Holding Out for a Hero

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Also see Song Re-use.

Holding Out for a Hero is a song originally sung by Bonnie Tyler. It was released in 1984 and instantly became a vidding favorite. In 2004, a cover of the song by the band Frou Frou was featured in the closing credits for Shrek 2. This version of the song is also popular with vidders.

At some point in virtually every fandom's history, someone has made a vid to some version of this song -- even in fandoms that didn't exist when it was originally released. Fandoms where one or more of the characters is a "larger than life" heroic figure are particularly vulnerable to this phenomenon.

Other early songs that were vidded to death were "Behind Blue Eyes" and "Desperado", but unlike "Holding Out for a Hero," those songs didn't lend themselves to ironic recasting, and after they were identified as horribly over-used, they gradually stopped being vidded.

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