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Journal Community
Name: The Newbie's Guide to Fannish LiveJournal
Date(s): Feb 2005 - 2011/2012
Moderator: Devil Doll, marag
Founder: Devil Doll
Fandom: multifandom

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The Newbieguide Livejournal community provides overviews, written by different fans who claim a fandom, of where to find various fandoms on LiveJournal. A typical post includes a brief summary of the source material and lists of associated resources and communities. It is a good first stop for newbies.

Besides fandom overviews, Newbie Guide posts include "Other Fannish Topics" such as:

In 2012, the mod announced, "I'm not deleting the community, and all the (mostly outdated) information here will remain forever and ever or until LJ finally implodes completely, but unless someone wants to take over as admin, it will be closed to new updates going forward." The mod also noted that fandom activity on LiveJournal had decreased significantly and that there was likely no longer a need for the comm.[1]


The Fandom Overviews include:


  1. ^ Devil Doll. Newbie Guide Admin Post. Posted to LJ 19 September 2012.