Aoi Hana

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Name: 青い花, Aoi Hana, Sweet Blue Flowers
Creator: Shimura Takako (志村貴子)
Date(s): Nov. 2004-July 2013
Medium: manga, anime
Country of Origin: Japan
External Links: 週刊青い花 (official anime site)
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Aoi Hana is a yuri manga series by Shimura Takako that ran for almost 9 years. It was also made into an 11-episode anime in 2009. The manga is known for its unique watercolor-style covers and its realistic characters.

The story centers on two 10th grade girls who knew each other as children. Fumi, the taller, shyer one, moved away in first grade and lost contact until she moved back at the beginning of the school year. She and Akira, her more outspoken childhood friend, end up attending schools right next to each other. In the confusing jumble of new classmates and relationship drama, the two slowly come to realize their feelings for each other.


Main characters include:


Aoi Hana fandom tends to focus on the relationship between Akira and Fumi. However, attention is given to their classmates as well, especially Sugimoto and Kyouko.

Fan Translations

Aoi Hana was scanlated into English by Lililicious (originally in partnership with Kotonoha) up through chapter 47, when it was announced that JManga had picked up the license.[1] (Lililicious always stops distribution once a work is licensed.) Hime finished the scanlation of the last few chapters.[1]

The anime was fansubbed into English by Kira Fansubs, SHiN-gx, and Commie Subs. It was fansubbed into Spanish by Yuri Revolution Fansubs and into French by Némésis Anime.[2]

Notable Fanworks



In addition to the main relationship of Akira/Fumi, there are other yuri relationships in the story: Fumi/Sugimoto, Sugimoto/Kyouko (one-sided), and Orie/Hinako. There are also some het relationships in the series, though most of them are very much backgrounded. Most of the fandom focuses on these canonical relationships.


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