The Sarah Jane Adventures

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Name: The Sarah Jane Adventures
Abbreviation(s): SJA
Creator: Russell T. Davies
Date(s): 2007 - 2011
Medium: television
Country of Origin: UK
External Links: official BBC site
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The Sarah Jane Adventures is a spinoff of the 2005 revival of Doctor Who. The character Sarah Jane Smith first appeared on the classic show in 1973, during the Third Doctor's tenure. The majority of her stories took place with the Fourth Doctor, and she was one of the longest-running companions in terms of actual time spent on the show, making her one of the more well-known characters from the classic era. Sarah Jane, played by her original actress Elisabeth Sladen (with the character depicted as appropriately older), appeared in an episode of the new Doctor Who's second season called "School Reunion" prior to the launch of her own show.

While Doctor Who has always been intended as a children's show to some degree, The Sarah Jane Adventures is more directly aimed at a younger audience than its parent show. It airs earlier in the day and contains far less violence or sexual content, and the main characters (aside from Sarah Jane) are young teenagers.

The fifth and final season began airing in October 2011.


The fandom newsletter for The Sarah Jane Adventures is called the Sarah Jane Field Report and appears daily.[1] The fandom for the show naturally has a great deal of overlap with Doctor Who fandom, but while much of the fanfiction is a crossover with the parent show and occasionally with Torchwood, there's also a lot of fanfic and other fan activity devoted solely to The Sarah Jane Adventures.

One of the main locations for Sarah Jane Adventures fandom on LiveJournal is Girl Reporter, also known as Sarah Jane Fic. [2] This was originally a community focusing on Sarah Jane in classic Doctor Who and in the Big Finish Sarah Jane Smith audio plays, but expanded to include The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Fanfiction for The Sarah Jane Adventures tends to be divided into two categories - stories featuring pairings involving Sarah Jane, and stories in which the kids are paired together.

Many of the popular ships involving Sarah Jane are f/f - for instance Sarah Jane/Mrs Wormwood and Sarah Jane/Maria Jackson, set in the future when Maria has reached an appropriate age. For a time the most common het pairing was Sarah Jane/Alan Jackson. In the years since the series ended, many Classic Who and New Who pairings have appeared in this fandom, with Fourth Doctor/Sarah Jane now the most popular het pairing for Sarah Jane.

In terms of the kids, Luke/Clyde is perhaps the most popular pairing, although there are also stories pairing both Rani and Maria up with either of the boys. Stories about Sky Smith are comparatively rare, since she only appeared in the final series, and pairings are almost non-existent due to her age.

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