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Name: Phil Watson
Also Known As: Ph1LzA, Philza
Occupation: Twitch Streamer, YouTuber
Medium: Video
Works: Member of the Dream SMP, Origins smp Hardcore Minecraft LP, Minecraft Mondays, Minecraft Championship
Official Website(s): Ph1lZa at YouTube
Fan Website(s):
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Philza is a MCYT content creator. He is best known for being a member of the Dream SMP.

He is also notable for having an extremely long-running hardcore Minecraft world. After five years, he died to a baby zombie; Philza and baby zombies are now somewhat of a fandom inside joke.

He is a member of the Sleepy Bois Inc. (SBI) along with Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit and Technoblade. Some fanon takes SBI to be a familial dynamic, with Philza being a father figure. SBI fics with this interpretation are common and popular. However, Philza sometimes embraces and sometimes rejects this interpretation, leading to various fan interpretations of the dynamic.

He and Technoblade met while competing in Minecraft Monday, and later joined SMP Earth together where they founded the Antarctic Empire. Technoblade/Philza is a common romantic ship; however, there is some controversy about whether it as taboo as a ship or not. Some members of the fandom disapprove of the pairing because Philza has stated he prefers to only be paired romantically with his real-life wife, Kristin Rosales Watson, while others argue that it is incestuous because of the general family dynamic in SBI.

In fandom, Philza is often headcanoned as an avian, or a bird-human hybrid. He is also frequently portrayed as the Angel of Death, due to popular portrayals of Kristin as Death herself.