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The three generations of fanfic is a Tumblr post by user heymarauders about eras of fandom.


The post sparked meta discussion about the history of fandom, especially its use of different online platforms. As of October 2015, the post had over 68,000 notes.

livejournal, and ao3 which one were you?
#im laughing #i joined the hp fandom at the end of the era imo #bless #hp #me #fic #mine

The post sparked numerous responses, largely because people disagreed with it. The most common threads of discussion covered:

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September 4, 2019

Coming Soon: Stub September is Back!

If you've done much browsing of Fanlore you've probably seen some pages marked as "Stubs."

Stub flag.png

There are currently more than 3300 pages on Fanlore marked as stubs, but with your help we think we can take that number down a bit.

From September 16th to 29th we'll be running Stub September, a two-week challenge aimed at adding just a little bit more information to some of those short or empty pages. You don't have to be a seasoned Fanlore editor to participate; everyone is welcome, and we'll have a how-to page up before the challenge begins to explain how to take part.

We'll also be giving out shiny new badges to participants, designed especially for this challenge by our talented graphic design team.

Watch this space for more details coming in the next weeks!

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