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Name/s: Penknife
Fandom/s: PotC Star Trek HP XMM Good Omens DC Comics Temeraire Stargate Atlantis
You can find me at: Penknife to Paper
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I started lurking on ASCEM back in 1999, but never got up the nerve to say anything, so no one actually knew I was there. Having later evolved a spine, I started posting my X-Men Movieverse fanfic on LiveJournal in 2003.

My newest fannish love is Stargate Atlantis, to which I was five years late to the party, and I'm also enjoying the revival of interest in Star Trek (my first fandom!). I'm also active in the Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter fandoms, and dabble in any number of other fandoms. I moderate Idol Reflections, Pirate hunters, the LGBT Fest and PotC Fest fests, and the Merry Pirates ficathon.

I enjoy semicolons, angst, OT3s, and pairings that can be described as "weirdly sweet." (Also, apparently, linking things.).