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This page provides help with choosing which templates to use on a page. For technical help wth using and creating templates, see Help:Templates.

Template Types

  • Infoboxes are fixed-format tables designed to be added to the top right-hand corner of articles to consistently present a summary of some unifying aspect that the articles share and to improve navigation to other interrelated articles. [1]
  • Notices alert the user to something (usually that some action needs to be taken).
  • Labels indicate the function of a page.
  • Timelines generate a chronological graph.

Infobox Templates

Infoboxes for stuff done by non-fans

Infoboxes for fandoms

Generic: Template:Fandom

Infoboxes for fan activities

Generic: Template:Activity

Infoboxes for websites and other online spaces

Infoboxes for individual fanworks

Generic: Template:Fanwork

...types of zines

Generic: Template:Zine

Infoboxes for persons and groups

Infoboxes for pages not in the main namespace


Notices that indicate incomplete pages

  • Template:Stub - very very short page
  • Template:ExpandArticle - page has some content, but needs a lot more; there may be some empty placeholder sections that need filling in
  • Template:NeedsMoreFandom - old template formerly used to indicate a page has too much canon detail; can be used for pages where relationship to fandom is unclear
  • Template:LessCanonMoreFandom - new template to indicate a page has too much canon detail
  • Template:ExamplesWanted - add this notice to invite other editors to add more examples on Trope & Genre pages, Character pages, Pairing pages, and any other types of pages where examples of relevant fanworks are desired.
  • Template:PPOV - needs more points of view. Especially useful if you are documenting a controversy and you need someone from the other side to add their POV/check the accuracy of your statements.
  • Template:Citation needed - add this to an unsourced statement that needs more evidence. Fanlore encourages first-hand accounts and original research, so use this template only when you think there needs to be a citation -- for example, there is a source (but can't find it), or you think the statement is inaccurate (also discuss on talk page). Sometimes the source is "I was there and this is the way I remember it".

Notices that indicate a page is under construction

  • Template:Discussion - editors currently discussing page, or there's an explanation on the talk page you need to read before editing the article
  • Template:UnfoldingSituation - when documenting something controversial that is still ongoing
  • Template:WIP - for policy, admin, template, and help pages that aren't finished yet; let us know your thoughts!
  • Template:Cleanup - article needs copy editing, reorganizing, etc.
  • Template:Sandbox - article is such a confusing morass that editors decided it needs to be reorganized and rewritten from scratch (use sparingly)

Notices for pages that require admin or gardener attention

  • Template:AttentionGardeners - when you need a gardener's help. Especially useful for answering questions, resolving disputes, and renaming pages.
  • Template:ProposeDeletion - if you think the page does not belong on Fanlore.
  • Template:Spam - If you don't have the power to delete spam or block the spammer, use this notice.

Other notices

Image Templates

See Help:Image templates.