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Name: Kate Nuernberg
Type: fan artist, fan writer, fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Professionals, Buffy, Smallville, Quantum Leap, due South, The Equalizer, Sentinel, Star Trek, Star Wars, Blake's 7, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Houston Knights
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Kate Nuernberg is a prolific fan artist who has been illustrating fanzines for over two decades. She has also written gen fan fiction and published fanzines, including British Takeaway (Professionals) (1984-1992), Cold Fish and Stale Chips (a Professionals letterzine) (1980s), and Give Blood (Buffy) (1998). She has won numerous awards for her fan art, including FanQ Awards (1988, 1989, 2009) and the Sizzler Award in 2003.

In a 1994 interview published in the Quantum Quarterly, Kate described her introduction to both art and fandom:

"Art evolved from a childhood pasttime into a career... She began drawing when she was six, producing landscapes and portraits of dogs, cats, and people. Despite the raves her ... work draws, she contends that "I don't have the soul of an artist. I don't sit around and sketch odd bits on paper napkins in restaurants. I hated art class; being told what to draw all the time. That's why fandom was perfect for me, I got to draw what I wanted. And I had a lot of people who encouraged me to illustrate fan stories."

"Her involvement with fan activities began 13 years ago with Star Wars and a fateful meeting with Mary Schmidt. "I'd written bits and pieces of stories since high school, but they all got shoved in drawers," Kate recalls. "Then, while I was waiting on line to see Star Wars, I started talking to another woman. When I confessed that I wrote stories, she answered "Doesn't everyone?" She lent me a pile of fanzines that weekend, and I started reading. She helped me get up the nerve to write a Star Wars story and submit it."

She was interviewed for Quantum Quarterly: In the Picture with Kate Nuernberg

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