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Ned Stark Lives! by cbstevp is a well known fanfiction series within the A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones fandom. It consists of three novel length stories, with multiple POV characters, similar in style to the original novels. It is often recced, especially to fans of George R. R. Martin's book series.

It's canon divergent, and examines what the story would have been like if Prince Joffrey had kept his promise and sent Ned Stark to The Wall to join the Night's Watch instead of executing him, and how that would have affected the story and other characters.

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May 3, 2024

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This May is Pan-Asian month on Fanlore!

We'll be spotlighting a variety of fandoms and fan activities related to all parts of Asia and Asian culture, including Central Asian, East Asian, South/Southeast/Southwest Asian, West Asian, and anything in-between.

We have Categories for Chinese media fandoms, Japanese media fandoms (anime and manga, dramas, j-pop, j-rock), K-dramas and K-pop, Filipino-speaking fandoms. We also have pages scattered in other Categories, such as Middle East Film and Comic Con a convention in West Asia (UAE), or Trese a Filipino horror comics series - that also has a Netflix adaptation! We're focusing on any existing or new pages for any type of fandom from all regions of Asia.

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