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Name: Sheila Paulson
Alias(es): Venkie, Paula
Type: fanfic writer, fanzine editor
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Quantum Leap, Real Ghostbusters, Sentinel, Stargate: SG-1, Star Wars, LOTR, may, many more
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Sheila Paulson has been active in fandom since 1977 and is possibly the most prolific fanfic writer in media fandom.

In 2009, she estimated that she may have written as many as 750 stories. A fan in 1991 refered to Paulson as the "Michael Caine of fan fiction": "I just mean she turns up a lot." [1]

Paulson writes mainly gen fanfic in many fandoms, first published in zines, and later net published. Paulson also wrote a small amount of slash in Blake's 7 using the name "Paula."

Paulson is also a fan artist.

Paulson also created the presses Ecto Press, Athelas Press, and Tea & Biscuit Company Press.

In Her Own Words

I discovered fanfic existed when I read a book called Star Trek Lives by David Gerrold way back in the 70s. The first con I went to had zines and I bought them all. I sent my first stories off in '78, Star Wars stuff. Zines were the only option then. Once I was on line, I happened upon fanfic fairly quickly though there wasn't much of it in the beginning. In a way, I find much of the zine stuff more satisfying; maybe it's just that I like to hold it in my hands and curl up and read. TS fanfic on line is usually great, but I've read stuff in other fandoms that my friend's five year old could outdo...

[The first piece of fan fiction I ever read was] ...was Mind-Sifter, a Classic Trek series that came out in |a published book as a collection of zine stories. Blew me away. I wanted to write fanfic from that moment on....

[The first fan fiction I wrote]: My first TS story was Legends, a crossover with The Real Ghostbusters. I didn't post it, I sent it to a zine, Compadres, a multi-media zine. The first story I posted wasn't a TS one and I'd been writing for zines for so long that it just seemed like one more place to submit. Most of the things I've posted have been stories previously zined. [2]

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Fanfiction and Zines

This is only a tiny sample:

Differences | Choices | Clone | Journey's End | Healer | Limbo | Alliances | Game of Humanity | Decoy | Heartsounds | Stand-in | A Man Called Bear | Stress Factors | The Froma | Overload | Program | Families | Mindrape | The Way To Go Home | Link-up | The Shattering | Comfort | The Seventh Gate | In Search of the Guardians | The Book of Fate | The Thing with Feathers | The Shape of Familiar Things | The Music of Tears and Memory | The Lost City of Haroon



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