Wild Cards (multimedia zine)

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Title: Wild Cards
Publisher: Bodacious Press
Editor(s): Tosya Stohn and Robyn LaSalle
Date(s): 1992-1997
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Wild Cards is a slash multimedia anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Angi Towski

Wild Cards 1 was published in 1992 and has 217 pages.


Issue 2

front cover by Koz

Wild Cards 2 was published in May 1993 and contains 209 pages. The art is by Koz (front cover), Dovers, Jean, Burnett, Jung, and Seraph.

  • Reputations by Gypsy (Lovejoy) 5
  • The Last Time by RJ Burnett (Miami Vice) 17
  • Never Too Old by Robyn LaSalle ( Lethal Weapon) 19
  • My Man Jeeves by Bertie Wooster ( Wooster and Jeeves) 41
  • Gentle Reminder by Doreen Tracy (Quantum Leap) 53
  • Lamb of Love by Robyn LaSalle (The Silence of the Lambs) 59
  • Rhapsody in Plaid by Mirenna (21 Jump Street) 75
  • Meditation in Sorrow by Robyn LaSalle (Road House) 95
  • Massage Therapy by Mysty Mayfair (Quantum Leap) 97
  • Darkest Before Dawn by Ruby (Professionals) 105
  • Save it 'Til the Morning After by Robyn LaSalle (Miami Vice) 123
  • Payback is a Mother by Doreen Tracy (Quantum Leap) 143
  • View from the Top by Robyn LaSalle (Thunderheart) 147
  • With This Ring...the Silence by RJ Burnett (Miami Vice) 148
  • The Key by Mirenna (21 Jump Street) 149
  • Running in a Closet by Robyn LaSalle (Houston Knights) 151
  • Song of the Wolf by Mirenna (Ladyhawke) 157
  • Reflections in Moonlight by Misty Mayfair (Quantum Leap) 175
  • Worth the Cleaning Bill by H. Ann Walton (Professionals) 181
  • Cool Miami Nights by Brendan O'Cullane (Miami Vice/Lost Boys) 187
  • The Tranquilizer by Nola Frame-Grey (Equalizer) 207

Issue 3

Wild Cards 3 was published in 1995 and has 247 pages.

  • Blood Moon by Robyn LaSalle (X-Files) 5
  • In Dreams by RJ Burnett (Man from UNCLE) 14
  • Passion Lies by RJ Burnett (Man from UNCLE) 15
  • Night of the Dream by Mary Millard (Wild, Wild West) 17
  • Only One of Us is Coming Back by Melissa Mastoris (A-Team) 25
  • Be Gentle by RJ Burnett (Department S) 26
  • Training Manuevers by Sonni Crockett ( War of the Worlds) 27
  • Once and For All by Krystofer Robbin (Magnum, P.I.) 33
  • Silent Insistence by Julian (Miami Vice) 37
  • Agent Cooper's Guide to Peaking by Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks) 38
  • Limericks by Amedia Slutte (Man from UNCLE) 41
  • Butterfly by Etch (Houston Knights) 42
  • Family Business by Kyra Taylor (Equalizer) 47
  • Snow Blind by Dargelos (Hard Target) 63
  • Quid Pro Quo by Ruby (Professionals) 71
  • Checkmate by Kyra Taylor (Equalizer) 87
  • Tomorrow's Seeds by Shanachie (Quantum Leap) 139
  • Dreamer's Ball by Buddy Cole (Man from UNCLE) 145
  • A Good Trade by Mirenna (Thunderheart) 151
  • Psychobabble by Robyn LaSalle (X-Files) 159
  • Sleep-Over by RJ Burnett (Department S) 167
  • Pathos by Robyn La Salle (The Three Musketeers) 181
  • Stewart's Revelation by RJ Burnett (Department S) 196
  • At The Priory by Mirenna (Name of the Rose) 197
  • Podnahs by Julian (Starsky & Hutch) 200
  • God Bless the Child by Krystofer Robbin (Magnum, P.I.) 201
  • Harlie 'n Marlie by Robyn LaSalle (Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man) 207
  • What Partners are For by Flamingo (Miami Vice) 209
  • Lap of the Gods by Robyn LaSalle (Stargate SG-1) 235
  • No Secrets by Robyn LaSalle (Lethal Weapon) 243


  • Koz (front cover)
  • Dover
  • Jazz

Issue 4

Wild Cards 4 was published in 1996 and has 185 pages. Art is by KOZ (cover), Angi Towski, Jung, Seraph, Ramon, Kanji-name, TAM and PeeJ.

cover issue #4, KOZ
  • Ante Up by Robyn LaSalle (21 Jumpstreet) (Hansen has sex with everyone, separately, during a poker game. Happens around the episode, "Loc'd Out." (5)
  • Sonny Crockett Boogie" (a filk, Edward James Olmos' movie, "Zoot Suit" and the song "Marijuana Boogie.") (13)
  • El Dia de Los Muertes by Debbi Rojano (Man From UNCLE) (15)
  • Key West by Robyn LaSalle (Miami Vice) (Sonny and Martin go undercover as lovers at a gay resort.) (35)
  • Fire Eyes by Mirenna (21 Jumpstreet) (67)
  • One More Time, poem, (Miami Vice, C/C) (79)
  • Confessions by Methos (Brother Cadfael) (81)
  • The Log Dream by Buddy Cole (Twin Peaks) (based on the Pear Dream skit from "The Kids in the Hall") (91)
  • Original Sin by Robyn LaSalle (X-Files) (a very early Mulder/Skinner story, takes place after the episode "Paperclip.") (93)
  • With This Ring by Mirenna (21 Jumpstreet) (121)
  • Aftermath, poem (Miami Vice, C/C) by Khylara (125)
  • A Change in Pans by Khylara (Man From UNCLE) (127)
  • The Hatred of a Minute by Robyn LaSalle (Starsky & Hutch) (133)
  • Just a Song Before I Go by Mirenna (21 Jumpstreet) (143)
  • Paradox by Bob (X-Files/Twin Peaks) (Cooper/Denise Brycen]] (151)
  • The Memory Lane Affair by Robyn LaSalle (Man From UNCLE) (157)
  • Addendum by Robyn LaSalle (X-Files) (after the episode about Skinner's wife) (161)
  • Different Corner by Robyn LaSalle (Renegades) (reprinted from Interludes #1) (165)
  • Anchor to the Earth, poem (X-Files) (184)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

When I got this zine in May I decided not to review it because I haven't read all the stories and wasn't likely to. Then I mentioned that it had some Mulder/Skinner stories in it and some people asked for info on it. So consider this half-way between an infomercial and a review.

As always the following comments are my opinions and mine alone. I expect no one to consider them dictations of my admittedly sometimes picky mind. If someone disagrees with any of the following observations, please, please, *please* post your own views. I always like hearing what other people have to say, too. And if you happen to agree with anything I say...are you sure you're feeling okay?  :-)

Overall, the zine is okay. That's about all I can say. Most of the zines put out by this press neither impress me, negatively or positively. If you have a craving for anything in a specific fandom, this is probably good for that at least, but if you are looking for great fanfic, it's generally best to move on. With possibly some minor exceptions.

"Ante Up" (21 Jump Street) by Robyn LaSalle--According to the Author's Note this takes place around the time of the episode "Loc'd Out". I'm not sure that makjes any difference at all. This basically just seems to be an excuse for Hansen to have sex with everyone--seperately. During the same poker game.

"Sonny Crockett Boogie" a filk by Le Mad Artiste--This filk gave me a giggle, but I don't think it'll make much sense to anyone who hasn't seen Edward James Olmos' movie ZOOT SUIT and heard the song "Marijuana Boogie".

"El Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead)" (MUNCLE)by Debbie Rojano--Having experienced MUNCLE as published by this press before and been far from impressed by it, I skipped this one. I'm on a low wussification tolerance mode at the moment.

"Key West" by Robyn LaSalle (MV)--My initial reaction is, "been there, done that". Sonny and Martin go undercover at a gay resort and have to pretend to be lovers. If you want to see this done better, read the S/H novel "Murder on San Carmelitas" and if you insist on reading a MV story along the same lines, I know there was at least one other of these all ready. (Sorry, can't remember where. LIASONS, maybe?)

"Fire Eyes" by Mirenna (21 Jump Street)--Skipped it, so I can't say.

"Confessions" by Methos (Cadfael)--I've never seen the show and have very little referrence to even begin to understand it, so I skipped this one as well.

"The Log Dream" by Buddy Cole (TWIN PEAKS)--This is based on the Pear Dream skit from THE KIDS IN THE HALL. Again, it's kind of cute, but I *know* this will make no sense to anyone who hasn't seen the reference material.

"Original Sin" by Robyn LaSalle (THE X-FILES)--This is the first of the Mulder/Skinner stories, this one taking place immediately after the episode "Paperclip". I think the main problem with most of the stories like these is that it just doesn't sound like Mulder and Skinner, especially Skinner. This does at least do better at making an attempt at explaining why they are together than others.

"With This Ring" by Mirenna (21 Jump Street)--It's gag me sappy and in a fandom I only have a peripheral interest in--very peripheral.

"A Change of Plans" by Khylara (MUNCLE)--Skipped it.

"The Hatred of a Minute" by Robyn LaSalle (S/H)--My biggest problem, I think, with Robyn LaSalle's writing is that it definitely leans towards the sickeningly sweet and in a fandom like STARSKY & HUTCH which tends to lean towards that direction, it just makes it worse. I also think that most for most of her stories you could interchange the characters from any of her other stories in any other fandom. This is better than most, but it's the best I can do.

"Just a Song Before I Go" by Mirenna (21 Jump Street)--Skipped.

"Paradox" by BOB (TWIN PEAKS/X-FILES)--Okay, it's been a long time coming, it's a Cooper/Denise Brycen story! It's also been a long time coming for a TP/XF cross. But if you're looking for a *good* TP/XF story or a *good* Cooper/Denise story, I'm afraid you have a longer wait coming because this ain't it. Fox Mulder *is* Denise (Denise/Dennis is his 'female' persona)? I don't think so...

"The Memory Lane Affair" by Robyn LaSalle (MUNCLE)--Skipped.

"Addendum" by Robyn LaSalle (X-FILES)--A much shorter (only three pages as compared to the other which was 28pp.) Mulder/Skinner story. Not too bad. This takes place after the episode with Skinner's wife.

"Different Corner" by Robyn LaSalle (RENEGADES-Kiefer/Lou)--This is a reprint from INTERLUDES 1, their own K/L zine. It's one of the so-so stories. Not something bad, but not great either.

Their prices listed are $22 (USA) and $25 (Canada). Sorry, no postage listed for overseas. I will warn people, too, that this press has something of a reputation as being pretty bad when it comes to filling out orders via mail. They take forever and there are people who have waited for a couple of years to get their zines still are waiting. There is a lot of different artwork scattered throughout the zine by different people with different fandoms as the subject--some who aren't even represented in the zine by any stories. (There is at least one regular picture and one cartoon for DEPT. S, for instance, but no stories.) The zine is approximately 185pp and is, for the most part, double-columned. [1]

Issue 5

issue #5, cover of Hercules and Iolus by KOZ

Wild Cards 5 was published in April 1997 and contains 224 pages. The art is by KOZ (front cover), Angi Towski, Seraph, and Jung.

From the editorial:
1997 is revving up to be a good year, zine-wise. By February, we were juggling four in stages of layout. By our big annual convention, MediaWest*Con, we'll have a total of eight new publications for the table!. This year, we move up from the wonderful Gateway 486 to the Gateway Pentium, again thanks to our dear friend, Cavebear who continues her quest for the Ultimate Computer. This new machine has a CDROM, so we're anticipating trying out new programs that will continue to improve the appearance of our zines. This is the last Boadacious Press zine that will be produced on Jazz Man (the 48). Christopher (the Pentium) takes over from now on. We've had a terrific surge of interest and have been very active in online fannish activities and communication. Cyberspace was absolutely the best invention that could have come along for us, as we are now in contact with fans and subscribers from all over the world on a daily basis.
  • Homecoming by Robyn LaSalle (Miami Vice) 5
  • Clear Vision by Mirenna (Thunderheart) 32
  • It's Only a Day in February by Mirenna (21 Jump Street) 33
  • Heart's Filthy Lesson by Robyn LaSalle (X-Files) 39
  • If You're Going to San Francisco by Stacy Doyle (Quantum Leap) 49
  • Pleasure Little Treasure by N.E. Slashfan (seaQuest) 83
  • Mighty Aphrodite's Revenge by Samantha Stanley (Hercules) 87
  • Everything I Do by Mirenna (21 Jump Street) 95
  • Spare the Rod by Robyn LaSalle ( X-Files) 105
  • Mother's Day by Mirenna ( 21 Jump Street) 113
  • Change the World by TM Alexander (T'n'T, Original Slash) 121
  • A Weekend in Paris by Penny A. Williams ( X-Files/Highlander) 169
  • Estrus by Robyn LaSalle ( X-Files/(Silence of the Lambs) 189
  • Something to Sink Your Teeth Into by Robyn LaSalle (Jaws) 209
  • Testimony by Julian (Brother Cadfael) 219
  • Enigma by Khylara (Miami Vice) 220
  • Alone With You by Khylara (Miami Vice) 221
  • Grounds for Divorce by N.E. Slashfan (Man from UNCLE) 223


  1. ^ July 20, 1996, Michelle Christian, posted to Virgule-L, quoted with permission