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"Illustration of Anders in an Art Nouveau-inspired style. Anders is a tall human man with a long nose, strong chin, and chin-length blond hair partially tied back in a ponytail. He is depicted waist-up and from the side, holding a white wooden mage's staff in his right hand and wearing his usual outfit, consisting of a teal-green bolero jacket with gold detailing and black-feathered shoulder mantle over a black leather coat-of-plates with large, gold, ring-shaped buckles. His eyes are glowing bright cyan blue, indicating the spirit Justice is in control of their body, and a wisp of the same light rises from the open, upturned palm of his left hand. The background is a cyan gradient with a gold border and a halo of concentric circles behind Anders' head. The caption Justice is featured at the bottom in an archaic typeface."
Anders tarot card by Ioana-Muresan

Anders is a character in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening and Dragon Age II. In Awakening, he can be made a Grey Warden and become one of the Warden-Commander's companions. In Dragon Age II, Anders—having merged with a Fade spirit he met during Awakening—is a changed man. He is a passionate advocate for mage rights, and becomes a force of vengeance when confronted with the brutality and injustice his fellow mages face. Anders is one of four possible love interests for a male and female Hawke.

Due to his morally-questionable actions at the climax of DA2, Anders has been a polarising character in Dragon Age fandom since 2011, and is frequently the subject of discourse and critical metas. Opinion of Anders seemingly shifted in a positive direction in the late 2010s as social justice rose to prominence within fannish spaces and certain aspects of his canon characterization came under greater scrutiny. His portrayal as a canonically bisexual man has received both praise and criticism. Anders will actively flirt with the player character regardless of gender in DA2 and has a canonical romantic history involving both men and women.

Dragon Age Day day is a fan-created holiday that has celebrated the Dragon Age fandom on December 4 since 2018.

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September 10, 2023

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