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Synonyms: Whoverse, Who-verse, The Doctor Who Universe
See also: Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures
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The Whoniverse refers to the universe in which Doctor Who and its extended series'/spin-offs take place. The term is a portmanteau of "Who" and "universe." It is a fan-created term, and has been used by the mainstream press. The alternate term Whoverse or Who-verse is also in wide use by fans.

The term "Whoniverse" has been previously used in a much broader sense, to include behind-the-scenes information on the series as well as fan activities. One of its earliest usages was in a 1983 book, Doctor Who: A Celebration; Two Decades Through Time and Space by Peter Haining, where it was used with this broad definition.

Series in the Whoniverse

TV Series

Extended Universe


Shared Canon

Due to the frequent use of time travel and the Doctor's ability to rewrite time and change events, it can be confusing what has occurred in the shared universe. A few writers for the new Doctor Who have said that the show has no canon.[1][2]

For fans, this means a limitless amount of fanfic fix-it opportunities.

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  1. ^ Steven Moffat, head writer of the new Doctor Who season 5, has stated that "it is impossible for a show about a dimension-hopping time traveller to have a canon." San Diego Comic Con, 2008. [1]
  2. ^ Paul Cornell, who has written tie-in novels and for Doctor Who, has stated that: "I can’t think of any other fandom that assumes they have a canon when nobody has ever told them that they do. Especially since our show itself declares that it doesn’t now have, and probably never did have, a canon." [2]