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The Great Australian Radio Show Fiasco refers to an interview carried out in 1985 by reporter John Baxter on the Sydney, Australia radio station 2FC. In this interview, slash was openly discussed, excerpts from a slash K/S fic read aloud, and a fan (not the creator of the fic) was interviewed.

Many fans were horrified that what they considered private and secret was being openly discussed (and from the tone of the interview, mocked), and the fact that a fellow fan participated in the show only added insult to injury. However, at least one major zine publisher (Alexis Fegan Black) commented that while she had mixed feelings regarding the increased visibility of zines and slash, she was also happy to see an upswing in her business.

It is unknown exactly when this show aired, but fans commented on in it in the print letterzine Not Tonight, Spock! in May 1985, which would put the event sometime between January and April 1985.

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December 30, 2019

PSA: 8tracks is shutting down

Popular fanmix and fan soundtrack website 8tracks recently announced that it will be shutting down on December 31, 2019. While the site might be available after this date, there's no guarantee it will stay up - so if you're a fanmix or fan soundtrack creator (or have created any type of playlist on 8tracks), now is a very good time to save the data from your playlists or make them available on another site.

What can I do to save my playlists?

If you've used 8tracks at any point, the site will be sending you an email with the playlist name, art, description and track list from your playlist(s), to help you recreate it/them on another site. It's a good idea to make sure that you can still access the email address you used to sign up to 8tracks. Be sure to also check your spam folder for the email if you can’t find it in your inbox.

You can also use the Download Tracklist button in the notes of any playlist to copy all of the information from that playlist, and the "Save playlist to Spotify" button on top of the mix art to save a playlist to Spotify. Note that some of the tracks may be unavailable or not matched to Spotify's catalog, particularly if they are older songs. Please also be aware that if you are saving someone else's playlist, the playlist will not be attributed to the correct author when saving to Spotify - it will be saved under your name.

Link your playlists on Fanlore!

Have you made a fanmix or fan soundtrack that you're really proud of? Do you want other fans to be able to enjoy the links to your favourite mixes and soundtracks? Please add the links to Fanlore! You can do this by finding the page for the fandom, ship, character, trope, fic, etc. that you made the mix for and adding it as an example fanwork. Anyone who has an account on Fanlore can edit the wiki - and it's completely free! Follow this link to sign up to Fanlore, and check out our New Visitor Portal to find out how to get started with editing.

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Read our full post on Dreamwidth to find out more about how to preserve playlists from 8tracks.

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