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Name: Taylor "Hank" Harris
Also Known As: AntVenom, HankVenom
Occupation: MCYT
Medium: YouTube, Twitch
Works: thousands of videos
Official Website(s): official website
Fan Website(s): Wikitubia page
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AntVenom (real name Taylor Harris) is a Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He played on both SMPEarth and Dream SMP; he has in the past also played other games, most notably Runescape.


Fan activity surrounding AntVenom reached its height in the heyday of Team Crafted; though Harris was not an official member (according to him, he was considered but declined to join), he was in the same community with much of the same fanbase. Harris was shipped with several other YouTubers, most notably CaptainSparklez (known as SparkAnt) and his then-girlfriend Grailmore.

Shipping was revived, to a lesser extent, during Harris' time playing on SMPLive. Members of the server joked about shipping AntVenom with both his rival jschlatt and his editor MichaelMcChill. Shipping content was highly looked down upon by most members and fans of SMPLive, though, and so fanmade content focusing on ships was much rarer than before.

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