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The genesis of a crackfic crossover: "They're all green, so why not have Spock, Yoda, and Kermit The Frog sing Kermit's song together?" (Art by Suzan Lovett from R & R #16 (1981).)

A crossover is a fanfic or other fan-created work in which two or more fandoms are combined in some way. Crossovers are an old story trope of fanfiction; as soon as fans started writing stories in multiple fandoms, they started crossing those sources together. In story notes, a crossover is frequently notated with an 'x', so a Star Trek story crossed over with Star Wars is sometimes written as ST/SW and sometimes written ST x SW.

Crossovers can be a love/hate topic among fans. Some fans adore the possibilities they bring, while others believe they are rarely written well - or are simply uninterested in reading about the characters in any fandom except the one they originate from. Fans will frequently make rec lists for well-written crossovers, or else post requests asking for crossover works from particular fandoms that they'd like to see combined.

Crossovers have also been the subject of numerous communities and dedicated events (such as fests or exchanges), so that crossover lovers can connect and share the works that they love to create and consume.

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January 18, 2021

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Fanlore is celebrating 1 million edits!

We did it! Fanlore just hit our one million edit milestone! This is a huge achievement and we couldn't have done it without our amazing, dedicated community of editors. Every single edit helps Fanlore to preserve the amazing creativity and passion of fandoms old and new, and carry out our mission to record and preserve our shared fannish history.

To celebrate, we're running a scavenger hunt all week over on our Dreamwidth! We've put together a range of questions that will have you voyaging across Fanlore for the answers - and the first person to answer all 13 correctly will win a Citrus Scale sticker set, previously available as a limited edition OTW donor premium! Plus, everyone who takes part will win an exclusive badge for their User page, and everyone who gets all questions correct will win an additional badge!

What are you waiting for? Let the scavenging begin!

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