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Name/s: Hope, angstslashhope, hopeonarope, hopeful_fiction
Fandom/s: Merlin (2010-present)
Torchwood/Doctor Who (2008-2010)
Die Hard (2008)
Supernatural (2006-08)
Firefly & Serenity (2005)
21 Jump Street (2005)
Lotrips (2003-04)
The Faculty (2003)
The Lord of the Rings (2002-03)
You can find me at:,
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I am a fandom monogamist and productivity junkie. I read fic, write fic, make websites and wikis and blogs, run podcasts, and occasionally vid.

I started off in fandom in 2002 with The Lord of the Rings, shortly after Fellowship of the Ring was released. I wrote and read lots of hobbitslash. From then I moved into slashing the actors in Lotrips fandom and produced the Lotripping zine.

After that I dabbled briefly in The Faculty, 21 Jump Street and Firefly fandoms.

During my long stint in Supernatural fandom, I started the SupernaturalWiki, briefly produced a fanfiction podcast, and vidded and wrote fic. Following a messy breakup with SPN, I briefly played with Die Hard, then proceeded to write masses of porn in Torchwood & Whoniverse.

As of 2011, I am reading and writing in the Merlin fandom.

In 2008 I chaired the Organization for Transformative Works Wiki Committee, first developers of Fanlore.


Keeping track of the conventions I've attended: