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Pages without a colon (:) in their name are in the main namespace. Most pages with content pertaining to Fanlore's mission are typically in the main namespace. Pages with meta-information, help documentation, policies, feedback or comments about main pages, or other content not directly about fannish cultures and communities may go in other namespaces. These pages will be titled according to the following format: namespace:page. For example, this page is called Help:Namespaces (it is in the Help namespace).

Namespaces on Fanlore

The Help manual. How to use Mediawiki software, as well as how and what content to add.
(Formerly known as "Image") For descriptions of uploaded files or images. You shouldn't create these directly; they are created when you click the Upload file link in the toolbox.
Use this namespace to link to uploaded files directly, rather than through the description pages.
Use this namespace to change the default system messages, See Help:System message on meta.
Information about this wiki; i.e. policies that apply here. This namespace also has an alias, which is the name of the wiki installation (Fanlore).
Each page has a corresponding talk or discussion page. This can be used for feedback/comments about that page, or other local notes that another group may want to associate with the page, without modifying the document directly, or for any other additional information to associate with the document.
This is used for meta-information that is to be transcluded into multiple documents, such as tags to mark the status of a document.
For personal notes. Each User has a corresponding user page for their own information. Users can also create subpages, by using a / after their name.
The talk page on a user's page can be used for leaving messages. If this page is edited, the next time that user logs in they will see a box notifying them that they have new messages.

Variables of interest

To display the namespace prefix of the current page, use this code: {{NAMESPACE}}

To sort a page by its name, minus the namespace, use this code: {{DEFAULTSORT:{{PAGENAME}}}}.

See also

For any other questions, you can use the Talk page or contact the Fanlore Committee