Forbidden Shores

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Title: Forbidden Shores
Publisher: Triffid's Leg Press, agented starting in 2016 by Requiem
Date(s): 1998
Medium: print
Fandom: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Language: English
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flyer from DIAL #5 (1998, though note 1996 date), click to enlarge

Forbidden Shores is a 117-page slash Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea anthology.


Summaries below from the publisher.

  • Dream Chasers by Julia (A poignant tale of Crane and Nelson's first attraction and unrequited love.) (1)
  • Living Dangerously by Charlie Tuna (14)
  • Loved I Not Honour by Lindar (Also set in the past, on the Nautilus, another version of the same basic theme. The two stories make an interesting comparison of two writers' very different styles.) (15)
  • Love for Sale by Lindar (25)
  • The Deepest Lie by Katy (A simple, elegant first-timer, the kind of story which never fails to warm the heart.) (27)
  • Suprise Present by Lindar (34)
  • Downtown Knight by Lindar (An unusual glimpse into the background of Kowalski and Patterson.) (35)
  • Dreamtime by Shanlun (An illustrated prose-poem, with Seaview lost in watery fantasy world.) (46)
  • Silver and Black by Lindar (Lee's solo sojourn on his motorcycle when he's missing Nelson is really hot.) (49)
  • Surprise by Charlie Tuna (53)
  • What a Thought by The Captain (A wicked journey through the unbridled imaginations of Kowalski, Chip and Nelson. No prizes for guessing who is occupying those lascivious thoughts!) (54 )
  • Undercurrents by Lindar (73)
  • Scurrilous Shanty by Rubber Johnnie (74)
  • Up Periscope by Lindar (A disgracefully sexy encounter in Seaview's control room.) (76)
  • An Even Sillier Shanty by R. Johnnie (84)
  • Through the Porthole 1 and 2 by Ishmael (Two stories set in very alternate universe, where Nelson must earn his keep in the most unusual way.) (85)
  • The Beast by Julia (92)
  • Inspiration by Lindar (102)
  • Dreaming Darkness by Lindar (104)
  • Time and Tide by Rubber Johnnie (Both wicked contributions which will definitely raise a smile.) (105)
  • Old Man of the Sea by Lindar (110)
  • Recollections by Julia (A poignant jewel of a story which beautifully rounds off the chronological order of the entire zine.) (111)