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from issue #24, the editors Sandy and Shirley, illustrated by Joni Wagner

The Halkan Council was a very influential Star Trek: TOS monthly letterzine.

Published by two high school students, it is considered the first letterzine in Star Trek fandom, and by default, possibly the first in all media fandom. It sponsored the first Star Trek Fan Fund, started the Fan Q Awards, and was the first zine in which the term slash (referenced as "/") appeared.

"The Halkan Council" was the gathering place for much of the early discussion of the show, and there were many letters by the movers and shakers of the time. Some of the topics enthusiastically debated: Vulcan biology and genetics, Kraith, the tensions between Star Trek and science fiction fans, the state of fandom in general, specific fanworks and tropes, and much more.

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October 24, 2020

Fanlore is excited to present a redesigned version of our Fanlore:Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)! This major update incorporates questions formerly found on the Fanlore:Intro to Fanlore FAQ into this page to create one consolidated FAQ. We've removed or combined duplicate questions from the two FAQs, and have also updated and reorganized much of the language in the updated FAQ.

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