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You may be looking for "Remote Control," the Star Trek story by Jacqueline Lichtenberg in Interphase.

Title: Remote Control
Publisher: Criterion Press
Editor(s): Kathy Agel
Date(s): 1991-2004
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Remote Control is a gen multimedia anthology, with many Fan Quality Award winning stories. It ran 21 issues.

Be alert: some of the issues are incorrectly labeled on the covers.

There is also a special issue called Remote Control Goes to War.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Chris Myers

Remote Control 1 was published in 1991 and contains 236 pages.

It has interior art by Charlie Kirby, Shiloh, Yvonne Bowhay, Lisa Brazdil, Chris Myers, Dani Lane, Sheila Paulson, and Wanda Lybarger. Covers: Chris Myers (front cover), J.M. McClure (back cover, though some issues may not include this?).

The first print run was 450 copies.

From the editorial:


This zine has traveled a long, hard road to publication, what with a hard disk crash (which took most of the zine with it, and taught me a hard lesson — MAKE BACKUPS!!!), innumerable health problems [...]. and a downed copier. You've heard of Murphy's Law? Murphy was co-editor on this zine.

It's been a long time between the first announcement for RC appeared in the adzines and its eventual publication. But I think the wait has been worth it. This zine has a rather diverse mix between its covers, contributions from new faces and more well-known fans ranging from vignettes to a full-blown novel. No matter what your fannish preferences may be, I think you'll all find something to enjoy here.

Issue 2

Remote Control 2 was published in 1992 and contains 250 pages. It won a 1993 FanQ and a 1991 STAR aWARd for Best Multi-Media Zine. Covers: Christine Myers (front cover), Jeanne McClure (back cover).

cover of issue #2, Christine Myers

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Remote Control 3 was published in May 1993 and is 213 pages long.

From the editorial:

Welcome to Remote Control 3! We have a slightly different mix this time out" some new faces are writing and new fandoms are represented within these pages for the first time. New fandoms include Indiana Jones, The Professionals, Buck Rogers, Hawaii 5-0, Batman, Simon and Simon, and The Young Riders. Then we have the old reliables - Star Wars, Man from UNCLE, Alien Nation, The Real Ghostbusters, War of the Worlds, Wild Wild West, Magnum PI, and Rat Patrol ~ in short, a little bit of everything!

The cover is a bit misleading - at the time it was commissioned, I expected to have a Wiseguy story, and based my instructions to Chris on that expectation. Well, due to a mishap with the author's computer, neither it nor the QL story she'd wanted to do made it in to this issue ~ but, with any luck, they'll be in next time.

It's thank you time... Thanks to my contributors - without you guys, there wouldn't be a zine to edit and publish. I especially thank you for sending in final drafts on disk, or via GE-mail ~ my hands love you for it. Thanks to those of you who voted in the Fan-Qs for the first issue of this publication ~ I cherish

that award more than you know. And more thanks to those of you who nominated Issue 2, as well. Thanks to the gang on GEnie, who listen to my grousing and grumbling when things don't go quite right, and who pat me on the back when they do. And special thanks to my husband Bob, who cleans, cooks, and feeds me during zine production time ~ I couldn't do it without you, Hon.

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, not credited

Remote Control 4 was published in May 1994 and contains 250 pages.

From the editorial:

Welcome to Remote Control 4. This is the biggest issue yet! We have more shorter

pieces this time out, plus a few meatier long stories to balance them out. It's also the GMTA issue ~ Great Minds Think Alike. There are several pieces here from the same universes - - Quantum Leap, Blake's 7, Wiseguy. Serendipity or collusion? I have to think about this...

Remote Control has again been nominated for a Fan-Q. award, as Best Multi-Media Zine. Many thanks to those of you who nominated it, and thanks also to those of you who voted for it in last year's awards. Issue 5 is now open for submissions. Anticipated publication date is May, 1995, with a traditional MediaWest debut.

  • The Obligatory Editorial (2)
  • Names, story by Z.P. Florian (Star Wars) (3)
  • Stuck Like Steele, fiction by Nora Mayers (Remington Steele) (reprinted from Steele in Circulation #3) (6)
  • A Night on the Town, fiction by Sheila Paulson (Real Ghostbusters/Quantum Leap) (won a 1995 FanQ) (35)
  • What’s Up, Colonel?, fiction by Gillian Holt (War of the Worlds) (reprinted in Green Floating Weirdness #17) (51)
  • Once, Then, Now, poem by Kathy Agel (56)
  • Devious Devices, fiction by Kathy Coy (Blake's 7) (57)
  • Troubleshooter, poem by Melissa Mastoris (MacGyver) (64)
  • Subtle Differences, fiction by Jeanne McGrew (Lost in Space) (65)
  • Adric, poem by Kathy Agel (Doctor Who) (68)
  • The Edge of Forever is Yesterday, fiction by Edward McFadden III (Quantum Leap/Star Trek) (69)
  • Practically an Epilogue, fiction by Kathy Coy (Blake's 7) (73)
  • Sins of the Fathers, fiction by Maureen Webster (Here Comes the Brides) (77)
  • The Beginning, poem by Melissa Mastoris (Beauty and the Beast) (110)
  • Yesterday, Continued, fiction by Gary Miles (Star Trek: TNG) (won a 1995 FanQ) (111)
  • Keeper of the Flame, fiction by Jeannie Webster (Indiana Jones) (116)
  • Run, Vinnie, Run, fiction by Cathy Boudreau (Wiseguy) (118)
  • Phantoms, fiction by Jean Graham (Blake's 7) (120)
  • Ironic Revenge, fiction by Jeanne McGrew (Lost in Space) (139)
  • ... What the Hell, fiction by Jeff Morris (Back to the Future) (141)
  • I Won't Be Walkin' Out That Door, filk by Agel Kathryn, to the tune of "I'll Be Comin' Back for More," by T.G. Shepard (Star Wars) (144)
  • Everybody Loves a Joker, fiction by Charlie Kirby (Batman) (145)
  • Eulogy, fiction by Toni Lay (Blake's 7) (173)
  • The Chosen One, poem by Melissa Mastoris (Quantum Leap) (176)
  • Assignments, fiction by Cathy Boudreau (Wiseguy) (177)
  • Double Edged Sword, fiction by Marcia Brin (Equalizer) (180)
  • Father Time, fiction by Maria James (Quantum Leap) (182)
  • A Useless Valuable, fiction by Toni Lay (Blake's 7) (184)
  • A Matter of Clearance, fiction by Cathy Boudreau (Quantum Leap/Wiseguy) (191)
  • Forever My Friend, poem by Maria James (Quantum Leap) (198)
  • Sam's Prayer, poem by Maria James (Quantum Leap) (198)
  • Indiana Jones and the Night of Diamonds, fiction by L.C. Wells (Young Indiana Jones/Wild Wild West) (199)
  • It Happened... When, fiction by Linda Knights (Simon and Simon) (211)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, L.C. Wells

Remote Control 5 was published in May 1995 and contains 322 pages.


Issue 6

cover of issue #6, L.C. Wells

Remote Control 6 was published in May 1996 and is 251 pages long. It won a 1997 FanQ.


  • L.C. Wells (front cover)
  • Hindman

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, L.C. Wells

Remote Control 7 was published in May 1997 and contains 204 pages.

The art is by C.L. Wessel, SMAP, Barbara Eickhoff, and L.C. Wells.

  • Eye of Apollo by Kira Bacal (Hercules) (3)
  • Archives by Dorothy Johnson (Independence Day) (33)
  • Dead Man's Boots by Joyce Strohm, art by Barbara Eickhoff (Star Trek Voyager) (40)
  • Alexa by Kronette (Highlander) (55)
  • Salvation by Kathy Kipper (Millennium/X-Files) (62)
  • New Year's Gifts by L.C. Wells, art by the author (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) (offline, not archived) (73)
  • Dreamtime by Sheila Paulson (75)
  • Possession by T. Beaty (Forever Knight) (91)
  • Corellians Ain't Tame by Z.P. Florian (Star Wars) (95)
  • Connected by Rhonda Hallstrom and Deb Parizek, art by Barbara Eickhoff (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues/Quantum Leap) (100)
  • The Five-O Affair by Bill Koenig, art by SMAP (also in Timeshift #1) (winner of a Fan Q Award) (Man from UNCLE/Hawaii Five-O) (128)
  • Magnetic by Amanda le Bas de Plumetot, art by SMAP (no fandom listed) (148)
  • Tales of the Sea Wolf Tale Two; Homecoming by Nora Mayers, art by C.L. Wessel (Anchors Aweigh) (161)

Issue 8

cover of issue #8, C.L. Wesel

Remote Control 8 was published in May 1997 and contains 210 pages. It was the winner of a 1998 FanQ.

The art is by C.L. Wessel, L.C. Wells, Barbara Eickhoff.

Issue 9

Remote Control 9 contains 214 pages.

cover of issue #9, note that typo on the front of the zine which calls it both #12 and #9

Issue 10

cover of issue #10

Remote Control 10 contains May 1998 and contains 211 pages. Artwork by Jeanne McClure.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

[Fatal Images]: I like crossovers, when I know at least one of the series in question. In this case, it's Highlander (though I'm starting to get to know RGB because of other crossovers I've read...). This was a well-done how-to-save-Richie-from-Archangel story, which actually makes a lot of sense, tying up the loose ends and making Archangel make more sense too. How do the Real Ghostbusters come into it? Well, there's a demon involved, isn't there? The opening of the story was particularly atmospheric... The wind drove him crazy. It was always there, never stopping, never fading away, wailing between the rock spires, sliding off the crags, masking the sound of threat, the warnings of danger. It tugged his choppy hair, cut through the thin cloak he'd managed to acquire, and rattled off his blade in its makeshift sheath, forcing it between his legs and tripping him when he was least expecting it. The one thing that bothered me a little was that some of the characters seemed just a bit too insightful, seeing things that I couldn't quite believe would be seeable, but maybe that's just me. On the upside, it was lovely and long (hey, I like long stories!) [1]

Issue 11

cover of issue #11, Mike Cole

Remote Control 11 was published in May 1999 and is 212 pages long.


  • Mike Cole (front cover)

Issue 12

cover of issue #12, Mike Cole

Remote Control 12 was published in May 1999 and has 212 pages.


  • Mike Cole (front cover)

Issue 13

cover of issue #13

Remote Control 13 was published in 2000 and is 173 pages long.

  • The Journal by Sheila Paulson (The Real Ghostbusters) (19 pages)
  • Family Values by K. Hanna Korossy (Starsky and Hutch) (8 pages) (winner of a 2001 FanQ)
  • Gossip: Fetchin’ Water (MAGNIFICENT 7) (4 pages)
  • Watches (X-FILES) (10 pages)
  • Pathways (DEEP SPACE 9) (3 pages)
  • The Mummy’s Echoes (THE MUMMY) (15 pages)
  • Ghosts (SEAQUEST) (8 pages)
  • Ordeal (POWER RANGERS ZERO) (23 pages)
  • Table Talk (VOYAGER) (3 pages)
  • Substitution by Sheila Paulson (REAL GHOSTBUSTERS) (14 pages)
  • Twist Of Fate (STARGATE SG-1) (4 pages)
  • Queen Of Hearts (MAGNIFICENT 7) (3 pages)
  • A Measure Of Mercy by Jane Stanley (Star Trek: DS9) (13 pages) (winner of a 2001 FanQ)
  • Home Movies by K. Hanna Korossy (STARSKY & HUTCH) (4 pages)
  • Shattered Silence (Star Trek: Voyager) (13 pages)
  • The Promised Land (Beauty and the Beast) (23 pages)
  • Remembrance, poem by Kathy Agel (Rat Patrol) (1 page) (Moffitt remembers the desert before the war, and those whom he has lost to the war, and why he fights.)
  • Reflections on a Desert Sunrise, poem by Kathy Agel (Rat Patrol) (1 page) (reprinted from an earlier zine, Dietrich reflects on the bitterness of his duty and his dedication to it.)

Issue 14

cover of issue #14, Hindman

Remote Control 14 was published in November 2000 and contains 217 pages.


  • Hindman (front cover)

Issue 15

cover of issue #15, Jeanne McClure

Remote Control 15 was published in May 2001 and contains 218 pages.


  • Jeanne McClure (front cover)
  • Sheila Paulson

Issue 16

Remote Control 16 was published in May 2001 and has 200 pages.

cover of issue #16
  • The Balance of Trust Raid by Starr--Hitch and Troy, trying to stall an interrogation, find themselves reduced to placing their trust in a German nurse. (Rat Patrol) (reprinted in Desert Star (3)
  • Truth by Sandra McDonald (Planet of the Apes) (35)
  • Auld Acquaintance by Dorothy Johnston (The Mummy/Indiana Jones) (45)
  • Lightning by L.A. Carr (Equalizer) (winner of a 2002 FanQ) (59)
  • The Foundation of Friendship Raid by Cynthia K. Taylor & Judith B. Wolford--When Hitch receives a concussion in a battle with Dietrich's troops, the Rats take him to a neutral hospital where they make new friends. (Rat Patrol) (68)
  • For All for One's Worth by K. Hanna Korossy (Starsky and Hutch) (73)
  • The Vacant Chair by Dorothy Johnston (Independence Day) (79)
  • The Loose Lips Raid by Kat Parsons--Needled by a really annoying British soldier in a bar, Hitch can't resist a little bragging. (Rat Patrol) (98)
  • The Right Choice by Loretta Greco (seaQuest) (101)
  • Deliver Us from Evil by Audrey Brackett (Emergency!) (winner of a 2002 FanQ) (132)
  • The Aladdin's Lamp Raid by Sheila Paulson--Cornered by Dietrich in a bazaar, Hitch and Moffitt receive help from an unlikely source. (Rat Patrol/The Real Ghostbusters) (171)


  • L.A. Carr (front cover)

Issue 17

cover of issue #17, Susan Grund

Remote Control 17


  • Susanne Grund (front cover)

Issue 18

cover of issue #18, Susan Grund

Remote Control 18 was published in 2002 and is 240 pages long.

Artwork: Susanne Grund (front cover)

Issue 19

cover of issue #19, Joni Warden

Remote Control 19 was published in 2002 and is 235 pages long.

Artwork: Joni Warden (front cover)

Issue 20

cover of issue #20, Joni Warden

Remote Control 20 was published in 2003 and is 228 pages long.

Artwork Joni Warden (front cover)

Issue 21

Remote Control 21 was published in 2004 and has 169 pages.



  1. ^ from Kathryn A at Katspace, posted April 15, 2001, accessed June 4, 2013