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Bug Race is an overnight fandom originating on Tumblr in January 2023. When Tumblr introduced a polling feature, a poll by crankyteapot featuring three emoji of a bug, snail, and worm was one of the first to really go viral on the site. It was billed as a race, with more votes putting a particular creature ahead of the others.

The sports-like competitive framing garnered many fans among Tumblr's userbase. Users quickly began aligning themselves with one or more of the factions of the poll, campaigning for their preferred bug, and creating fanart and memes during and after the poll's run. The poll ended with bug winning, but fanac and appreciation for the race continued for several weeks after the poll's closure.

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May 29, 2023

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Fanlore Bingo is back from 5-18 June!

Returning for its fifth year is Fanlore's annual Bingo Challenge!

Join us from June 5th-June 18th to complete your Bingo cards. There are two cards: one for beginners and one for more advanced editors (or you can complete both for a total blackout!). Complete the challenge by getting a bingo, blackout, or total blackout to win appetizing badges!

To join the fun, all you need is a Fanlore account. If you haven't already, come create an account and check out the Help page to learn more!

April 22, 2023

Non-English-Language Content: Learn How Non-English-Language Fan Communities Enrich Fanlore!

Fanlore aims to document fandoms, fanworks and fan communities regardless of the language they are in. This is why we are happy to announce our newest help page, Help:Non-English Language Content on Fanlore! Read it to learn:

  • Why we welcome and encourage non-native English-language speakers and members of international fan communities to contribute to Fanlore
  • How to quote and link to non-English-language sources
  • How to title a page with source media with a non-English-language name
  • Lots more!

For questions that are not answered here comment on the talk page with your questions or reach out to Fanlore by clicking contact.

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