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December 26, 2012

An update from the Wiki committee about ongoing Wiki projects can be found here.

December 16, 2012

Fanlore will be offline for an hour while Systems does some maintenance work on Wednesday, December 19 at 06:00 UTC. (What time is it where I live?)

During the last few days Fanlore users may have been experiencing temporary problems connecting to the site. The reason is that we have been running out of space on Fanlore's hard disk drive. In some ways this has been a good problem to have because it indicates how the site has been growing!

Our systems team has already done some short-term clean-up that should solve the problem for now. It's possible that between now and that next maintenance period you may still encounter some small problems. If so, please do report them to us, either on Dreamwidth or by a direct email to the Wiki staff. [1]

December 1, 2012

Site design update: Because of accessibility issues we reverted back to the default skin. We hope to have the issue fixed soon.

November 23, 2012

Fanlore upgrade on Saturday, November 24, at 22:00 UTC. (What time is it where I am?) There should be no downtime, but you will not be able to edit Fanlore for a short time.

November 17, 2012

Fanlore editors, please take the Strategic Planning Committee's anonymous survey! See the Dreamwidth post for more details.

September 20, 2012

You are cordially invited to a Fanlore editing chat for questions, discussions, or just to talk about Fanlore editing, on

Saturday, September 22, 5pm UTC (in your time zone), in the Fanlore chat room on Campfire.

Stub September is still ongoing - talk about what you did so far, what you still want to do, and recruit other people to help you!

September 3, 2012

A new challenge has been posted, Stub September, to improve stubs and add examples to pages that need them. See the dreamwidth post for more details.

July 1, 2012

The Wiki Committee has posted an update on the status of fanwork subcategories. Some categories have been created, and we are discussing others on the dreamwidth post.

June 18, 2012

The Wiki Committee has posted a proposal for creating fanwork subcategories. Go to the dreamwidth post to share your thoughts or email us directly!

May 18, 2012

Because of necessary server maintenance Fanlore will be down briefly (according to plan no more than 30 minutes) on Tuesday, May 29th, 22:00 - 01:00 EDT (Wednesday, May 30th, 02:00 - 05:00 UTC/GMT).

April 19, 2012

  • The Wiki Committee has updates and a request for input on the proposed wiki forums. See the dreamwidth community.
  • News from our parent organization, the OTW: If you have about 15 minutes to spare, we'd love you to take our OTW Community Survey. It's intended to gather feedback about our projects (including Fanlore) and the organization as a whole, as well as information we can use as a basis for outreach. In short, it'll help us figure out how to serve you better. The survey runs from April 18 to May 2 and is located here.

April 18, 2012

Fanlore is funded by fans, for fans. Your support of OTW helps Fanlore collect and preserve fannish histories in many voices. Please donate today!

April 10, 2012

You are cordially invited to the second April Showers Fanlore editing chat on Saturday, April 14 at 20:00 GMT in the Fanlore chat room.

Read more about the April Showers challenge here.

April 6, 2012

As part of the Archive of Our Own's April Showers challenge, we're hosting two Fanlore editing chats this month. The first one is short notice -- Friday 08:00 GMT -- and the second one will be on or around April 14.[2] Join us in the Fanlore chat room to ask questions or just hang out and edit!

February 25, 2012

Hello, everyone! The wiki committee just held its first meeting of 2012. Our roster for this year is listed on Fanlore:Wiki Committee. We hope to get the ball rolling on Fanlore forums (more on that later), defeating spam, and lots of other projects around the wiki! As always if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

February 9, 2012

Two new challenges: Fanlore Valentines! [3]

  1. Look up the Fanlore article on a fanwork you love to see if any reviews of the work are quoted on the page. If not, express your love by finding a review and adding a brief quote (with link) to the page. (If Fanlore doesn't have a page for this fanwork at all, feel free to start the page. Tell us why you love it!)
  2. What challenges, fests, gift exchanges, etc., are running right now? Check to see if Fanlore has articles about them. If the article exists, add up-to-date information; if the article doesn't exist, create it!

January 18, 2012

Love Fanlore? Don't let SOPA/PIPA strike the first blow against internet freedom: this proposed US legislation will affect fans globally. Speak out now to protect freedom of expression on the internet -

The Organization for Transformative Works, which hosts Fanlore, is joining the "internet strike" today by taking its main website offline. (Fanlore is still running.) [4]