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Softly, Softly: The BBC's LGB Research Commission and The Johnlock Conspiracy is a meta essay by loudest-subtext-in-television focusing on how the BBC's comissioned study of "the portrayal of LGB people [in media]" supported The Johnlock Conspiracy (TJLC), given that it was led by some of the people prominently involved with Sherlock. It heavily centers around a quote from Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss:

It never occurred to me that [the representation of gay characters] was too on the nose; what he did brilliantly was introduce incidentally gay characters—obviously as well as some more in-your-face ones.

One of my favourite stories is [the Doctor Who episode] Gridlock: there’s an elderly couple of ladies who are together, and it just sort of passes by, and that’s the way—softly, softly.Mark Gatiss quote about Doctor Who via skulls-and-tea on Tumblr. Posted 27 May 2014. Accessed 18 September 2019.

The essay then uses that quote, in conjunction with copious quotation from the BBC's LGB portrayals study, to promote the idea that after the study was commissioned Sherlock was exactly what the BBC wanted in terms of a gay portrayal that wasn't stereotyped or otherwise harmful.

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November 2, 2019


Introducing... Nomination November!

Fanlore is excited to introduce a new special event for November: Nomination November, or Nom-vember, which is all about Fanlore's Featured Article nominations.

Every week, we'll be awarding badges to everyone who nominates a new Featured Article, with a special additional badge for users who make a nomination four weeks in a row. There are also badges to be won for voting on Featured Articles, and for "adopting" a previously rejected Featured Article to work on.

For more information on how to take part, visit our Nomination November Help Page, and keep an eye on Fanlore's Twitter and Tumblr for tips on how to nominate and vote!

October 20, 2019

A PSA About Yahoo! Groups

On 16th October, it was revealed that Yahoo! is planning to shut off posting to Yahoo! Groups on 28th October, and permanently wipe all data from Groups on 14th December, in yet another instance of an internet space shutdown that will be hugely detrimental to fans and fan history.

If you are a member or admin of a Group and want to try and preserve its contents, there are some things you can do:

Contact the OTW's Open Doors project, which works to import at-risk fan archives, if you're the admin of a Yahoo! Group and want to import its fanworks to AO3. If you're not the admin of a Yahoo! Group, you can still publish your own fanworks to AO3 - but the permission of a group admin is needed in order to import all the fanworks associated with a Group.

Create a page for the Group on Fanlore. Anyone can edit Fanlore and it's completely free - you just need to sign up for an account first. Once you have, you'll need to wait four hours before you can create any new pages - this is a precaution against spam accounts. This tutorial will help you get started with editing, and this Help article will give you more information on how to start a new page.

For more about what you can do to preserve Yahoo! Groups, read the full announcement on Dreamwidth.

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