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This category contains articles about people of all sorts who are relevant to fandom in different ways: authors and creators of source texts, actors and performers, and people who study fandom. Fans themselves (including fannish collectives or collaborators) can be found in the Fans subcategory.

In accordance with Fanlore's policies, relevance is in the eye of the beholder. These articles may have information you think is wrong or inadequate. If so, the solution is to become a contributor and edit the page yourself, adding your own perspective, in accordance with the Fanlore:Plural Point of View.

Articles in this category are sorted by surname/family name and can use the person template. See Help:People pages for more on creating and editing a page about a person.

Note: the User/Contributor pages that wiki editors create about themselves are not People pages and do not belong in this category. See Help:User page for more information.

This is a top-level category. See Fanlore:Sitemap for more on how Fanlore is structured.

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