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Name: LGBT Fest
Date(s): February - June 2008, February - May 2009, March - June 2010
Moderator(s): Penknife, Mireille
Founder: Penknife, Mireille
Type: fest
Fandom: multifandom
Associated Community:
URL: LJ Comm; AO3 collection
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LGBT Fest is a fest for fanfic that focuses on the experience of being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. When the community is closed to posting, it has an open post (2008 open post) (2009 open post) (2010 open post) where writers can link in comments to stories written for LGBT Fest prompts.

LGBT Fest would not be operating a fourth year. Mod penknife left the following message:

I've gotten a couple of questions about this lately, and I wanted to let you know that we're not going to be doing another round of [info]lgbtfest this year. It's been a great experience, and although neither of us has the time or energy to tackle doing it again, I'm really glad so many people have enjoyed writing and reading for the fest in the past!

I'll still be maintaining the lgbtfest collection on AO3, and if you have stories written for previous rounds, you can still add them to the collection. Also, please feel free to browse past prompts for inspiration, and check out the fandom tags and the AO3 collection for any stories you may have missed in the past.

If anyone's thinking of starting a similar fest, I'll be happy for you to announce it here, but we're putting this particular fest to bed. Thanks so much to everyone who participated! [1]

Queer Fest was organized to replace LGBT Fest.[2]

Example Fanworks

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.


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