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Name: Kitty Woldow (pen name)
Fandoms: Riptide, Sentinel, Quantum Leap, Lethal Weapon, Ghostbusters, Miami Vice
URL: Her website
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Kitty Woldow is a gen fan fiction writer and fanzine publisher. She has been doing both since the 1980s. She published under the name of Monte Cristo - Amethyst Press‎ and together with her co-editor Catherine Schlein has won a FanQ Award for their work as editors in Observations on the Function of a Modern Sentinel.

She is also credits herself with coining the phrase smarm, a fan fiction style of writing.

From a 1987 interview:
I've been doing this zine stuff for about two and a half years now. I started with King Harbor Tourist Information (the RT l/z) and sort of worked my nerve up to attempt a Real Zine. It's been an education, but I would do it all over again given the chance (in fact, I am). My zine business is conducted the same way I conduct my personal business, which is as openly and expediently as is consistent, with my mellow nature. Zine orders are generally mailed out the day after I receive them, although I won't cash checks until a stack large enough to be worth a trip to the bank has accumulated. This may be naive, but since I don't want to cheat anyone, I find it hard to believe anybody wants to cheat me, and I have not had any problems yet. I think my zine is special for a couple of reasons. While every zined puts out something they're proud of, I've got this atavistic streak of decadent aristocracy and find myself constitutionally unable to put out something that merely follows the average standard. The time and technology I invested in typesetting, the extra money spent using heavier paper and offset printing followed by perfect binding, were more than worth the effort to me when the finished product is able to actually stand out on a shelf of zines. (It does puzzle me how other zines produced with less investment still cost so much more). Like Lucas and Spielberg, I started the zine because it was something I wanted to read and nobody else had put one out. Hence, it reflects my taste for smarm, to a degree some have called excessive. However, the letters I've gotten run about 90% in favor of that smarm, so I feel happy to have reached mostly those fans with similar leanings. Even more than that, I was lucky enough to have a collection of stories that were well-written, aside from any consideration of content. A zine that has been responsible for several non-Riptide fans beisomething right. [1]


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