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You may be looking for Teotoriatte, a Lord of the Rings doujinshi.

Title: Teo Torriatte (often mistakenly spelled "Teo Toriatte" on other Pros sources)
Publisher: Joan Holcombe and Pool Publications
Editor(s): Sharon F & Caro Hedge
Date(s): July 1986
Medium: print
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English
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cover of the zine by Caren Parnes
NOT in the zine, but instead the black and white illo by Parnes

Teo Torriatte is a slash 214-page anthology.

the last page of the zine, an LoC form

From an ad in Not Tonight Spock! #11: "TEO TORRIATTE: proposed all "/" PROFESSIONALS zine tentatively scheduled for publication in spring/summer '86. Since the zine will have a smallish print run, SASEs for notification of price & availability currently being accepted."

The fanzine contains extensive interior artwork by Pat Cash, Nancy Kolar and TACS, Karen Eaton, Ruth Kurz, Jean C., Kate Nuernberg, Caro Hedge, and Leslie Newcomer. There are a few select samples in the gallery below.

Regarding the title: "TEO TORRIATTE (Japanese for LET US CLING TOGETHER - rather appropriate in any "/" fandom, don't you think?)" [1]

From the Zine's Foreward

Thirteen months ago, I bought the first piece of art for this zine. If only the rest had been that easy; I now believe every horror story I've ever heard about doing a zine. To put it more relevant terms: in the beginning, the theme song was IF I CAN DREAM (as sung by Martin, of course); now, in the final month before publication, the theme songs alternate between YOU GAVE ME A MOUNTAIN and ALL MY TRIALS, LORD. But, somehow, the zine is finally finished and I can only hope that you find enjoyment in its pages. -- Sharon F
You hold in your hands my dream. A little over two years ago I discovered the wonderful world of B/D. Well, I fell very hard for this fandom. First, I collected 'circuit' stories, then I started writing them myself and finally, I dreamed of doing a zine. With a lot of help from my friends, my dream came true.

First, I'd like to thank the editors, Carol and Sharon, without their expertise TEO TORRIATTE would never have made it into print. A special thanks to Sarah who went way beyond the call of duty and took vacation time off work to type the zine and to Linda and Carol who helped proof it. Finally, a very special thanks to all the contributors who, I feel, gave us some of the best work any of them have ever done.

Will there be a TEO TORRIATTE II? Well, that depends on many things. At the moment, there are no definite plans for a second issue but, likewise, there are no definite plans not to do one. All I can say at this point is a decision probably won't be made one way or another before the end of the year. If we do decide to go ahead with a second issue, I'll send a flyer to everyone whose name I have on file from this issue. -- Joan Holcombe


  • Secrets by Lainie Stone/Art by Pat Cash (1)
  • Rowing Across the Dark by Jean Chabot (poetry) (5)
  • Heaven's Reward by Meg Lewtan/Art by Nancy Kolar and TACS (6)
  • Moonfire by Sue-Anne H (poetry)/Art by Karen Eaton (32)
  • Photos by Janie L./Art by Ruth Kurz (37)
  • Bodie-Baiting by Sarah L (poetry)/Art by Jean C. (41)
  • Doyle's Defense by Sarah L (poetry)/Art by Jean C. (42)
  • The Edge of Understanding by Andrea McKay/Art by Nancy Kolar and Kate Nuernberg (44)
  • Love In A Combat Zone by Jean Chabot (poetry) (104)
  • Consecration by Fanny Adams/Art by Jean C. (107)
  • Emerald by Sue-Anne H (poetry)/Art by Leslie Newcomer (120)
  • Loose Ends by Madelein Lee/Art by Ruth Kurz (123)
  • Words Within by Jean Chabot (poetry)/Art by Ruth Kurz (125)
  • Loving Can be a Heavy Cross by Sharon F./Art by Jean C. (This story "takes up about half of the zine and includes death of a major character and het scenes, though it all turns out to be unreal at the end." [1]) (127)


See reactions and reviews for Loving Can Be a Heavy Cross.

Sample of the Interior Art


  1. from Not Tonight, Spock! #14