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Name: Michelle Christian
Alias(es): movies_michelle
Type: author, reviewer, vidder
Fandoms: fannish butterfly
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Michelle Christian discovered fandom with her *mom* in 1984 when she was 12 -- and immediately started writing Remington Steele fan poetry. Thankfully, none of this survives.

Her first slash fandom was B7; the first slash zine she read was for MUNCLE and called Tovaritch, possibly the worst slash zine ever.

The first vid she ever saw was the famous Professionals vid, Too Long a Soldier by Deejay.

She's an active con goer, attending her first MediaWest in 1990, later attending multiple Zebracons, Revelcons, and eventually Escapades.

She's known for her fearless reviews (many which have been reposted here with her permission), and her ability to turn a phrase. When one notoriously prolific, but sadly not talented, twosome announced they'd broken a million words, she memorably responded, "sadly, never to be fixed." She's also known for private turkey readings at cons and online.

As a fiction writer:

Her first published story, in 1986, was gen B7 about Avon and Vila. As of 2009, she's written roughly 50 stories, in a variety of fandoms. She's been a huge B7, Wiseguy, Pros, S&H, and House fan; House is probably the fandom she has been most prolific in.

As a non-fiction writer:

From early in her time in fandom, she has written reviews of fanzines and fan stories.

She continued this on Virgule-L in the 1990s, which led to more than one notable contretemps: one with Flamingo, one with Alexis Rogers, about zine reviews -- in neither case did the person who got upset have anything to do with the zine in question.

In the early 2000s, she joined LJ as movies_michelle, and started a gay/slash movie review site.

As a vidder:

She hasn't vidded alone, but has helped Feochadn vid in Oz fandom.

Notable Stories:

  • Case of the Very Gay Detectives -- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  • One Hundred and Eighty Degrees -- House

Michelle Christian contributes to fanlore as user:Movies michelle.

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