The Hols of CI5

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Title: The Hols of CI5
Publisher: Whatever You Do, Don't Press
Date(s): 1991
Medium: print
Genre: gen and slash
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English
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The Hols of CI5 was published in 1991 and is 116 pages long. It is a gen and slash Professionals anthology of holiday fic.

Some stories were published in Other Times and Places I and III and Chalk and Cheese #4 and #6.


It is part of a series of themed zines:

The Proposed Second Issue

From a 1992 submission request in Zine Scene:
HOLS 2 is open for submissions. Deadline is February 1, 1992. Is there a Bodie-and- Doyle-celebrate-Yom-Kippur story hiding in your closet? Do you have Cowley-greets-the-New-Year story cowering in your glove compartment? Can there be a Murphy-brings-his-sweetheart (male, female or both)- a-single-red-rose-and-some-chocolates living in your refrigerator? No? Well, why the heck not? Round up those CI5-fellers-celebrate-a-holiday stories and send 'em in! (For those in the dark, 'hols' is how the Brits abbreviate 'holidays.') And, yes, I am foolish enough to do it again!



  • colour cover drawing by Kate Nuernberg of Susan, Doyle, Bodie, Cowley, and Murphy in various costumes (Easter rabbit, Santa, leprechaun, etc)
  • illos by Sheila Paulson, Pat Cash, Karen Eaton, and three others
  • cartoons by Karen Eaton and Adrian Morgan