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Synonyms: woobify, woobifie
See also: Weepy Uke Syndrome, Manpain, wangst, poor little meow meow
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A woobie is a beloved fannish character (often a BSO) who evokes in fans the desire to wrap him (usually him[1] and white) up in a blanket and cuddle him and comfort him.[2] If a character is hard-working, and/or endures difficult circumstances bravely, and/or is often at the "h" end of the H/C spectrum, odds are good that fans consider him a woobie.

Woobies, especially if they're the smaller/shorter member of a slash pairing, have a higher risk of becoming feminized and/or infantilized. In fact, some people within fandom think that the process of woobification equates to infantilization and/or feminization of a male character.

The Bad Boy Woobie is a subtype of the genus woobie that may be becoming more common in canon.[3]

Popular Woobies in Fandom



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