Queer Fest

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Name: Queer Fest
Date(s): 2011-2014
Type: fest
Fandom: multifandom
Associated Community:
URL: DW community, LJ Community, tumblr, AO3 parent collection, 2011 AO3 Collection, 2011 Amnesty AO3 Collection
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Queer Fest is a fest for fanfic that focuses on the experience of being queer. It replaced the LGBT Fest, which stopped in 2010. Queer Fest was announced in the LGBT Fest livejournal:

While there have been some great discussions in the previous posts about having a community open year round to prompts, some of us really wanted a fest to celebrate the lgbt experiene. To that end, queer_fest is open for business! Much of the rules have been shamelessly stolen from lgbtfest, and the format is entirely the same.[1]

To date, rounds have been held in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Prompting and prompt claiming happens in March-April, posting in May-June.


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