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"Strike a pose there's nothing to it." An example of the "abs and biceps and thighs" and other manly body parts on display in the vid.

Vogue is a fanvid edited by luminosity, using footage from the film 300 set to the song Vogue by Madonna.

In 2007, the vid went viral. Luminosity was nominated to be profiled in a double page spread in New York Magazine and Vogue was rated by the magazine as one of the funniest videos, and the best fan video, of the year.

In spite of this widespread recognition, Vogue was deleted in January 2008 for unknown reasons after having been posted to iMeem, a streaming video service. According to an email from iMeem support, the video was removed after an unknown iMeem user complained that it violated the site's terms of service. iMeem support did not explain which of their many terms of service were involved, despite Luminosity's requests, leaving the vidding community uncertain as to how to avoid takedown notices in the future.

In response to the takedown, vidders began re-uploading Vogue in protest to other platforms such as Stage6, YouTube and Collegehumour.com.

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December 6, 2018

Over the last few days, we’ve seen a lot of fans worrying about the impact of Tumblr’s new Terms of Service on fan communities. We’re concerned, too - and while we don't know exactly what that impact will look like, we can learn from our history by reading about similar occurrences, such as Strikethrough and Boldthrough and FanFiction.Net’s NC-17 Purges.

We know that documenting and preserving our history is extremely important right now. A number of editors are already doing brilliant work documenting the Tumblr NSFW Content Purge, along with other parts of Tumblr fandom, like Tumblr meta and femslash blogs.

We encourage all visitors to Fanlore to add your memories and experiences. Anyone can create an account and edit - it's free and easy!

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