21 Jump Street

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Name: 21 Jump Street
Abbreviation(s): 21JS
Creator: Patrick Hasburgh, Stephen J. Cannell
Date(s): 1987-1991
Medium: tv
Country of Origin: USA
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cast of the show, from Wild Cards #4 by Angi Towski

21 Jump Street was a television series about a group of young-looking police officers who worked undercover to solve youth related crime. The series featured future star Johnny Depp as Tom Hanson. Peter DeLuise (who went on to produce, direct and write for all three Gateverse shows) played Doug Penhall. The show also featured Holly Robinson (Judy Hoffs), Dustin Nguyen (Harry Ioki) and Richard Grieco (Dennis Booker), who appeared in the spin-off series Booker (TV).

The series spawned a small fandom for mostly slash works. Booker/Hanson was a popular pairing despite Booker only appearing in 18 episodes. Other slash pairings were also somewhat popular, and some het fic with Judy and OFCs was also written.

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