Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

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Name: Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
Abbreviation(s): HtLJ, HTLJ, Hercules
Creator: Sam Raimi
Date(s): 1995-1999
Medium: television series
Country of Origin: New Zealand, US
External Links: IMDB
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Hercules: the Legendary Journeys is set in a neverland version of ancient Greece that looked amazingly like New Zealand, complete with monsters, interfering gods and an off-the-wall spin on Greek mythology.

It spawned two spinoff shows, Xena: Warrior Princess and Young Hercules.

Hercules and Iolaus," art by Warren Oddsson, printed in Buddies: A Collection of Media Art 1958-2001, may have appeared in a previous print zine


Hercules is a demigod, the son of Zeus and a human woman, Alcmene, and possibly immortal. Iolaus, a mortal, is his best friend. Together, they fight monsters, demons and evil warlords, including Xena, but she turned good after three episodes and went off on her own adventures, soon joined by Gabrielle.

Other fandom favorites include Ares, the god of war; his sidekick Strife; Hercules' mortal half-brother Iphicles; Salmoneus, a kindly con man; Autolycus, the King of Thieves; Nebula, a pirate who's also a Sumerian princess; Cupid, god of love; and Joxer.

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Hercules: the Legendary Journeys fandom

Most online activity took place on different mailing lists and web sites that were divided up by their focus on certain characters or pairings, genres (gen, het, or slash), and ratings (adult or PG13). There was a great deal of overlap with Xena fandom, especially Joxer and Ares fans. The slash fandom was split off into various slash pairings (Hercules/Iolaus, Ares/Joxer, Cupid/Strife, Hercules/Ares, Iolaus/Ares, Iolaus/Autolycus, and other combinations). The show also featured a rotating cast of female characters, with plenty of opportunity for romantic fanfic featuring Hercules/Deineira, Hercules/Serena, Iolaus/Niobe, Iolaus/Nebula, Hercules/Xena, Iolaus/Gabrielle, and many others. If there was acrimony in the past, it seems to be concentrated on the slash versus gen debate, rather than pairing wars. The large cast of recurring characters tended to lend itself to multiple pairings, as well as gen and adult adventure stories. Nowadays the fandom's grown rather quiet, but several mailing lists are still active.

Notable Fanworks

Hercules fandom is new enough that it can be called an Internet fandom, but it also created paper zines, both slash and gen.However, with the series off the air for decades, none of the on-line sites are currently active. Some may still be functional but no longer updated or maintained. Most are gone or decaying.

Mailing Lists

  • Hercfic
  • Joxerotica (mailing list)
  • Strife Lust
  • GoldApple - Iolaus gen and het. This list has a rating of PG13.
  • Iolausian Corner - Russian-language list for Iolaus fanfiction and discussion.
  • Iolausian Mailing List - discussion of Iolaus and the actor who played him, Michael Hurst.
  • AresJoxerCupidStrife (mailing list)
  • Herc-slash Herc Slash; archive link Description: "Fanfic list for those of us who crave slash stories involving Hercules, (of the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys fame) This list will involve male/male erotica, so if you are offended by such relationships, go find one more suitable to your own taste. Hercules/Iolaus, Hercules/Ares, Hercules/other male. Writers choice. The Sovereign is also very welcome. He is, after all, Hercules too. No criticism allowed. Romantic stories welcome."
  • Autolycus Fic Autolycus Fic; [ archive link] Description: want to see Hercules' Autolycus, the Prince Of Thieves with the big blonde dude, the Golden Hunter? dark and dangerous Ares? we're eager to have you share your general, hetero and slash fiction with us, fiction archived at WWOMB, a multi-fandom, all genres fiction archive, unless there is a "No Archive" note in the story headers
  • Joxer Fic Joxer Fic; archive link Description: "Want to see Hercules' Autolycus, the Prince Of Thieves with the big blonde dude. The Golden Hunter? Dark and dangerous Ares? We're eager to have you share your general, hetero and slash fiction with us, smarm and beyond. The stories posted to this list will eventually be archived on WWOMB unless you make a 'DO NOT POST' notation. Stories posted should use the templete found in the submissions page on the archive. I don't have the time or inclination to monitor the posts for minor ears, so adults only. Be honest, guys."
  • Golden Lust Golden Lust; archive link Description: "This list is devoted to the character of Iolaus from "Hercules, the Legendary Journeys." This list is for adults only, age 18 and up. We welcome any kind of adult fiction as long as Iolaus is one of the main focuses of the story, however, be warned, our list is predominatly slash (male/male sex). Both Canon and Original Characters are welcomed. No flaming will be allowed, and you will be removed for it."
  • SUJE SUJE; archive link Description: "This is a friendly forum for those who adore Joxer the Mighty, the warrior wannabe from Xena: WP. We have fanfic, discussions, polls and more. Everyone is welcome, whether they be relationshippers or slashers. While this is not a moderated group, there is a 3-strike policy. There will be no flaming, no abuse, and no disrespect. 3 strikes, with plenty of opportunity to correct any misunderstandings, and you're out."
  • Mytherotica Mytherotica; archive link Description: "This group is for the discussion of the mythology, folklore and fairy tales of all cultures. Members are also encouraged to post their own fiction, including mythology oriented fanfiction, original stories based on mythological characters, and stories based on existing myths, legends and fairy tales. This is an adult list and some posts will contain explicit hetero- and homosexual material. Please do not join if you are not of legal age. Notice: The original fiction posted on this list does not constitute published work in any regard, and remains the sole intellectual, copyrighted property of the originator."
  • Hercules Ares Xena Universe Hercules Ares Xena Universe; archive link Description: "Herc luvs Iolaus, Joxer luvs Ares. Auto luvs... everybody and Xena, well it's a toss up between Ares and Gabbie, general friendship, hetero and slash fiction, smarm through BDSM and beyond welcome here, fiction archived at WWOMB, a multi-fandom, all genres fiction archive, unless there is a "No Archive" note in the story headers."
  • joxer-luvs-ares Joxer luvs Ares; archive link Description: "Joxer-luvs-Ares is an *adult* list primarily for the posting of Ares: God of War and Joxer the Mighty slash. Both characters are from the television shows Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: Legendary Journeys."
  • ksares KSAres; archive link Description: Revamped version of Ksmithares, "This list is devoted to slash, gen and het fiction featuring characters from the shows Hercules: the Legendary Journey, Xena: Warrior Princess and Young Hercules, as well as classical mythology, especially but not exclusively Ares and/or Iphicles. It also welcomes fiction featuring other characters played by Kevin Smith (Ares and Iphicles), though fiction involving him personally or any of the actors isn't welcome. This is an adult list, and you must be eighteen or older to join. You must also be into dialogue, passion and reconciliation."
  • Ares-Hercules-Xena Ares Hercules Xena; archive link Description: "Fanfic mailing list for Ares fans and fans of all characters on Hercules, Xena and Young Hercules. All types of fanfic welcome. Slash is also welcome. No one under the age of 21 Some material may be objectionable to certain readers as it may have sexual content. No flamers, no child pornography all fanfic sent to the list must contain disclaimers and rating."
  • Iolaus Fic Iolaus Fic; archive link Description: "Iolaus, of Hercules the Legendary Journeys, has a large following in his own right. This list is to discuss the life and times of the Golden Hunter through discussion and the elusive story, general, hetero or slash. Any stories posted here will be archived in the WWOMB. Since this list accepts NC-17 topics, you must be over legal age to join."
  • Hercules Goes BDSM Hercules Goes BDSM; archive link Description: "There is something about The Hercules Universe that just screams BDSM me....At least it does to me. If you agree, join me in the sharing of chat and stories. All stories, be they general, hetero or slash, will be posted to the list archive(s) unless they include a Do Not Archive notation. Due to the nature of the list, joining confirms you are over legal age."

Story archives

Notable vids

Vids by Mary Crawford, including a splendidly cracktastic Hercules/Widow Twanky Holding Out for a Hero vid, and an Iolaus vid Live Til I Die.


Hercules: the Legendary Journeys was primarily an online fandom, with most of the fan fiction appearing in online archives such as the Iolausian Library, but it still produced some fanzines.

Some of the zines listed also contain Young Hercules stories.

The The Less Than Legendary Journeys (zine), with gen Hercules & Iolaus stories from the archive of the same name: "The Naughty Bits" edition contains the het and slash stories from the site.

Gen zines from DreamCatcher Press, with gen Hercules & Iolaus adventure and hurt/comfort stories:

Other zines include:

Meta/Further Reading

Official Fan Club

The official fan club published the zine Herculean Chronicle.