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Review in fandom has come to have two different usages, depending on the fan community and context.

Often it matches the mainstream meaning of "review," as in movie reviews or book reviews, especially in relation to the source texts, e.g. fan-written episode reviews. Similarly, fans may post opinions and evaluations of fanfic and other fanworks, and call this a "review", especially if it is longer and/or critical, to distinguish it from recs. While not always positive, reviews, like recs, are aimed at other fans rather than the fanwork creators, unlike feedback, which is for the creator.

However, in certain forums and fic archives, such as, the public comments are called "reviews," though they are intended primarily as feedback for the authors (though not entirely, as such reviews are public, and may help readers select a story, especially since the comment numbers are displayed as a possible indicator of popularity). In these communities, review has come to mean simply "comment", e.g. in the common plea to "please read & review" (or "R&R" for short).

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October 29, 2017

We’re excited to announce a new way to contribute to Fanlore: Advanced Editors! Advanced Editors are editors who have made significant contributions to Fanlore and have special editing privileges: They can move and delete pages. Advanced Editors are not official Fanlore volunteers. There are no requirements or duties attached to the status, just more editing power! To find out more, read our announcement post in the Fanlore Dreamwidth community.

September 27, 2017

A Little Piece Of Gundam Wing, a Gundam Wing fanfiction and fanart archive, and Soul Circuit, a Koko wa Greenwood fic archive, are being imported to AO3! Find out more here and don't forget to add your favorite Gundam Wing and Koko wa Greenwood fanworks on Fanlore!

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