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Doujinshi (同人誌) are Japanese works in manga or novel form that are not created for or by the professional market; that is, they are produced by amateurs. Many but not all doujinshi are fancomics, and sometimes the term is used as a synonym for "fancomic in a manga style".

Doujinshi are similar to, or an example of, fanzines, though they have developed independently and have distinct styles. Western doujinshi fandom notably uses different terminology which is mostly derived from Japanese. Creating doujinshi/fanzines is also a vastly more prevalent fan activity in Japan than in the West.

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August 2, 2019

Fanlore is recruiting graphic designers!

Fanlore is recruiting for graphic designers! If you enjoy Fanlore's graphics on Twitter and Tumblr or our badges for events like the Fanlore Challenge and Bingo Challenge and would like to help us create more great graphics to promote fannish history, come and join the team! You don't need formal experience - just an interest in art or making graphics, an enthusiasm for fandom and a couple of hours free each week. For more information, read our blurb on the volunteering page and apply at this link!

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