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Curtainfic is a term used to describe fan fiction focusing on domestic tranquility, such as the characters in a romantic pairing "shopping for curtains" (literally or figuratively) and building a home together.

It can be part of a larger romantic plot (for instance, showing that the characters are "acting like a couple" or denoting a happy ending), or a way to explore how characters from fantastic or action-packed settings would behave in ordinary circumstances. This latter incarnation often draws criticisms of being Out of Character, and fans who object to the trope often do so because of the cognitive dissonance it provokes from reading hardened, grizzled action heroes or characters from dark and dangerous canons behaving so domestically. Some writers have found fertile ground for crackfic in subverting the trope or showing just how unlikely it would be in a canon-compliant scenario.

However, many fans are drawn to this trope specifically for its fluffy and soothing nature, whether this contrasts with or complements the original canon. Curtainfic is typically identified as being specifically romantic, and sometimes as a slash-specific trope, but the term has also been applied to gen fic.

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September 24, 2022

Fanlore is getting an upgrade! 🎉🎊

Big news! On Monday 3rd October, Fanlore will be undergoing some maintenance to upgrade our version of MediaWiki (the software behind Fanlore). This is a significant upgrade that has been in the works for some time, and we're really excited that it's almost here!

What will this mean for Fanlore?

Beginning at 1pm UTC on Monday 3rd October (what time is that for me?), Fanlore will go into read-only mode. This will mean you can still browse the site, but you won't be able to log in or make any edits.

We're expecting this to last for about 10 hours while the upgrade completes and everything is tested, and we'll let everyone know once the new and improved Fanlore is ready to use!

What's changing about the wiki?

One of the big changes that this upgrade will bring to Fanlore is a Visual Editor mode - rather than formatting things with wiki markup, there will be lots of buttons and options that format things for you (though for the dedicated markup-lovers, don't worry - you can still use the Source Editor mode to edit using markup!)

We'll have more information on the new mode after the upgrade completes, including lots of updated documentation! Additionally, our MediaWiki software will be running on the latest version, which will mean fewer bugs, and new features and capabilities we can introduce with wiki extensions! (We may have a few bugs as the new version settles in, and you can always write to us and report any issues!)

If you have any questions, please do get in touch via our contact form or join our Discord server!

September 3, 2022

Banner created by Jel

This month is Stub September, and you’re invited! From September 12th - 25th, you can expand short articles on Fanlore to earn party-themed badges in honor of the OTW’s fifteenth birthday. Learn more about how to participate in our Stub September guide!

If this is your first time editing Fanlore, you can also check out our New Visitor Portal and tutorial pages to learn how to get started. And if you’d like to mingle with the other guests before, during, and after the event, feel free to join our Discord server, where you can chat with other Fanlore folks and ask any questions you may have!

We hope you can attend, and happy editing!

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