. ^ Also known as toonlink, among other online names. Due to the deletion of the original video and reuploads, the mashup is often erroneously attributed to other people.