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You may be looking for CSI as short for Crazy Space Incest.

Name: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Abbreviation(s): CSI
Creator: Anthony E. Zuiker
Date(s): October 6, 2000-present
Medium: Television series
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Official CBS Site
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Warrick Brown on the back cover of Our Favorite Things #21, the artist is Jessie McLain (2005)

CSI is a television show that revolutionized US crime dramas during the 2000s. It is almost entirely responsible for the switch from older styles of shows like Starsky & Hutch or Moonlighting to a new style where forensic evidence and science are given far more screen time than interrogation or interviews. Programs like Bones show its influence. Offline, it has been blamed for a change in jury attitudes in the United States, most notably for raising unrealistic expectations about the use of forensic evidence; in the real world forensic science processes are slow and extremely expensive, and the cost of the forensic science devoted to some cases in the show would probably require most of the annual budget available to the real-world LVPD. Another consequence of the show's popularity was an unrealistic impression of the "glamour" of the job, leading to a demand for more college courses, far outstripping the actual needs of the field; at its height there were several times more students than jobs available in the field, and every job advertised received hundreds of applicants.[1]

CSI is both the name of the parent show and the name typically applied to the overall franchise, which also includes CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, and CSI: Cyber.


Many pairings between CSI franchise characters are referred to by name smooshes or fanciful pairing names.[2][3]

Het - Grissom/Sara, Nick/Sara, Nick/Catherine, Catherine/Grissom, Warrick/Catherine, Greg/Sara

Slash - Nick/Grissom, Nick/Greg

Femslash - Sara/Catherine



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  • Crime Scene Investigation Slash "Crime Scene Investigation Slash". Archived from the original on 2003-10-27. ]; [ archive link] Description: sister list to Crime Scene Investigation Chat And Fic, archived at WWOMB, a multi-fandom. "Gil Grissom and his team of criminologists at work and play. Come discuss the delightful chemistry of the characters and share a story while your at it. Discussion about the show and slash are both welcome...Smarm and beyond. This list follows the squidge TOS. What that amounts to is that, aside from the obvious NO FLAMING rule, we have to basic nonos....NO CHILD PORN (I.E: No pics of children in compromising postions) and NO SNUFF. Otherwise we've pretty much free to ride the wings of our imaginations, so drop the reins and fly. Discussion of the show, of the fics, both in progress and after completion are welcome. Pairings have no limits, barring that of you imagination. I'm dying to see some Grissom in leather (hint). The stories posted to the sister list on YG are being uploaded as web pages into the shared web here, as well as the stories posted to this list, so don't assume every treasure is in the message files. We're full of hidden treasures. Any stories posted to the list will be posted to the list archive, the WWOMB, unless they include a direct DO NOT ARCHIVE notation. Post us an intro as you come to us so we know you're here. And remember, this is just one of several hundred MLs attached to the WWOMB. Come visit the website archive for even more CSI ficcies. The archive accepts fanfic submissions from all fandoms and genres."
  • Crime Scene Investigation Chat And Fic "Crime Scene Investigation Chat And Fic". Archived from the original on 2003-10-27. Description: "Gil Grissom and his team of criminologists at work and play. Come discuss the delightful chemistry of the characters and share a story while your at it. General fiction as well as hetero and slash are all welcome...Smarm and beyond. The stories will be posted to the list archive unless they include a direct DO NOT ARCHIVE notation. Because I have neither the time or the inclination to moderate the posts for minor ears, joining tells the world you are over legal age."
  • CSI Fic Mature "CSI Fic Mature". Archived from the original on 2007-10-06. Description: "Mailing list for NC-17 fan fiction based on the CBS series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. You must be at least seventeen years old to subscribe to and received mail from this mailing list. We don't police our membership, so if you're underage, please use some common sense and find another fic list. Fan fiction posted to this list includes that which may contain extremely graphic violence and sexual content (including slash), among other subject matter that may be deemed too mature for general audiences. Although not required, members may also wish to include categories to address themes such as violance, language, sexuality, disturbing images, graphic descriptions, drugs/narcotics, and/or mature themes. Oh, yes... please include an appropriate disclaimer for the legal-eagles at CBS. :) Trolls need not apply."


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