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Name: TACS
Alias(es): Carole Swoboda
Type: fanartist, zine publisher
Fandoms: Multifandom, CSI, The Sentinel, Man from Uncle, Star Wars: TPM, Professionals, Starsky & Hutch, Star Trek: TOS
URL: TACS' Art Gallery (2002 WayBack link)
More art at the AMC Press site
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TACS was an extremely prolific fanartist who has created covers and interior fanart for zines in many fandoms, primarily slash.

Together with Laura Peck, TACS also published zines as AMC Press.

Some of TACS earlier art can be found at TACS' Art Gallery while TACS a k/s calendar details an any-year calendar that was released in 1984.

She passed away on August 26, 2020.

We are sorry to report that fan writer and artist and former MediaWest*Con attendee Carole Swoboda (aka TACS) died August 26, 2020 after lengthy declining health. Deepest sympathies to her wife, Laura Peck. [1]

Cover & Art Gallery

TACS artwork: for color they favor oil style artwork. For interior art, they often use a minimalist ink sketch method that hints at shapes and textures.

Blake's 7 Examples

CSI Examples

Due South Examples

Harry Potter Examples

Highlander Examples

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Examples

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Examples

Multifandom Examples

Quantum Leap Examples

The Professionals Examples

The Sentinel Examples

Sherlock Holmes Examples

Star Trek Examples

Starsky & Hutch Examples

Zines with TACS' Covers and/or Interior Artwork

Year Zine Title Fandom
? All My Roads - Candy Apple Sentinel
? Beefstick and Lambchop #1 Sentinel
? BJ Sandburg (Sentinel zine) Sentinel
? The Brothers of Eros Highlander
? Catalyst Sentinel
? Conjugations Sentinel
? Death and Deviance Highlander
? The Diary Series Sentinel
? Dragons and Kings Sentinel
? Family Secrets Sentinel
? Four of a Kind - Shadowfax CSI/Sentinel
? Freedom of Choice Sentinel
? The Further Adventures of James Ellison and the Professor Sentinel
? The Game's Afoot Sentinel
? Gold Tinted Spectacles Harry Potter
? Holiday Sensations Sentinel
? Innocence in Shadow Harry Potter
? Insight Sentinel
? Lifeline Sentinel
? Magick Sentinel
? A Million Pieces Sentinel
? Nature Series Sentinel
? The President's Son Sentinel
? Previous Loves Sentinel
? Reign of Terror Sentinel
? Running with the Storm Sentinel
? Scared Senseless Sentinel
? Sweet Memory Sentinel
? To Thine Own Self Be True Sentinel
? The Perfect Affair The Professionals
? Understanding Sentinel
? Wham, Bam, Thank You, Sam! #2 Quantum Leap
? Without Prejudice - Cherokee Girl Sentinel
1984 California K/S Star Trek: TOS
1984-1987 Daring Attempt Star Trek: TOS
1985 Discovered on a Rooftop Professionals
1985 Vault of Tomorrow #8 Star Trek: TOS
1985-1991 In the Public Interest Professionals
1990-1995 Other Times and Places #1-6 Professionals
1993 If Their Mothers Only Knew multifandom
1994 Whisper of the Wind Star Trek: TOS
1996 Tarkalean Tea Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
1996 On the Wings of the Knight #2 Forever Knight
1997 Awakenings #3 multifandom
1997 Extra Touchy Frisky #2 Sentinel
1997- Love and Guns #1-16 Sentinel
1997 Sentry Duty #1 Sentinel
1997 Time and Again Sentinel
1997- Come to Your Senses
1998 Awakenings #5 multifandom
1998 Eternal Return Professionals
1998 The Jungle Book Sentinel
1999 Classified Affairs Man from Uncle
2001 Borders Sentinel
2001 Don't Give Up On Us, Baby Starsky and Hutch
2001 Reclassified Affairs Man from Uncle
2003 The Bait Sentinel
2003 What the Storm Shall Bring‎ Starsky and Hutch
2000 Signed With Their Honor Starsky and Hutch