Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

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Name: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Creator: Irwin Allen
July 12, 1961
TV Series
September 14, 1964 – March 31, 1968
Medium: Film, TV, Novel and Comic Book
Country of Origin: USA
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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was a 1960s US tv series based on a 1961 movie of the same name that preceded it.

some of the crew," art by Warren Oddsson, printed in Buddies: A Collection of Media Art 1958-2001, may have appeared in a previous print zine

Fan Comments


I only came to a true appreciation of the show about 7 months ago, thanks to the relentless thirty year passion of my housemate for the show. For years, all I ever saw was the bad plots and garbage bag monsters. It wasn't until she wrote the hot short story that eventually became The Lion and the Lamb that I began to see the passion. Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane are clearly close, which is obvious from their actions and longing gazes. We know they're best friends because they tell us now and then. This show pre-dated original Trek, and was years before Starsky and Hutch and yet the closeness between the two main characters is clearly there. My biggest complaint is that, since this show was made in the early 60's everybody has on far too many clothes. If this show were made today, they'd all be running around that sub in their skivvies... [1]


I have been a fan of the series since it's debut in 1964. In fact, I remember returning home by bus from a doctor's appointment in nervous anticipation that I might not make it by 7:30 the night of Eleven Days to Zero. The fact is that the series has remained my favorite since that first night. The show's taken a lot of hits for its monsters, but few realize that this was mainly the series' third and fourth seasons. For the first two years, it had some excellent scripts, a mix of adventure, espionage and science fiction with an occasional ghost story (Hedison's personal favorites, the two Phantom stories). Two of the series' more famous writers, William Read Woodfield and Allan Balter, were winning Emmys for producing Mission; impossible a few short years later. Considering how, say SeaQuest DSV had floundered in the past three years, changing itself every sea son, trying to appeal to all audience types. Voyage remained in it's day pretty much a favorite by delivering solid stories. (And, even when the monsters flourished in the third season, the show's ratings still won it a fourth year.) Most of the credit goes to Richard Basehart and David Hedison. [2]

Guess I was lucky [to be able to watch the show as a kid], because the other members of my family liked it too, so we always watched it. I'm sure the rest of my family didn't love it quite as much as I did, as I know for a fact that my mom and dad didn't have pictures of Basehart and Hedison pinned to the wall over their bed. Yes, I was one of those silly prepubescent girls who pored over the old movie magazines, like Photoplay, and papered my walls with all my favorite gorgeous men. Somewhere along the line, I "matured", and threw all those pictures and magazines away. Good grief, wish I still had them, because these days they'd be worth a fortune. (Not to mention the fact that I wouldn't mind having those photos next to my bed again!) [3]


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