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What Fanlore is not

Fanlore is not Wikipedia - either in methodology, policies, or scope.

  • Fanlore represents a Plural Point of View and uses an inclusive tone, rather than a neutral one.
  • Fanlore has no notability requirement.

Fanlore is not an encyclopedia of popular culture.

  • The focus of the Fanlore wiki is fandom itself: fan works, fan activities, fan terminology, individual fans, and fannish-related events. So in essence, we are an encyclopedia of fannish culture, and we are interested in popular culture references that supports that.

Fanlore is not exclusively dedicated to or reserved for X fandom.

  • All fandoms that create and consume fanworks are welcome.

Fanlore is not a repository for plot summaries, character biographies, or other canon information.

  • The focus of every page should be about the fandom. Canon details are important if they can be associated with particular fannish activity or associated with a fan community, a fan work, or fannish event. While a page is young, there may be more canon details on a page than details related to fan activities, but in the end, fandom should dominate on the majority of pages in the wiki.

Fanlore is not an index of every fanwork ever created.

  • A page about a fan might list all of their fanworks, but a separate page should not be created for each individual work unless Fanlore contributors have something to say about them. Pages for controversial and/or significant fanworks are always desired.

Fanlore is not an arbiter of relevance.

Fanlore is not a blog, a webspace provider or a social networking tool.

Fanlore is not censored.

  • Fanlore does have a strong interest in allowing fans to keep their privacy, when necessary, and articles that "out" fans without their permission will be changed.

Fanlore is not a forum for a personal autobiography.

  • The people pages in the main namespace should stick to fannish history & engagement. User pages (the page that a Fanlore contributor receives when they create an account) may be used for that kind of information.