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Art by Elliot Draznin (2019)

And This, Your Living Kiss is an Alternate Universe Destiel fanfiction written by opal_bullets.

It is both a College AU and Writer AU, as the story centres on poet Dean Winchester moving to Maple Hills to live with Sam and Eileen and auditing a college Modern Poetry class taught by Castiel. The story centres around Dean's relationships to those around him and to writing poetry, and also involves aspects of identity porn, as Dean writes under the pseudonym Jack Allen, and Castiel is a literary expert on Jack Allen's poetry.

The story was published on Archive of Our Own in March 2019 for the Dean/Cas Pinefest. It is incredibly popular and considered as a fandom classic by many Destiel fans, particularly because of its depth, writing and use of poetry.

It has been podficced, translated into Mandarin Chinese and inspired a range of fanart and fan discussion, and been recced by fans on many social media platforms, including Tumblr, TikTok and Reddit.

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June 1, 2024

“On a tan parchment-like background, there are drawings of a pegasus, dragon, water nymphs and a phoenix on each corner...In the middle of the graphic, there is a drawing of a female fairy, and underneath that is the Fanlore logo and the word ‘Bingo’ in large decorative font, and ‘2024’ in a smaller font. The fairy’s wand is glowing and it appears like she is casting a spell on the words."
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