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This template is for people who have influenced or affected fandom. (For pages about fans, use Fan Profile).

Use this template for:

  • Writers, artists, musicians, actors, directors and anyone who creates the things we are fannish about. Examples include J. K. Rowling and Joss Whedon.
  • This includes actors, musicians and others who are written as RPF characters, such as Viggo Mortensen.
  • Part-time or former fans who are now primarily active outside fandom, such as the author Lois McMaster Bujold

For pages about fans being fannish, use Fan Profile. A good rule of thumb: if you want to mention multiple fandoms, the Fan Profile template is usually appropriate.

To embed this template on a page, copy & paste the code below to the top of the new page:

|also known as=
|official page/s=
|fan page/s=


Please note that it is unofficial Fanlore policy not to include deadnames in the body of articles. (See Elliot Page) This includes the infobox. Please do not include deadnames in any field, and update infoboxes if you're aware a person has publicly indicated their intention to use a different name.

  • name = professional name
  • also known as = any pseudonyms or fan names that they have publicly linked to their professional name
  • occupation = their occupation or role in relation to fandom (eg. acafan)
  • medium = the medium in which their work is available (eg. TV, film, books, articles, songs, musicals, comic books, anime, manga, videogames etc.)
  • works = Their most prominent works.
  • offical pages = any official website, social media or blogs
  • fan page/s = any fannish websites, social media or blogs that the person has publicly linked to their professional name


A page using this template will always be autoadded to at least one category; Category:People. The value of the Occupation field determines if the page will also be auto-added to an additional category. (Further categories can also be added manually by editors)

In all other cases, the page will only be added to Category:People. For example,

  • If occupation is not one of the keywords in bold above
  • If the occupation field is left blank
  • If a person has more than one occupation (ie. Occupation = Writer, Actor, Director. In this scenario, the page will be autoadded to Category:People and editors can manually add additional subcategories related to the person's occupations.)

The Template

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