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April 21, 2018

It's time for April Showers! Join us for the event that celebrates fandoms old and new, add your memories and favourite fanworks to Fanlore, and earn some badges for your user page!

This year we have a new format, with a different editing task for each day of the week. You can complete the challenge by editing any of the week's spotlighted fandoms to participate in April Showers and earn your badge! Check this space every day to see what your challenge of the day is.

Today's challenge (Saturday): Add some information about fandom and fanon to one of our spotlighted fandom articles!

This week's featured fandoms are:

Come celebrate April Showers with us! Share your knowledge about these fandoms and others on Fanlore, and invite others to share their stories, too.

April 19, 2018

Did you know that Fanlore, along with other projects by the Organization for Transformative Works, is entirely funded by generous donations from our users? The OTW is a registered non-profit, and all of the donations towards its work help further its mission of providing access to and preserving fandom and fanworks.

If you'd like to support that mission, the OTW is currently holding a donation drive! Follow this link to donate, and get your hands on a unique Fanlore keychain as a thank-you gift.

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This week's featured article

Rooster Teeth is the RPF fandom centered around the employees of the YouTube company Rooster Teeth Productions, often specifically the members of the division known as Achievement Hunter.

The company was founded in 2003, but fanwork-related activity began in late 2012. The fandom is generally considered to be separate from Rooster Teeth's regular demographic of young male gamers, which does not seem to produce fanworks, and the Ragehappy name was created to clarify this situation.

In February 2015, seven members of the Machinima Inc. YouTube group Inside Gaming left that network and joined Rooster Teeth, forming the LA-based Funhaus office. The original, founding members were: Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, Lawrence Sonntag, James Willems, Joel Rubin, Matt Peake, and Sean "Spoole" Poole.

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