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Hello, and welcome to Fanlore, a fandom wiki that anyone can edit! Fanlore is all about fandom, written by fans and open for everyone.


Fan + lore, a space where fans document and share their own history and experience.

Fanlore is managed by the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), which is devoted to supporting fans and fanworks. See: About Fanlore.


Enthusiasts talking about the things they love and making fanworks together. See: Fandom.


Material created by fans for fans. Fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, video game mods, zines, conventions, costumes, and more! See: Fanworks.

Join the conversation!

If you are a fan, we value your input and opinion (that's what our Plural Point of View policy is all about)! Fanlore is by fans for fans, and every contribution makes a difference.

Here's how you can become an editor:

Check out your favourite fandoms, fan communities, tropes, fanworks and people and see if you can find an article to add something to! You can also browse the Fanlore wish list and the stubs category for inspiration.
  • To start a new page, check out Help:Starting a new page, which includes help on specific page types, like characters, pairings, tropes, or zines. Please note that, for security reasons, new page creation is disabled for a few hours for new accounts.
  • Enjoy! Edit a page and add what you know—what you have to contribute is valuable and appreciated. As long as you show respect for other users' opinions and efforts, you really can't "do it wrong," and any niggles with formatting can be cleaned up later.

Need help?

  • More help on using and editing Fanlore is available on the help page. If you have questions, you can also post them to a talk page or to our Dreamwidth community.
  • Fanlore is entirely created by fans. A group of volunteers, called gardeners, work to keep Fanlore organized and answer your questions. To send the gardeners a question, use this contact form and select "Editing Help" as your subject.
  • Still looking for something? Help us improve! If you think that this page needs more information, please comment on the talk page! Commenting on talk pages is a great way to get a discussion started for any page, actually. You can find an article's talk page at the tab called "Discussion" at the top of the page.

Behind the scenes

  • The Intro to Fanlore FAQ page gives an overview of policies relevant to new users. You'll most probably need to read a bit about what Fanlore is and what it is not.
  • About Fanlore - in plain English, the basics of Fanlore; how it's run, who runs it, the principles behind it.
  • Fanlore Policies - policies developed by the Fanlore Committee to guide the wiki into a reliable, rich body of knowledge and experience that's both easily accessible and editable. Please take a look at the PPOV policy especially.