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Merlin Reverse Big Bang fanart by steam_pilot, inspiration for As Falling Snow (2012)

The television show Merlin was filmed from spring to autumn. As a result, we never see winter in Camelot, and fans like to use fanworks to fill in the gap. Fanfiction set in these periods are often time skip fics where they try and display what life would have been like in Camelot during the winter months. They can often include domestic elements, like holiday celebrations, to hurt/comfort style stories that include hypothermia and huddling for warmth. Fanartists like to illustrate the beauty, or the harshness, of winter scenes.

As Merthur are the juggernaut ship of the show, this trope is most prominant in fanworks for the pairing, though it's also used in fanworks involving other ships or gen.

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June 29, 2024

“A banner with the words ‘This Month We Celebrate’ inside the outline of an orange ribbon, set against a backdrop of Cubist-style faces, line drawn against a white background. Underneath is a darker-orange strip with the hashtag #FandomInColor in bold text."
Banner by Amyl

July is Fandom in Color month on Fanlore!

This month is Fanlore’s fourth annual celebration of Fandom in Color. Throughout the month of July, we’ll be spotlighting the contributions of fans of color to fandom, celebrating favorite characters of color, and highlighting pairings, events, discussions, and more.

Both characters and fans of color are often overlooked in fandom spaces, and we’re trying to expand their presence on Fanlore. We work on this year-round, but in July we ask specifically for your help by sharing and editing the pages we highlight this month and adding new ones that are not yet documented on Fanlore.

Fanlore should be inclusive of all aspects of fandom and all participants in it. We hope you enjoy what we share this month, and we welcome you to join us in documenting even more.

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