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Copyrighted material on Fanlore

Fanlore operates under the same principles as the Organization for Transformative Works: we believe that fanworks are transformative and therefore not in violation of copyright law.

Other copyrighted material that is not transformative, such as images or stills from source texts, can also be included in Fanlore under a fair use provision, for purposes of illustration and example.

Do not violate this stance by infringing on copyright, which includes:

  • Do not include excessive amounts of original media in Fanlore;
  • Do not link to copyright-infringing, non-transformative material like illegal copies of media (songs/audio files, films, television episodes, entire digital copies of books or comics, etc).

Fanlore's position is that the reproduction of zine covers and other fannish artwork constitutes a fair use under U.S. copyright law. Artists should be credited (in accordance with any privacy concerns).

See Fanlore’s DMCA Policy for information about contesting Fanlore’s use of a copyrighted work.

Fanlore's own license

Text on Fanlore is covered under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license.

In short, this means that other people may lawfully re-use any original text posted to Fanlore in other contexts, as long as: 1) they properly attribute said content to Fanlore, and 2) they do not use this content for a commercial purpose.

This means that any text you contribute to Fanlore may legitimately be used and duplicated on other sites or in other publications (published with attribution, and leading back to its original context on Fanlore).

Articles may also include quotations, images, or other media under the U.S. Copyright law fair use doctrine, or with fan artists' permission, in accordance with our policies. Such material should be identified as from an external source by an appropriate method (such as on the image description page). Quotations should be denoted with quotation marks or block quotation. This content (including images) does not fall under the Creative Commons license as such, but under the fair use or fair dealing regulations in the country where the media are retrieved.

Images which were created specifically for Fanlore (logos and graphics made for the wiki) are covered by Fanlore's Creative Commons license. Images which were not created specifically for Fanlore are not covered by that Creative Commons license (they fall under the fair use or fair dealing regulations in the country where the media are retrieved.)

For more information on all of the above, see Fanlore:Terms of Service.