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Name: Penknife
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Good Omens, HP, Merlin, PotC, Sanctuary, Star Trek, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, X-Men Movieverse, etc
URL: Penknife to Paper (via WBM); @AO3; @LJ
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Penknife is a prolific fan writer active in multiple fandoms, perhaps particularly well known in Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean. Her writing tends to vignettes rather than epics, and includes gen, het, slash, femslash and threesomes. She states:

I'm currently most active in Sanctuary and Stargate SG-1 fandom, and in the past I've written a lot of Stargate Atlantis, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, and X-Men movieverse and Star Trek fan fiction as well. I'm pretty multifannish, though, and have dabbled in various other fandoms large and small.[1]

I enjoy semicolons, angst, OT3s, and pairings that can be described as "weirdly sweet."[2]

Her first fandom was Star Trek; she joined ASCEM in 1999. She then moved to X-Men Movieverse, publishing fanfiction from 2003 on LiveJournal. Her personal website, Penknife to Paper, went offline c. 2009. In addition to archives of her fanfiction, the site contained recommendations, mainly in X-Men movieverse, Harry Potter and comics.

Penknife is the moderator of Idol Reflections, Pirate Hunters and Merlin Gen Fic communities, the LGBT Fest and PotC Fest fests, and the Merry Pirates gift exchange, and was formerly the moderator of The Fannish Friday 5.

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