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Twist and Shout is a Supernatural Dean/Castiel AU novel written by the authors gabriel and standbyme, also known as discover and trunkcoats on Livejournal. It was originally posted on LiveJournal for the 2012 Dean/Castiel Big Bang.

The fic is widely known in Supernatural fandom, and it is often recced as a "must read" for fans of the Destiel pairing, although some fans avoid it on the basis of its reputation as a tragic tear-jerker. There has also been a certain level of backlash within the fandom due to the fic's unrelenting popularity, with those who dislike the fic wishing that fans would recommend or focus on other stories.

Twist and Shout's popularity has spawned a dedicated fandom of its own, inspiring fanworks of every variety. As of April 2021, the story had over 126,000 hits, 35,000 kudos, 5200 comments and 8100 bookmarks on Archive of Our Own.

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May 31, 2021

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Fanlore Bingo is Back!

Our ever-popular Bingo Challenge returns this year from Tuesday 1st June to Monday 14th June, and new and expert editors alike are invited to take part!

In Fanlore Bingo, editors fill out a 3x3 square bingo card by completing editing tasks, and there are two cards to complete! Check out the Challenge Help page to learn more about taking part, and then grab your Beginner Bingo card or your Expert Bingo card to start the challenge! Each card has more details below it about how to complete the editing tasks. If you're feeling ambitious, you can complete both cards for a Total Blackout...

Questions? Head to the Bingo Challenge talk page and a friendly editor will assist you, or drop a line to the Fanlore Committee!

Good luck and happy editing!

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