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Your user page is not a People page. For help with articles about individuals, see Help:People pages.

Fanlore encourages wiki editors to use their user page to share their personal history and experience in fandom. Fundamental to our Plural Point of View policy is an appreciation for the unique viewpoint each editor brings. Giving your fandom history and sharing your fannish context will help other editors understand the perspective from which you are recording and sharing fandom's history.

If you are new to Fanlore, try starting out by creating your user page to get a feel for the wiki software and Fanlore policies. Your user page is the empty page you're taken to when you click on your red-linked name on the sidebar. It is empty until you begin to edit it. Check out the tutorial for editing your user page.

Your user page is in a special namespace; unlike other pages on Fanlore, it begins with 'user:yourname'. Contributors are only able to edit their own user pages (that is to say, you're the only person besides admins who can edit content in it); the PPOV policy does not apply. Administrators may edit your user page in case of violation of the guidelines below.

For an example user page see User:Hope.

What you CAN put on your user page

  • You may write your user page in first person if you wish, and include any links and information about yourself you wish.
  • You may categorise yourself in the Fanlore Contributors Category.
  • You may include other wiki-related content: some users keep to-do lists on their user pages of wiki projects they plan to work on or have already worked on.
  • You may include your username(s) on other sites

What you CAN'T put on your user page

  • Fanlore is neither a fanworks archive, nor a blogging platform, and your userpage is not your personal (or fannish) website; therefore you may not use your user page to host fanworks or blog posts. (See more about what Fanlore is not.)
  • Your user page must not violate Fanlore's Terms of Service, or engage in Deceptive Practices.

Formatting your user page

There's an infobox you may wish to use for your user page, which includes fields for you to specify your aliases, fandoms, links, and automatically links back to your Fanlore contributions and related pages. You can find the template for this infobox at Template:UserProfile. We recommend using this template when setting up your user page for the first time!

To include yourself in the Fanlore Contributors Category (which is highly encouraged!) use the following code at the bottom of your page: [[Category: Fanlore Contributors|Yourusername]]. The pipe (|) and your Username are added to the end so your entry will sort correctly on the contributors page. For example, if your name is FanJane, you would add: [[Category: Fanlore Contributors|FanJane]].

Linking to a user page

If you are making links to User Pages, either yours or someone else's, and do not want the 'User:' portion of the page name to appear, use the following code for the link: [[User:Username|Username]]. Here's what it looks like: Anatsuno.

Communicating with users via the user page

You can talk directly to a user by editing their talk page:

  • go to the user page and click on Discussion,


  • click on the "Talk" link next to their username in the View History page or Recent Changes list.

Even if a user has not (yet) set up their user page, any other user can edit their user Talk page.

You can also email a user through Fanlore if they have the email function turned on:

  • from their user page or talk page, click on "E-mail this user" under the Toolbox menu in the sidebar, OR
  • if they have the user infobox template on their user page, click on "email me" in the infobox.

For any other questions, you can use the Talk page or contact the Fanlore Committee