Clone (Blake's 7 story)

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Title: Clone
Author(s): Sheila Paulson
Date(s): 1990
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake's 7
External Links: Online at AO3

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Clone is a Blake's 7 gen story by Sheila Paulson. It is part of her Jabberwocky series.

Publication History

It was published in Something... Unfriendly #2, Jabberwocky Collected, and Jabberwocky #2.

Author's Summary

The Jabberwocky crew goes after IMIPAK, unaware that a mysterious ship is pursuing them and that the planet could prove fatal to at least one member of the crew.[1]

Reactions and Reviews

[Clone, reviewed by Aralias]: Interesting use of the clone in this one. The use in question isn't shocking when you think about it, but haven't really seen it done in this way. Generally, one of them (i.e. Blake or the clone) is dead before the other decides to steal his place. Difficult to reconcile the clone's behaviour here with the 'all life is linked' business of 'Weapon', but it definitely worked. Hope to see the clone again later...

More Avon psychic healing - which I am getting a little weary of. Here he heals both Dayna and Blake (Blake is getting so much H/C this series. Avon has had almost none, though he did hurt his arm a bit. It's not that Blake is weak, per say, but he is sort of being cast as the woobie who keeps getting hurt, so that Avon can look after him and be forced to reveal more feelings).

I sort of feel more could have been achieved as a result of Servalan capturing Blake - that seemed to be over pretty quickly. Nice idea to have his reaction to the truth drugs be something different than the obvious, although I never say no to truth tropes ;)

And then... then shocking death of Dayna! Let's talk about the shocking death of Dayna. I'd been assured this was a happy fic where people came back to life, so I assumed she would come back. But I'm pretty sure they buried her... o_0

I liked the stuff about Hal Mellanby's tomb and the Sarrans not violating it.

Really uplifting ending to this fic, for all of that Dayna-death business.

Also - I can't help but think Jabberwocky is indeed a liability.... just like Orac (who, of course, took them into a black hole ON PURPOSE). So that's OK, because that's a Blake's 7 computer's way. But it's a shame they can't rely on him at all.

I don't know if this is the right time to make this comment, but, as much as I theoretically like Avon and Vila and Tarrant calling each other fools (and I really do), they say it a lot in this fic (similarly, they talk about credulous people being sold a nice planet called Terminal a lot in this fic). By this time, I am slightly thinking 'come on, guys. Get another insult'. [2]


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