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This category and its subcategories contain templates that are used around the wiki. Miscellaneous templates are in the main category, but most templates can be found by clicking on one of the following:

  • Infoboxes contain a summary of salient facts related to the page and aid in navigation. (Most pages have one of these.)
  • Notices alert the user to something (usually that some action needs to be taken).
  • Labels indicate the function of a page.
  • Hatnotes link to other Fanlore pages with similar names or topics.
  • Timelines give a chronological graph of a topic.
  • Quotations can be used to format English language or translated quotes.

To create a new Fanlore page, choose a template from the Infoboxes list that best matches the topic. For example, for a new film, book or other media fandom, use Template:FandombyText. For a word definition, use Template:GlossaryTerm, and so on. Copy the markup text from the template to the new page, fill it in, and go on from there.

See also Help:Template Guidelines.


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