Hamilton (musical)

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Name: Hamilton
Creator: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Date(s): 2013 -
Medium: Musical
Country of Origin: US
External Links: Hamilton Broadway official site, Wikipedia:Hamilton (the musical)
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Hamilton is a Broadway musical about Alexander Hamilton and the early days of the United States of America. The creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, also starred as the titular character. It contains rap and Broadway-style singing and dancing, and racebending which deliberately casts people of color in the major roles.

The creator and actors are very active on social media and are responsive and positive to their fandom.

Hamilton Fandom

On Archive Of Our Own

The show Hamilton is, in many ways, itself an RPF fanwork, following a tradition of Historical RPF written many years after the characters died.

The AO3 tag is Hamilton - Miranda.

The most frequent relationships on AO3 are mostly slash:

  • Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens (4352)
  • Alexander Hamilton/Elizabeth "Eliza" Schuyler (2013)
  • Alexander Hamilton/Thomas Jefferson (1494)
  • Thomas Jefferson/James Madison (1236)
  • Gilbert du Motier Marquis de Lafayette/Hercules Mulligan (1051)
  • Alexander Hamilton/Angelica Schuyler was popular in the early days of fandom but is now one of the less-shipped pairings.

Also present among the community are several OT3 relationships. These often involve the titular character, Alexander Hamilton, who fans ship with multiple people.

  • Alexander Hamilton/Elizabeth "Eliza" Schuyler/John Laurens is the most popular of these, as Hamilton is canonically married to Eliza but was speculatively involved in a relationship with Laurens. This pairing has 391 works on the archive.
  • Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens/Gilbert du Motier Marquis de Lafayette has grown in popularity, due to all three being shipped in some combination, and the presence of historical records proving they shared a close (though possibly platonic) relationship.
  • Alexander Hamilton/Elizabeth "Eliza" Schuyler/Angelica Schuyler Church is teased in the show, but has a small following in the fandom.

RPF fanfiction of the main performers is also present, featuring lead performer and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda in more than half of the 401 fics written as of 17 September, 2016.

It was by far the most popular fandom in Yuletide 2015, with 57 works in the main collection.

Hamilton's popularity continued to steadily expand in 2016, probably helped along by its televised performance and win at the February 2016 Grammy Awards, and later its televised performances and several wins at the June 2016 Tony Awards. As of November 15, 2015 there were 138 works in the AO3 tag, by December 26, 2015 there were 715 works, and as of August 29, 2016 there are 5,299 works in the tag. As of August 6th, 2017, there are 12,417 works in the archive.

Historical Backup

The Hamilton fandom frequently overlaps with the 18th Century RPF fandom, as all characters in the show are real people in that time period. While the latter fandom tends to stick closer to actual events, describing characters as they appeared in history rather than how they appear in the show, they often co-incide, and canon era Hamilton fanfictions are frequently tagged with "18th Century RPF" as well. The show has led many people to do research of their own on the time period, especially by reading the Ron Chernow biography of Alexander Hamilton which inspired the show (and subsequently made both Miranda and Chernow millionaires).

On Tumblr, Twitter, and Ham4Ham

The show runs a "Hamilton for a Hamilton" digital lottery, a daily chance to win a front-row ticket for only $10, the bill with the real Hamilton's face on it. As a reward to the many, many people who stand in line waiting for the lottery, Lin-Manuel Miranda and the rest of the cast (with frequent guest stars), created short daily (or nearly daily) performances outside the theater called #Ham4Ham. This show is generally recorded and uploaded to the show's YouTube channel. The performances are wide ranging in style and content, and often take the form of mashups. These videos quickly became a phenomenon--a wellspring of larger community building, and an inspiration for fan memes. When the weather turned too cold, Lin recorded #Ham4Ham elsewhere (indoors) twice a week and uploaded the video to YouTube on time for the lottery. The live shows ran again briefly in summer 2016, but currently all #Ham4Hams are digital weekly.

One of the most popular Hamilton related mashup memes on Tumblr and Twitter is force4ham. Star Wars characters are paired in screencaps, gifs, and videos with the lyrics and music of the show. potter4ham is also showing up, and there are a few trek4ham posts as well. (Rogue One edit featuring "The Story Of Tonight" lyrics; Arrow gifset featuring lyrics from "It's Quiet Uptown").

A lot of Hamilton fanart is also posted to Tumblr, which Lin-Manuel not infrequently reblogs.


Its nature as a musical has lent itself to many fanvideos or fancovers of its work, which can be found on Youtube. These can be animatics, animated art set to the music, or direct covers or medleys of the songs.



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