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June 1, 2024

“On a tan parchment-like background, there are drawings of a pegasus, dragon, water nymphs and a phoenix on each corner...In the middle of the graphic, there is a drawing of a female fairy, and underneath that is the Fanlore logo and the word ‘Bingo’ in large decorative font, and ‘2024’ in a smaller font. The fairy’s wand is glowing and it appears like she is casting a spell on the words."
Banner by Airy

The Fanlore Bingo challenge starts Monday!

Emerging from the mists of time is Fanlore’s annual Bingo Challenge! Join us from June 3rd-June 16th to complete your Bingo cards. There are two cards: one for beginners and one for advanced editors, or you can complete both for a total blackout! Check out the Challenge Help page to learn more about how to participate, see what tasks are on each card, and find task instructions.

When you complete a bingo or blackout, you'll win badges adorned with mythical creatures!

Join our Discord or email us for discussion and questions about the editing tasks.

May 3, 2024

“teapots, teacups and loose tea leaves on a warm beige background, with animated steam rising from one of the teacups. A wide blue ribbon decorates the left of the image, with Fanlore logo on top."
Banner by Amyl

This May is Pan-Asian month on Fanlore!

We'll be spotlighting a variety of fandoms and fan activities related to all parts of Asia and Asian culture, including Central Asian, East Asian, South/Southeast/Southwest Asian, West Asian, and anything in-between.

We have Categories for Chinese media fandoms, Japanese media fandoms (anime and manga, dramas, j-pop, j-rock), K-dramas and K-pop, Filipino-speaking fandoms. We also have pages scattered in other Categories, such as Middle East Film and Comic Con a convention in West Asia (UAE), or Trese a Filipino horror comics series - that also has a Netflix adaptation! We're focusing on any existing or new pages for any type of fandom from all regions of Asia.

Follow our social media for all the highlights! (Tumblr and X/Twitter)

February 24, 2024

Fanlore is recruiting for Social Media & Outreach volunteers!

Would you like to help Fanlore reach more fans and get new editors? Do you have an interest in social media, community management and outreach? Fanlore is recruiting for Social Media & Outreach volunteers, including Discord Moderators, Social Media Moderators, and Outreach Analysts!

We're looking for volunteers who are reliable, have good teamwork and communication skills, and have an interest in fandom and Fanlore in particular. If that sounds like you, check out the full position descriptions and apply at contact us with any questions!

Applications for each role close on 28 February 2024, or when the cap of applications is reached.

February 9, 2024

“A kaleidoscope red and orange neon background designed to represent gemstone facets, with black gemstones line art decorating upper left and bottom right corners of the image. Text reads: “International Fanworks Day Fanlore Challenge“. The Fanlore logo is at the bottom left corner, followed by hashtag IFD2024."
Banner by Amyl

2024 IFD Fanlore Challenge starts Monday!

In honor of International Fanworks Day 2024, we are holding our annual IFD Fanlore editing challenge! Join us from Monday 12th February to Sunday 18th February, and earn cool badges for your User page by completing the editing task of the day!

Each day has two options: a regular editing task designed to be accessible to editors of any experience level, and a bonus task for more advanced editors. You can complete either (or both!) to earn a badge. Check out the Challenge Help page to learn more and find the list of editing tasks!

Join our Discord for discussion and questions about the editing tasks, and browse everything the Organization for Transformative Works is doing for #IFD2024!