Alexis Rogers

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Name: Alexis Rogers
Alias(es): Mario
Type: author, vidder, archivist, list mom
Fandoms: Starsky and Hutch, The Sentinel, Wiseguy, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Sentinel, X-Files
Other: Alexis Rogers' Fiction
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Alexis Rogers was a slash fan fiction writer. She wrote gen under the name [K H].

She established the online Slashkink Fiction Archive in the late 1990s [1] and moderated the SlashKink Mailing List.[2]

She volunteered on the San Francisco Bay Area slash convention Bascon from 2001 to 2003.

Alexis wrote her first slash story in Starsky & Hutch fandom in 1979.

She was also part of a group of two other fans who made Starsky & Hutch songtapes in the 1980s. They premiered both the gen and slash tapes at ZebraCon 2. "Kiss You All Over" forthe Starsky & Hutch 'kiss' in the alley from "The Fix" episode is one of the more well-known vids. Two others are The Rose, and The Magnificent Seven.

Alexis and Elaine Hauptman edited a bi-monthly Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea letterzine in the 1990s called "In the Belly of the Whale". It was gen but allowed slash as a topic for discussion.

In 1990, Alexis Rogers filed the serial numbers off of one of her stories, The Cost of Love, a S/H novel, and sold it (with the same title) to Lavender Press.

Helping Transition Starsky & Hutch Fiction Online

On the Starsky & Hutch Slash Fiction archive, Archivist Flamingo writes that Alexis' Starsky & Hutch "stories were the first posted on the SH Slash Archive. They were posted sometime back in 1997 (I think) and were the start of the current Archive, and the first SH fiction of any kind posted on the net.. A special thanks to Alexis for spear-heading the Archiving of Starsky & Hutch fiction."[3]

Flamingo credits Rogers with founding this archive.[4]

Focus on BDSM Themes

Much of Alexis' fan fiction focused on BDSM and d/s (dominance/submission) themes. From her archived fan fiction intro page: "Welcome to the fiction of Alexis Rogers. Most of the stories deal with the theme of male/male relationships. Some of the stories deal with *bdsm* themes. (*bdsm* includes bondage, domination, sadomasochism, elements of Domination/submission [D/s], anal stimulation including enemas and handballing, whipping, and slave training.) Check the labels on each story for any warnings. The fiction is placed here for the enjoyment of the reader. If you don't enjoy this type of fiction, don't read." [5]



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