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This category and its subcategories contain articles on fandoms and fan communities defined by the text they are focused on, such as the Harry Potter fandom. Most fandoms that have more than one Fanlore article written about them also have at least one fandom category; fandom categories are listed below. Fandoms that do not have a fandom category appear in this category.

Most fandoms here should also be available under Category:Fandoms by Canon Type, where you can browse by the media format of the source text. See Category:Celebrities & Real People for RPF fandoms.

For help on creating a fandom article, see Help:Fandoms By Source Text. The most frequently used template for fandom articles is FandombyText.

Note for editors: Keep in mind that the focus of Fanlore is not so much on the texts themselves, but the fandoms around them. Pages about Fandoms by Source Text should provide only the most basic info about the original text and instead focus on the fandom itself.

For help on creating character or pairing pages, see Help:Character pages or Help:Pairing pages.

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