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Welcome to the FanloreProjects About Page!

What is a FanloreProject?

A FanloreProject is a group of contributors who work together as a team to improve a specific part of Fanlore. These groups often focus on a particular topic area (for example, a specific fandom such as Sci-Fi Fandom or The X-Files), or a specific type of task that is needed on the wiki (like categorizing uncategorized files). Whatever catches their fancy!

A FanloreProject may also be a focal point for building ties between Fanlore editors interested in a certain topic area, and the broader community interested in that topic area: establishing partnerships, welcoming and mentoring new editors, etc.

FanloreProjects are the equivalent of WikiProjects on Wikipedia, and were begun in 2018 with the goal of better organizing the content and improving the articles that could be found on Fanlore.

List of Active FanloreProjects

List of inactive FanloreProjects

List of Wanted FanloreProjects

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can contribute to a FanloreProject?

Any registered user can contribute to a FanloreProject. Tasks, wanted pages and requests for more information can be found on the project's page in the Fanlore Projects category.

How do I join a FanloreProject?

Simply add your username to the Project page's member list (go here for an example) and look for existing tasks! You can also add new tasks, such as pages to be added, or start a discussion on the FanloreProject's talk page. Any kind of contribution is welcome!

If you're not sure where to start, just leave a message on the Project's talk page or drop one of the members a line on their talk page.

How do I add a new FanloreProject?

All you need to do is create a new page with [[FanloreProject:Name of your Project]], then add some details! Our Help page Starting a FanloreProject contains more detailed guidance and a suggested page outline, and you can also look at existing FanloreProjects for inspiration on how to structure your page. However, there are no hard and fast rules about what your FanloreProject should be like.

You can start a FanloreProject with a few other editors, or create one on your own. Don't be afraid to ask a friendly Gardener if you need help setting up your Project!

What should my FanloreProject be about?

Your FanloreProject can be about anything, as long as it's broad enough to have a number of different pages for editors to work on.

If you're stuck for ideas, you can check our list of Wanted Pages and/or Wanted Categories for your favourite fandom, characters, etc.

Some Guidelines

Create stubs with reckless abandon! Even if you don't feel you know enough to fill out a entire page, a skeleton of a page is a good start, and encourages others to add what they know.

You may create new categories when you have or expect to have at least ten pages that fit within it (and the category fits within the existing site structure). Category titles should be plural, even if the word/phrase used to add it is singular.

If you can, please check the Fandoms by Canon Type before creating new categories (as they may appear there under another name). If you are able, make redirects as needed so that people looking for familiar terms can find them.

Feel free to use notice labels to track articles that may need further work.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

  • Information for new editors can be found at Fanlore:Portal. Among other things, it explains how to make an account, how to start a new page, and includes a lot of other helpful information.
  • Discussion on FanloreProject talk pages is encouraged, as is discussion on individual topic talk pages.
  • All edits, whether big, tiny, or in-between, are welcome.
  • You don't have to be an "expert" on a subject. Adding what you know and feel passionate about are pieces of the puzzle, and ones that hopefully inspire others to expand on the topic.
  • All typos, mistakes, and errors are easily corrected. Don't let perfection hobble you.
  • Remember that Fanlore, like all wikis, is a collaborative effort, and may be edited by anyone.
  • Pages are not "owned" or controlled by any single person or group of people.
  • Pages and the information on them are only as robust, encompassing, and accurate as the information added by interested and enthusiastic fans like you.
  • Fanlore practices and encourages a Plural Point of View.
  • FanloreProjects don't own pages, so there is no need to add newly created or existing pages to [[Category:Fanlore Projects]] (unless it's a new FanloreProject Page).

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